9 Things to Consider to Create a Good Branding Guide

Let’s talk about your small business branding guide and what it must be to ensure first impressions are positive. It is so important to make good first impressions, and it all starts with a good branding.

While first impressions happen within the first few seconds, they can leave long-lasting effects on your business. For example, what happens if someone stumbles into your website and finds your design unappealing? They’ll leave, never to come back ever again. That’s why

1. Company Story

Your company’s story should be told through your brand. Your story should be the heart and soul of your brand and everything you do. But don’t just tell your story, tell it well. There should be a story behind everything you do to show your customers your brand’s authenticity.

2. Brand Personality

What are you like? What are your customers like? How does your brand match your customer’s personality? Consider this question as you develop an in-depth personality for your brand that embodies exactly what you want to represent.

3. Visual Design

Your brand’s visual design is the first impression others get of you. And it sends a powerful message about what you’re all about. Think carefully about how you want your brand image portrayed visually.

4. Brand Colors

Colors have symbolic meanings. Colors can either build trust or destroy it. Colors can either be calming or stimulate energy. Use colors wisely when creating your brand.

5. Visual Assets

Your visual assets are the things that will stick with your customers even after they’ve left your site. So make sure your logo, colors, and images work together in harmony.

6. Grid and Typography

The right grid and typography can increase the emotional appeal and make a website more lively, fun, and friendly. A grid can make a website feel orderly and organized. Typography, on the other hand, can create a feeling of sophistication, class, and elegance.

7. Fonts

Technically, fonts are a part of typography. But it deserves to be mentioned in its own section since fonts are a defining aspect of your brand. Make sure your font describes your brand and the message you want to convey to your customers. You can start looking at Google Fonts

8. Imagery

Imagery is a key brand-building element. From photography and illustration to videos and GIFs, imagery has the power to build trust and drive engagement. Use imagery to show off your brand’s personality and create an emotional connection with your audience.

9. Effective Branding at Scale

Branding is not a project that can be done once, then forgotten about. It needs to be constantly worked on. Keep your brand consistent and relevant. Ask yourself: Is my brand working? Does it still make sense? Have things changed?


Creating a successful brand and company that enjoys excellent first impressions begins with good branding. You need to have a strong brand to create a lasting impression and encourage customer loyalty. And this can only be achieved if you take the time to create a brand guide and brand manual to stay consistent. So, don’t rush the process, and put plenty of time into creating a good brand guideline. It will guide you in all your branding efforts, ensuring your audience sees what you’re all about and falls in love with it!

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