5 Brand Strategy Examples For Your Next Business

Check out how your own strategy compares to these viral brand strategy examples. 


Brand strategies define how you stand out from your competitors. It’s your special recipe to introduce your brand to your target audience. 

A brand strategy usually involves a balance between powerful brand messages and a clear and consistent brand positioning. 

In this article, we’ll examine five excellent brand strategies to show you how the experts do it. For more context, you can first go through our introduction to brand strategies piece. 


Why your brand strategy is important

Small and medium-sized businesses usually suffer from a lack of a coherent brand strategy. 

And that’s pretty understandable. You’re putting work into managing the daily operations. You’re finding new ways to grow your business, so time and money don’t really go into thinking about your brand story. 

But no matter how much effort you put into improving your product, customer service, or sales, you still won’t capture customer loyalty without fixing your branding first. 

After all, this is your doorway to capture your market. Your brand strategy tells your audience your value, your offerings, and why they should choose you over other brands. 


Brand strategy elements

Here are some essential elements to build a successful campaign. 

  • Brand mission and vision
  • Brand values
  • Brand personality and voice
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand purpose


Five brand strategy examples to inspire you

But first, some crucial differences you need to know. 


Brand strategy vs marketing strategy

Brand strategy is usually mistaken for a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is more of a short-term strategy to communicate your brand to your target market. 

That includes where and how you promote your company.  

A brand strategy is a way for companies to define their purpose, core values, and brand position. It’s a way for you to figure out your slot in the industry. 

For context, a business strategy is a map that tells you how you will work toward your business goals. It outlines the priorities and specific steps to guide your decision-making.   


1. AYM Studio 

When it comes to brand values, AYM Studio is killing it. This slow fashion brand creates empowering women’s clothing in inclusive sizes made from ethically sourced fabrics. 

Their Instagram page is full of reels of the founder trying on the clothes. As she explains the design choices behind her latest creations, she also emphasizes the brand’s values. That is, to create long-lasting and well-made apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. 


2. Wise 

Wise underwent a complete rebranding process earlier this year, and the move is paying off. Their new brand messaging emphasizes their current brand positioning–as a global payments platform that caters to young and adventurous professionals.

Look at their new website (there’s a giant globe there) and check out their socials (they often post about traveling/overseas financial tips, and you’ll get what we mean.


3. Coca-Cola

Next up, is the ad industry’s darling. The one and only Coca-cola! This legacy brand’s mission has evolved and adapted to the times. Today, though it still centers around the iconic Coca-cola product. 

Whether it’s intended to be shared with family, or designed to create connections and foster relations, their brand mission to ‘refresh the world’ rings true.


4. Chipotle

When it comes to brand purpose, Chipotle’s branding really shines through. The goal is simple: to provide cheap, well-made, and filling meals. And honestly, who can’t get enough of those burrito bowls and wraps?


5. Morning Brew

If there’s someone that’s an expert in brand personality, it’s Morning Brew. This general newsletter covers everything–from the latest actor’s strike to Silicon Valley events. And they do it in their signature quirky yet informative voice. 

Their main platform is their newsletter, but we argue that their personality shines best in their Instagram and Tiktok pages. 


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