5 Types of Graphic Design that Can Help Increase Conversions

If you value your conversion rate, then these 5 types of graphic designs should be your top priority. Having an outstanding product and amazing customer service is great. But without compelling graphic designs, all of these don’t matter. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of graphic design. Each of which will help boost your conversion rate in little to no time.   


How can graphic design help increase conversions? 

5 Types of Graphic Design that Can Help Increase Conversions - DY Blog

The human eye naturally moves towards images. This is why having several types of graphic designs has become an important part of any marketing plan. The more compelling it is, the more interested people will be to know what you’re offering.  

On Twitter alone, posts that have compelling visuals are averaging a 35% boost in retweets. 

7 out of 10 content marketers can attest that a large part of their success comes from one common factor. Which is having multiple types of graphic design implemented in their content strategy. B2C marketers that use engaging visuals to promote their products were able to successfully nurture their audiences and build loyalty. 


5 Types of Graphic Designs that can Help Increase Conversions 

5 Types of Graphic Design that Can Help Increase Conversions - DY Blog

1. Advertising Graphic Design 

An average person has a short attention span. So advertising graphic designs are made to look catchier and much more colorful. This is to make sure that it’s irresistible to the human eye.

Your creative visuals must be powerful enough to convince consumers that your business is better than the competition. As a result, it will increase the sales of a certain product or service.

Persuasive advertising assures that a product can do either two things. Firstly, to solve a consumer’s need. And secondly, improve their life in some way.

Advertising employs a variety of resources. Perfect examples would be appealing to your target market’s emotions and winning their trust with arguments of authority. Additionally, using strategic reasoning to justify the purchase of a product. 

Advertising graphic design examples: 

  • Brochure design
  • Infographic design
  • Digital advertisements
  • Social media graphics
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Email marketing templates 


2. Publication Graphic Design    

Publication graphic design refers to print mediums in the likes of magazines, books, and newspapers. Digital publications on the other hand are eBooks, online menus, and email newsletters. 

The task of publication designers is to thoughtfully combine design elements which include color palettes, typography, and space. The goal is to create a design that works for both physical publications and digital platforms.

Publication graphic design examples:  

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Newspapers
  • eBooks  



3. User Interface Graphic Design

In the context of graphic design, User Interface (UI) design is focused on the aesthetic and style of an interface. Whether it’s a hardware device such as the trackpad, mouse, keyboard, or printer. Although it can also refer to on-screen graphic elements like the menus, buttons, and micro-interactions. 

The main role of the UI designer is to highlight the user’s visual experience by ensuring that there is a balance between aesthetic appeal and technical functionality for it to be effective. They should prioritize visual elements that a human interacts with like sight, hearing, and touch to optimize its usability. 

Most UI graphic designers specialize in mobile applications, web applications, and 3D games since designing a modern UI is a detail-focused task. 

UI graphic design examples:

  • App design
  • Theme design
  • Web page design
  • Dashboard design
  • Game interface design


4. Website Graphic Design

Website graphic design is somehow similar to UI design and UX design. The goal of each sector is to create a user interface that has the right amount of aesthetic appeal on the front end page with optimal usability. 

Web graphic designers are the one who usually decides how a certain website will look. They call the shots regarding which layout and fonts work best to create a modern, user-friendly, and timeless website. In some cases, senior web graphic designers also work on individual page elements, such as the company’s logo and images incorporated into the website’s final design.

Website graphic design examples: 

  • Landing pages 
  • Website home pages 


5. Packaging Graphic Design 

People can see packaging design anywhere. Even if the main purpose of packaging is to protect the items for merchandise, forward-thinking businesses also recognize the opportunity that packaging graphic design presents. Makeup, clothes, and food are just a few of the industries that proudly use their packaging as an effective marketing tool. 

By strategically implementing the right shape, color, shade, and typography, the unique design of the packaging becomes a way for companies to engage with their customers and communicate their personalities with little to no effort. 

Having an effective packaging design has the ability to connect with any audience, which can greatly boost sales for a company. For graphic designers that specialize in graphic design, it is important that they have a keen understanding of not only graphic design but also successful product marketing tactics. 

Packaging graphic design examples: 

  • Cereal boxes 
  • Juice packs
  • Gadget boxes
  • Makeup package containers 



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