An Introduction to Brand Strategies in 2023

If you’ve ever thought “what are brand strategies?” you’re not alone. Here’s a short and sweet introduction to how brands built their reputations online. 


If you think about it, starting your business is one of the easier parts of building a legacy brand. 

Staying relevant, getting to know your customers’ needs, and finding the best messaging to promote your brand–now those are the more burning questions. 

And that’s where we start our conversation!


What are brand strategies?

Brand strategies are specific plans of action to stand out from the competition. Think of them as your secret recipe to make your brand its own unique flavor. 

The key to finding a good brand strategy usually involves having a precise understanding of your target market, target audience, and your competitors and their own branding strategies. 

But first here are some reasons why brand strategies are vital to your company: 


  • Cohesive brand messaging. With a clear brand message, it’ll be easier for in-house or third-party creative teams to create your marketing collaterals!
  • Clear brand directions. Say goodbye to messy copy and design. Once you have a clear brand direction, you’ll save time and money explaining your vision to other people. 
  • Easier to foster customer loyalty. Customers are drawn to what’s relevant to them. If you keep doing things in a consistent and clear way, you’re definitely going to draw more people to your brand.


Types of brand strategy

The scariest thing that can happen to a business is disappearing from the public eye. Without public recognition, your hard-earned relevance is gone! 

No matter how good your product or service is, you can kiss your profitability dreams goodbye. And that’s why staying on top of trendy marketing strategies should be a top priority. 

Here are 5 basic brand strategies you should know.


1. Personal branding

Personal branding is a bit self-explanatory. Think LinkedIn influencers or just any social media influencer in general! These are thought leaders and experts in the field who use their personal platforms to amplify their work.

Customers are first drawn to the person’s authority in a niche, and they’re led into a funnel where they discover the person’s business and product. 


2. Product branding

Meanwhile, product branding is when you let your product be the hero of your brand message. A company can choose one product from their company (like Sprite’s soda or Kleenex’s tissue paper). We think the Sonny Angels brand captures this product branding example well!

The idea is to put focus on one of the brand’s flagship products and focus the buzz there.


3. Service branding

You never know the value of a service until you don’t have it anymore. Do you remember what life was like before Grab or Uber Eats? Yeah…we can’t remember either. 

Service branding shows your customers just how valuable you are to their day-to-day lives. It’s designed to show them just how much more productive, happy, and convenient their lives could be. 


4. Corporate branding

Ever thought of a company so huge that just hearing its name makes them recognizable? Even if you don’t really know all their products and features–you know the brand. 

That’s called corporate branding. Instead of emphasizing their products or certain people, they use the legacy and the history of the brand to propel their uniqueness. Nike, for instance, sells various types of athletic wear from shoes to apparel.

Their brand campaigns though tend to focus on their slogan ‘Just Do It’ and the lifestyle of their customers, rather than their product. 


How to make better branding in 2023

It’s not a walk in the park to create a brand that sticks. After all, it’s by no means a one-time effort.

In most cases, you’d have to build up your brand, add on your current brand story, and deliver something new yet still on-brand. And that takes a lot of research and mastery. 

To ease your burden, we’ve got a sweet deal that’s perfect for growing businesses like yours. Introducing DotYeti. We’re an on-demand subscription-based design agency that can handle your heavy branding needs. 

Share your story with us and start your creative journey today!

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