5 Must-have Elements To Establish Amazing Logo Design

A logo instantly speaks a thousand words about your brand. This is why you’d want it to be unique, appropriate, simple, and send the right message. This is both a load of creativity and efficiency. Your logo designer should have a good mixture of creativity, design skills, and skillful application.

Having a distinctive logo made for you is quite easy, but getting one that perfectly fits your brand may take a lot of time and revisions. At DotYeti.com, we use the following elements of logo design to come up with our best work:



The great thing with simple logos is that they are often easy to recall and recognize. A good, simple design conveys refinement and distilled identity. Meaning, it catches more of viewers’ attention. Good logos don’t have to be super grand in its design, but rather uniquely eye-catching and minimal.


Popular big brand logos proving the statement “Best Logos are Simple”. Source: The Futur.



A great logo is one that’s memorable, which can be achieved easily once you take simplicity and distinction into account.

In a pool of bold, artistic, and fancy logos, you want one that really stands out. Make it memorable through avoiding overly used icons such as arrows and the like Keep it clear, memorable, and simply distinctive instead.



When looking at designs, ask yourself. How long will the logo be effective? Will it endure 10, 20, or 30 years of changing time?

Think about the Coca-Cola logo. Trends have changed, but it didn’t change much since 1885.

Take that idea from Coke. When it comes to brand identity, longevity is key. Timeless designs create an impression no matter the generation, and will also save you some bucks since you don’t have to change logos every so often.


Coca-Cola’s timeless design evolution. Source: UPrinting Blog.


orientation, which is why designing one in a vector format is highly recommended. Using black and white color combination also increases a logo’s versatility.

You’d know your logo is effective if:

  • It works well, even when formatted in a single color.
  • It resizes well, even in the size of a thumbnail.
  • It displays well, even in large materials such as billboards.
  • It still looks good even when color is inverted or background color is changed.


A relevant logo adheres well to its intended purpose. This means one style may not be suitable for the other. For example, baby product logos with playful fonts may not work as well for a real estate business.

At the same time, a logo doesn’t have to show exactly what the company sells. Your design doesn’t have to be taken so literally with your product. Mercedes’ logo isn’t a car; McDonald’s logo isn’t fast food. While your logo speaks of your brand, it can be designed purely for identification.

There’s no denying about the importance of a good logo design and the benefits it can do to your branding efforts. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one crucial thing – effective communication. Your logo should define your business at a glimpse. It has to be original and creative to set you apart from rivals in the industry.


Google staying relevant with the current times with this #StayHome doodle.


Investing your time and money on a professional logo designer that has the skill, experience, and creative drive will save you time, money, and headache. The good news is you don’t need to go through the tedious process of hiring and maintaining a full-time designer. 

DotYeti.com helps with design and branding for professional and branding projects that bring results! On-demand design, only when you need it. You can engage or cancel, anytime. See for yourself how DotYeti works!

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