How Can Using Color Psychology Push Your Brand Forward

Color psychology is essential in marketing a brand, product, or service. Whether we realize it or not, color has a psychological impact on our emotions and feelings. This is why brands are particular about their presentation through ads, uniforms, or even product packagings. 

Learning about color psychology principles can help your brand attract your ideal customer and create an emotional connection with them. If you want to know how color psychology can push your brand forward, read through these facts:

color pyschology

1. Affects How Your Brand Is Perceived

Color psychology can help your brand be perceived differently by your target audience. Depending on the reaction your brand wants to create with your target audience, color psychology principles can help you.

For instance, if you want your brand to be perceived as friendly and feisty, use yellow and orange. For a luxurious and romantic brand, use purple and magenta.

Also, color psychology also plays a role in how consumers judge the quality of your brand or service and its value. For example, consumers see high-quality brands with bold colors. 

2. Allows Your Brand to Outperform Its Competitors

Consumers make judgments about a product in a heartbeat. Color psychology can assist you in making your brand stand out from the rest.

Moreover, color psychology also tells us that blue is the best color for a calming experience. If a website visitor taps into your website out of utter frustration, they’re likely to leave a few seconds later if they see a calm blue color on the page.

3. Strengthens the Connection between Your Brand and Customers 

Colors can influence the way consumers feel about your brand. It can benefit your brand by creating an emotional connection with your customers. For example, an eCommerce brand that wants to attract cheerful people will want to use a warm color like yellow, orange, or red.

This can help increase your conversion rate and drive traffic to your site. They feel more in control and more confident when they can trust and understand what your brand offers.

Furthermore, color psychology can also play a significant role in making your brand appear credible. For example, a professional brand will want to stay away from bright colors and select a color scheme that comes across as more professional like monochromes and neutrals.

What Do Different Colors Say about a Company?

different colors

Blue is the color of trust and authority. This color is seen as the most popular color for financial institutions, law firms, and insurance companies.

Red is the color of passion, desire, and action. It can grab attention and draw in customers in marketing. This is why it is commonly used for stop signs, emergency vehicles, and sale signs.

Black is the color of power and elegance. This color usually implies high quality, luxury, and sophistication. However, it can also make a brand look uninviting.

Yellow is the color of creativity and individuality. This color evokes thoughts of happiness, optimism, and energy.

Orange is the color of warmth and enthusiasm. It is the perfect color for a brand that needs to be seen as upbeat, friendly, and fun.

On the other hand, green is the color of growth, healing, and nature. This color is often associated with money, security, and success.


The results of how consumers feel about a brand and their purchasing decisions can be heavily influenced by color psychology. It is essential to understand how different colors can be used to communicate the desired message.

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