Create AI-Generated Images With This New Feature!

Everyone has a creative side to them, they just need a little push to discover their artistic spirit. With just a few clicks, you can explore a world of possibilities with our new AI-generating art tool. Here’s how you can create your own AI-generated images for free. 


Create AI-Generated Images With DotYeti


Before digital art existed, artists used picked up humble paper and pen to draw. The canvas, the painting brush, and the paint oils…you get the gist. Art tools and software programs help execute an artist’s vision while training their eye to form their own unique style. Today, things are a little bit easier. Technology has made the creation of art accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level. 

By now, you’ve probably seen many AI-generated images made by platforms like DALL-E 2.  Anything from logos to banners to photorealistic images–AIs have created different renditions of images that spark joy. With our latest feature, you can also have this powerful tool at your fingertips.

Aside from being quick and customizable, AI-generated art is highly accessible and beginner-friendly. You don’t need the mastery of concepts and principles to get the vision you want. Of course, we’re not saying that AI art can replace designs created by humans. This new feature is just another tool to help you get images fast, generate fresh ideas, and explore the depths of your imagination.

Sometimes, playing around with AI-generating art can be fun in itself. Just watch our co-founder try the new feature below. 


You can inject pop culture references in the style of classical painters. You can even make ridiculous situations at will. Using art generators can be a wonderful exercise in imagination, something that we all need a little bit of in our every day. 


How To Use Our Tool


Our new feature ensures that you can create your own unique art, even without artistic experience or design acumen. Simply spin your ideal image into a few words, then input that text description through the DotYeti platform.

You can play around with your text to fit your ideal custom design as the first few ones may not give you the exact vision you want. When that happens, you can just regenerate the same prompt until you get the perfect iteration. 

Take this as an example. We used the text, “A group of pandas eating bamboo in a photorealistic style” to generate this image. With only a few words, we’ve managed to create an original and unique design in seconds. 

 AI-generated image of pandas eating bamboo

Now here’s what happens when you tweak the text to “A panda wearing a straw hat eating bamboo near a temple in digital art style.” See how different this one looks from the first image?

Tweaked version of a panda eating a bamboo

The possibilities are endless once you start. Look at these diverse images: you can create original characters, sweeping landscapes, or cartoon scenes. Here are the exact prompts we used to come up with these: 

  • A knight holding a glowing sword 
  • A fair with fireworks photorealistic image
  • Witch buys candy from a candy store cartoon style
  • A flower garden with butterflies in a realistic style
  • Lord of the Rings style landscape with small cottage house

AI-generated image of a knight holding a glowing sword  AI-generated image of a festival at night  

Dotyeti’s AI-powered tool is free for all subscribers across all subscription plans. Users get tokens that will reset on the first day of the month, so you don’t have to worry about losing the chance to bring your dream idea to life. 

Being artistic doesn’t have to be limited to a select few. Create magic with us by signing up for your first month today! You can also book a demo with one of our co-founders here.





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