15 of the Best Advertisement Examples in History

Advertising has been a powerful tool for championing brands and movements. While advertisement campaigns are considered normal for organizations that want to make an impact, once in a while, a company strikes gold and delivers a master class in advertising. Here are 15 of the best advertisement examples in history:

  1. Absolut Vodka’s Absolut Bottle

    advertisement examples

    Absolut made its bottle known worldwide by mounting advertisement campaigns that show its bottle ‘in the wide.’ The brand used creative storytelling to make its product unique and unforgettable.

  2. Always’ Like a Girl

    advertisement examples

    This advertising example championed an important message that broke gender stereotypes. Always showed how girls are just as capable as boys, and the message stays strong to this day.

  3. Apple’s Got a Mac

    advertisement examples

    Apple has mounted many excellent advertisement campaigns. One of its standout ones is the Got a Mac project. This campaign showed people the benefits they can gain from buying their products cleverly.

  4. Budweiser’s Wassup

    Budweiser’s Wassup

    The older generation can probably recall how saying ‘wassup’ was a classic catchphrase for the then cool kids. Did you know beer company Budweiser started this pop culture trend?

  5. California Milk Processor Board’s Got Milk?.

    advertisement examples

    What makes the Got Milk advertisement campaign unique is its capitalization on people already drinking milk instead of convincing non-milk drinkers to jump ship.

  6. Clairol’s Does She or Doesn’t She

    advertisement examples

    Clairol used a simple question for this advertising example that highlighted how effective its product is in concealing one’s natural hair color. This 50’s campaign was such a hit that the DMV stopped requiring women to disclose their actual hair color.

  7. Coke’s Share a Coke

    advertisement examples

    Coca-Cola sparked a movement with its Share a Coke campaign, inspiring others to buy Coke products to others. They even made customized bottles to add a personal twist, making it even more special.

  8. Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World

    Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World

    In 2006, liquor brand Dos Equis made waves with its advertising campaign to make the beer look luxurious and cool. This ad has been immortalized in meme culture as a testament to its lasting impact.

  9. Dove’s Real Beauty.

    advertisement examples

    The beauty industry gets slammed regularly for promoting unrealistic standards, but Dove used this perception by celebrating the ‘Real Beauty’ of everyday people.

  10. Miller Lite’s Great Taste, Less Filling

    advertisement examples

    Miller Beer convinced more ‘real men’ to embrace their light beer offering by using strong masculine figures to market their product.

  11. Nike’s Just Do It

    advertisement examples

    Nike has gone a long way from catering exclusively to marathon runners. Its Just Do It advertising campaign is short but sweet but resonates with everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

  12. Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

    advertisement examples

    Old Spice’s cheeky take on masculinity spurred a thousand memes, displaying how effectively it gets people talking.

  13. Skittles’s Taste The Rainbow

    Nobody has actually eaten a rainbow, but Skittles highlighted how you could enjoy different mouthwatering flavors through this advertisement example. They use this tagline to this day.

  14. Sprite’s Sun Fizz.

    Sprite’s Sun Fizz

    This iconic tongue-in-cheek advertisement campaign put a comedic horror twist on healthy drinks that you’d want to grab a Sprite instead. In fact, the product doesn’t show until the end of the commercial.

  15. Volkswagen’s Think Small

    advertisement examples

    When it comes to cars, bigger was always better for most people. This stylish advertisement example from Volkswagen made waves in the 60s through brutal honesty and playing into people’s expectations.


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