So Far, Here Are Brands’ 2024 Color of The Year

Want to know the top color trends for 2024? These brands have declared their top picks for next year.


Each year, experts from various lifestyle sectors—from home to paint brands—announce their color of the year.  But it’s not just one color, these brands create a whole color palette around the hue. 

Based on their observations and analysis of design and color trends, they came up with colors they thought would take off for the next year. But of course, the most popular of these color of the year announcement comes from the color brand itself, Pantone. 

And while we’re waiting for Pantone to unveil their 2024 Color of the Year, we’re rounding up the brands and magazines that have chosen theirs. 


Why Should You Care About Color Trends? 

No, it’s not just a yearly marketing gimmick you should ignore.

Whether or not you’re interested in trends, it can be a great way to inform companies of their next marketing campaign and releases. For the consumer, that means, we’ll be able to see more of the color in the ordinary things we buy. 

Planners, clothes, mugs, towels…you get the idea. 

So here are the 2024 Colors of the Year so far. 


1. Benjamin Moore

First up, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is a stunning blue shade called Blue Nova. And as the name suggests, the hue is inspired by space exploration. 

They chose the blue-violet shade with aerospace company Blue Origin to encourage kids to pursue STEM and take an interest in space exploration. In addition, representatives from the firm also say that while the color is great to pair with neutrals, they recommend using with contrasting colors like orange for a more vibrant atmosphere. 


2. Valspar

Another blue hue? You bet. Meet Renew Blue, Valspar’s 2024 Color of the Year. The brand wanted to choose a shade that exuded a feeling of balance and calmness.

Renew Blue has a touch of grayish sea green, and is inspired by fleeting natural elements…fogs, mists, glaciers, and the like. It’s an ideal choice for a pop of color in your dining area, entryway, and bathroom.

 In fact, the brand recommends pairing it with a beige hue and a barely-there pastel gray for a refreshing vibe. 


3. Glidden

Let’s take a break from blue and green tones for a minute. Here’s Limitless, Glidden’s color of the year. 

Like its name, Limitless is a versatile hue that has limitless functions! For one, it can work as a primary color but also works well as a neutral shade. 

Glidden notes that as more consumers are using colors in unconventional ways, Limitless is a versatile color that can fit right into their existing color palettes. 


4. Graham and Brown

Following the theme of nature, Graham and Brown’s 2024 Color of the Year is Viridis, a muted green shade. The color is meant to evoke a calming environment to those who view it—a similar theme across some of the other hues on the list. 

Apart from that though, the brand also said that the color evokes “feeling of abundance and plentiful environment”, making it the perfect shade to create a welcoming and safe haven. 


5. Dutch Boy Paints

Now, here’s a hue that looks different from the rest. Dutch Boy Paints unveiled Ironside as its top color for next year. The color is a deep olive tone that instantly adds warmth and depth to spaces. 

Plus, the color’s dark undertones make it the perfect color for your living room and sleeping spaces.


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