Congrats Italy Champion EURO 2020! A Dive Into The EURO 2020 and UEFA Brand Design

We’re celebrating not only the champions of Euro 2020 but also their awesome branding and designs, too. The UEFA’s choice of shapes and elements for Euro 2020 is rather fitting for the events of the year. 

But before we dive deeper into the branding and design, it’s worth mentioning that NBC News reported last Sunday (July 11, 2021) that Italy bested England in the final of the Euro 2020 soccer tournament at Wembley Stadium, London. 


Image from UEFA


Image from UEFA


The championship was extra special this year because Italy won its first European title since 1968. 


Italy vs England Summary 

Italy vs England Euro 2020 championship was a match that got supporters on their toes, even football legend David Beckham. 

England defender Luke Shaw scored the fastest goal in the UEFA European Championship final by meeting a cross from opposite wing-back Kieran Trippier with a half-volley that went in off the post in the second minute.



But despite Shaw’s effort—it wasn’t enough to avoid defeat. 

Later in the game, Gareth Southgate called on both Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho to take penalty kicks; however, both of them missed. 

This extremely exhausting and gruesome battle between the two teams was all put to an end when goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma saved two England penalties on the way to a 3-2 battle win. 

Long-term football fans said that the Italy vs England match this year was similar to the  2018 World Cup semifinals.

England in 2018 also scored early against Croatia but soon afterward spent most of the game chasing its opponent’s midfield before losing in extra time.



Euro 2020 Branding

Last 2020, the UEFA celebrated the 60th anniversary of its UEFA European Football championship.

To celebrate this amazing milestone, the tournament was played across all corners of Europe, from north to south and from east to west.

A statement on the UEFA website said “At the heart of the championship’s new visual identity is the bridge—a simple, universal symbol of connection. Each of the accompanying 13 unique host logos will feature a single iconic bridge from the city in question.” 


Image from


In addition, Hélder Pombinho the Young & Rubicam creative director, also emphasizes the importance of the visual identity system to clearly convey the message of the union.

He said in an interview that “Where bridges become the common denominator that brings host cities together as one.”


Image from Twitter


Therefore bridges became the iconic landmarks that form an important part of the identity of a city. This is why the UEFA EURO 2020 brand chose this as a representation that connects all 13 host cities through football while celebrating their cultural diversity.



Image from UEFA


Since there is no host country—13 cities have been selected to host matches during the Euro 2020 finals. London’s Wembley Stadium was chosen to hold the semi-finals and finals.



UEFA Branding

The UEFA Champions League is a spectacle that has captured the imaginations of millions of fans across the world.

Before it all started, the brand needed to evolve to further inspire and remain relevant for audiences and partners in the next years to come.

It’s not easy to live up to its promise of being the ‘best of the best on the ultimate stage.’

This is why the UEFA’s banding approach was highly focused on ‘the moments that make the ultimate stage.’


Image from Alfa Alfa Studio


Therefore the centerpiece of UEFA’s brand identity today is the Starball.

Crafted from light, the Starball frames and illuminates spectacular moments that transcend sport—allowing the brand to scale from the artful flick of a player’s ankle to iconic hero stadium views.


Image from the Alfa Alfa Studio


This new visual language underlines the brand’s prestige with a renewed focus on elegance and understated confidence.

With a renewed sense of dynamism and energy, the brand is better equipped to embrace the future of football in a stronger, bolder way that sets the benchmark for tomorrow.


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