Agency vs In-house Design: Pros, Cons, and an Alternative for Your Design Work 

 48% of buyers surveyed by Tyton Media said that image quality is one of the most important criteria in their purchasing decisions. With that being said, who would you choose to create your graphic designs? agency vs in-house? 

Whether you have an online business or are running an international enterprise, you need graphic designs that are powerful enough to spark interest in your audience and eventually persuade them to buy. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of working with a digital agency and in-house graphic designers and the best alternative solution for your design work. 


Hiring a Graphic Design Agency

Agency vs In-house Design: Pros, Cons, and an Alternative for Your Design Work - DY Blog

Graphic design agencies are the height of professionalism. It’s no wonder why they charge so expensively. Using compelling graphic design has been proven to boost sales and engagement for companies; so agencies aren’t blind to the value of their work. 

With a carefully curated roster of seasoned graphic designers at their disposal, they could charge as high as $4,500 dollars for a single infographic and $75,000 for complex presentations. With them, quality work is always guaranteed.

But they’re only affordable to bigger businesses and corporations. For SMEs, their rates wouldn’t be the best option. 

It’s also best to keep in mind that they’re handling several big clients each with several design requests. Depending on how big the agency is, the turnaround time could possibly take longer compared to an internal graphic designer or freelancer.



1. Industrial-quality graphic designs 

Graphic design agencies will provide you with an entire team of creative professionals who have the training and experience to provide industry-quality graphic designs and marketing materials like no other. 


2. Fast and efficient services

Efficiency wouldn’t be a problem for graphic design agencies. Most of the well-known graphic design agencies today have years of experience—they’ve worked with enterprise giants brands across the world which makes them extremely reliable. 



1. Extremely expensive 

Graphic design agencies cost twice as much as in-house graphic designers. If you’re looking to complete a short-term project, graphic design agencies might not be the best option for you.


Hiring Internal Graphic Designers

Agency vs In-house Design: Pros, Cons, and an Alternative for Your Design Work - DY Blog

If looking for a freelancer with the perfect portfolio and work ethic is too time-consuming, then perhaps assembling a more stable, in-house design team is a better option.

Having a creative department in your company to take care of your design needs has a ton of benefits. It’ll save time and effort spent on scouting, negotiating, and communicating.

Although, it also has some disadvantages; especially if setting up a new department is out of the budget. You’ll have to take into account your employees’ overall satisfaction, paid leaves, benefits, insurance, and other legalities. Overall adding to your responsibilities.

There’s also the matter of designers experiencing burnout from working on limited creative freedom. Think of all this as compared to outsourcing design services.



1. Full ownership of graphic designs

As being part of the company’s design team, in-house graphic designers have a higher drive to accomplish the company’s goals. They also have the accountability of the output that will be aligned with the brand’s objective. 


2. Seamless communication 

Miscommunication can be avoided—or even totally eliminated—with in-house designers. With marketing agencies, the risk of being out of touch or completely running on a different schedule is always a problem. In-house designers are always present and readily available to work on priority tasks. 



1. Cost Factors 

As we said earlier, if you’re planning on operating an in-house graphic design studio, then you should be prepared for the costs. 

On the contrary, if money isn’t an issue, the next thing you need to worry about is when the projects to be performed are all short-term. You may have the most expensive equipment, software, and other upgrades but all of this can go to waste if your company is not stable enough to face the demanding costs of owning a creative business today. 

Now that we know the pros and cons of agency vs in-house graphic designers, the real question is, what is the best alternative for these two graphic design platforms? 



[Alternative] Unlimited Graphic Designs with DotYeti 

With DotYeti, you wouldn’t have to choose between agency vs in-house graphic designers—we have the best of both platforms! Our vision is to provide affordable graphic design services that help businesses grow and increase their revenue over time.

Don’t believe us? Here’s how we’ve helped marketing agencies, start-ups, marketing teams, and SMEs solve their creative problems and further enhance their businesses: 

  • Marketing agencies saved not less than $38,080 on their creative designs 
  • We’ve completely removed the creative burden of startups by providing designs that set them apart from the competition
  • SMEs saved a whopping $18,038 per year
  • Our designers have worked with thousands of campaigns for marketing teams that are seen by millions of people online

With our distinctions and reliabilities, you too can have unlimited graphic designs for as low as $449 per month! Check out our portfolio and case studies to see how our fantastic design platform has helped our clients increase their revenue and sales. 

If you want to start your creative journey with us, visit our pricing page to see which design package fits your needs best.


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