Design Credits—Purchase Now, Redeem Later!

Graphic design services are a necessity that used to cost businesses an arm and a leg. This affordability issue was effectively solved through freelancing.

But the next struggle was to guarantee a wide range of services for a reasonably low price. After all, maximum flexibility for creative outputs was a premium feature.

And so unlimited graphic design subscription services were born. DotYeti covers all of your company’s design needs for a fixed, no hidden charges monthly fee while ensuring creative deliverables are received in lightning-fast turnaround times. 

But even with all these benefits, some entrepreneurs may still put this option on the back burner, opting to make use of their design services later rather than sooner.

In this article, we’re discussing why you shouldn’t have to delay your DotYeti subscription.


Introducing Design Credits

Some of our clients may be unsure whether an unlimited graphic design monthly subscription is the most suitable option for their business. Budget limitations add to worries about getting enough creative deliverables to make their design plan worthwhile.

That’s why we’re pleased to launch design credits. By purchasing credits, you have the freedom to redeem them later whenever the need for stunning designs arise- whether that’s tomorrow or in a few years time. Because, that’s right, the design credits come with lifetime validity. 

Here is how much each credit bundle costs:

  • 1 Credit – $175 USD 
  • 3 Credits – $495 USD (5% off)
  • 5 Credits – $785 USD (10% off)
  • 10 Credits – $1,485 USD (15% off)
  • 25 Credits – $2,840 USD (35% off)

The more credits you buy, the more you’ll save!

At DotYeti, our unlimited design services are classified into three plans: Basic, Premium, and Royal. 

Each Basic design is worth 1 credit. These include social media graphics, banners, and posters. 

A Premium design is worth 2 design credits. Logos, illustrations, presentation design, packaging & merchandise design, animations, and GIFs all fall under premium designs.

Lastly, Royal designs are worth 3 credits each. These requests take on more complex video editing and landing page web designs.

Occasionally, our clients’ graphic design needs don’t neatly fit into one of our subscription plans. We’ve solved this by empowering them to customize their own package using design credits that can be speedily redeemed whenever they need to rapidly scale up creative horsepower. 

Our design credits allow every business of any size, from any industry, with any creative workload to make the most of our services. 

This way we’re continuing to truly live up to our mission of hassle-free, efficient, affordable graphic design. 


Get a Free Design Credit with love from DotYeti

As a special promotion, we’re giving away 1 free credit to celebrate the launch of our new program!

Now you can experience our services without any commitments to one of our comprehensive unlimited design packages.

Create an account now, and enjoy your free trial here. 

Afterward, you can select the number of credits you’d like to purchase straight from your platform dashboard! Any questions? One of our team members will also be more than happy to assist you. Your lifetime credits will be safely stored in your account and can be redeemed whenever you need one-off graphic designs on short notice. 

Enjoy maximum flexibility and minimal costs with DotYeti’s design credits today!


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