The 10 Must-see Brilliant Graphic Design Logos of All Time Collection

Logos are an ‘absolute’ when it comes to a company’s branding and foremost, identity.

They are, more often than not, the first or last thing that pops up in the consumer’s head (like a stamp in the mind) when reminiscing or contemplating about a brand, product, or service. Henceforth, we bring you: 15 sample logos you *must* check out for inspiration!

Graphic designs & Logos

1 Vaio

Source: Vaio

One example of a logo that best utilizes the nature of ‘hidden meaning’ is Vaio. The pairing of an analog wave with binary numbers (‘1’ and ‘0’) represents how the company brings analog and digital technology together.

2 Clever Barista

Logo design: SNSTR

This logo design ‘cleverly’ (pun intended) merges latte art and a bonfire into one distinct element, combining the warmth and comfort from both references. This serves as a good example of how to smoothly blend two objects of differing nature.

3 My Indian Closet

Logo design: Janis Ancitis

This logo ingeniously fuses both creativity and uplifting cultural roots. It takes a simple glance to recognize that this logo is not just fashionable, but also culture-oriented.

4 Tiny Whale

Logo design: arkum

It might not be apparent at first glance, but the space between the words “Tiny Whale” makes out the ‘figure’ of a whale (with its tail beneath the “W”). It sometimes takes extra measures for others to decipher the hidden message within their logo. Such wasn’t the case for this one – they didn’t have to look far.

5 Bear Fox

Logo design by Sava Stoic

Animal figures are a popularly recurring element or reference for logo design. Moreover, this logo takes animal reference up a notch by hinting the viewer to observe a little more; color also plays a distinct and equally essential role.

6 Bowlaroo

Logo design: Sava Stoic

Bowlaroo serves as another example of inspiration for designers to creatively utilize the art of language and allow it to communicate cooperatively with the logo design’s image/illustration.

7 Eyah

Logo design: SNSTR

The use of geometry/geometric shapes in graphic/logo design has also become an increasingly recurring trend. This logo blends the discipline of geometry (to depict a cliff) with the free-spirited sense of adventure (depicted by an upward-facing wolf).

8 Fable

Logo design: Bedow

Just like the prior logo, some logo designs substantiate the free-willed spirit that is imagination over the disciplinary one that is knowledge. Such is the case for this logo design by Bedow.

9 Visible

Logo design: Verizon visible

This logo was designed for a campaign for Verizon. Unlike previous or prevalent approaches to logo design, Verizon visible’s ‘destructive’ approach to logo design proves otherwise brilliant than it is, say, literally ‘destructive’ in nature; an epitome of “thinking out of the box”.

10 Killed production

Logo design: Sean Heisler

‘Humor’ is another under-utilized aspect of logo design. This logo by Sean Heisler capitalizes on a ‘sleeping’ “i” to give a simple yet witty and entertaining approach to logo design.

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