Check Out These Holiday-Inspired Food Ads

Want to know how to make good food ads for the holidays? Here are some ideas. 


If you love seasonal design, then you know holiday ads are some of the most jolly projects to work on. Get it? 

For business owners, it’s a great time to experiment on your look, your packaging, your marketing campaign, and more! Anyway, speaking of the holidays, the F&B sector is one of the most active industries around December.

Holiday food ads are everywhere at this time of the year as businesses roll out their food bundles and offerings. 

So if you’re looking for food ad ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some of the most scrumptious-looking food ads (static and video ads) for the holiday season. 


1. Waitrose & Partners

Yes, the great food ad wars are starting again. This time, we declare the UK’s Waitrose & Partners as the winner. It features a potluck dinner with friends, with each guest coming in with a special serving of Waitrose’s special holiday menu. 

We like how the guests showing up just get more and more random. And even though some TV darlings appear in the ad, they never overshadow the star of the show: the food!


2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is always coming up with innovative ads for the holiday season. This year is no different. Their Christmas film shows a city full of Santas helping each other, transitioning into a scene where ordinary folk are the ones doing small good deeds. 

We like this ad because of its timeless message and beautiful execution. Having a city full of Santas makes for a powerful visual too. 


3. Marks & Spencer

If you love Christmas fairytales, you’ll love Marks and Spencer’s Christmas ad. A fairy godmother spots two mittens in the snow and breathes them into life. From there, they get treated to a scrumptious feast of

Plot-wise, we’re not sure how everything relates to each other…but we’re pretty distracted with their holiday table spread to notice. 


4. Candy Corner

Apart from Halloween, the Christmas season is one of the busiest holidays for candy stores. Candy Corner knows what’s up. They’ve already amped up their Christmas campaign with advent calendars and limited-edition packaging. 


5. BuenoBarks

One of the best ways brands can showcase their product online is by amping up their holiday packaging. Yes, get those bows and red ribbons out for the special occasion. 

For chocolate bark brand BuenoBarks, the holidays are one of the busiest days of the year. That’s why their food ads look scrumptious and elegant!


6. AegyoCakes

F&B owners, if you’re releasing a limited-edition product for Christmas, AegyoCakes has a food ad example you don’t want to miss. Their social media holiday campaign consists of a teaser reel and then a menu of their offerings for the season. 

It’s a simple way to announce a special deal that’s only going to be available for the holiday season. 


How do you make a good food ad? 

It starts with good visuals. Make sure you have a good photo or b-roll of your product to stimulate the appetite of your viewers. 

And for that, brands need to invest in quality food styling and photography. For some brands, the work doesn’t and there though. They still need to invest in graphic designers who can lay out their food ad in a clear yet appetizing way. 

And for that, you have DotYeti. 

DotYeti provides the fastest and most cost-effective alternative to agencies and freelancers. And they do so by providing quick turnaround times, unlimited revisions, and comprehensive services. 

If you want high-quality designs your customers will love, check out our scalable unlimited graphic design model today!

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