8 Creative Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To

If you’re feeling a little bit uninspired, these creative newsletter examples can fix that! 

You’re probably thinking…newsletters? They’re not just a gimmick that companies do to get your personal info. In 2023, they’re actually great way to find curated information. 

And that’s why we think everyone should know about these 8 creative newsletters.

Design newsletters often discuss the latest design world news, corporate branding, and other design-related topics like movie posters, device designs, and new video games. Ready to find out more newsletter examples you could love? Let’s dive right in.   


1. Creative Bloq


Creative Bloq is your best entry into the trending topics in the design world. You can get the most up-to-date internet reactions to branding projects and new tech releases. Do you struggle with reading long-form content? Not here. 

Their daily newsletter lets you get entertaining tidbits of news, sharp opinion articles, and a keen understanding of the design industry all in one place. 


2. Smashing Magazine

While Creative Bloq operates on the marketing and branding side of design, Smashing Magazine focuses on websites and UX. They’re a weekly newsletter that gives front-end and UX tips for web designers. 

Oh, and they also have toolkits and case study articles to help you become an expert on your craft.


3. Sidebar IO

newsletter examples

Sidebar IO provides you with a range of curated links to help keep your work upbeat and inspired. While most of the things you can read here can be about web design, they also have a lot of content on branding content and graphic design. 

Their curated content prioritizes tool tutorials, in-depth case studies, and the latest design tech in the market. They publish five times a week. 


4. Logo Archive’s Logo Histories

Want a little bit of logo history? This newsletter has in-depth research behind the most influential corporate brandings in the past. It’s a great resource for graphic designers, but also for marketers and business leaders.

Learn how to scale your brand to be the next big thing with this newsletter. 


5. Creative Boom

newsletter examples

Next is the highly recommended Creative Boom weekly newsletter. Creative Boom is a digital art magazine that brings the world of product design, illustration, and film together. Aside from showcasing artists and crafters around the world, they also have artist profiles to pick at the creative mind. 

It’s a great place to learn about brands, artists, and newcomers in the industry who are doing something special. 


6. Dezeen

newsletter examples

Next is Dezeen. This architectural and interior design newsletter is not the first place you would go to for inspiration, but it’s a certainly good source of inspiration. The newsletter reviews lofts, houses, and mansions around the globe. And they even discuss the latest construction materials that have entered the market. 

But the best inspirational source we think, is their interior design blogs. Learn more about different interior design styles and the hottest interior designers in the industry. 


7. The Gardening Mind

newsletter examples       Want some content to nourish your love for nature? The Gardening Mind might be the one for you. This Substack newsletter by Jo Thompson talks about gardening, art, design, landscapes, and more. 

Creating a unique design is like getting into your very own meditative state. If you want to get more organic inspirations and eco-centric designs, we highly recommend seeking out this newsletter. They also have a podcast!         


8. UX Collective

newsletter examples

Here’s another weekly curated newsletter for designers: UX Collective. They have opinion essays that talk about the current state of design and tech and helpful resources on how to make animations in tools like ProtoPie. 

Looking for thoughtful pieces that push the boundaries of design and pick apart what it means to be an artist today? The UX Collective is so much more than what its name suggests. 


[Bonus] DotYeti’s creative blogs

You didn’t think that was it, did you? We also highly recommend the DotYeti newsletter to keep you updated on the latest design trends and insights. Read about Pantone’s color of the year, the best font trends of 2023, and how you can adopt sustainable business practices today.

And there you have it, the most creative newsletter examples for you to get creative brain food. 


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