Is Design Pickle The Best Unlimited Graphic Design Firm? 

What are you looking for when you hire a graphic design agency? 

We’re here to help you find the answer to that question. Is this top-rated unlimited graphic design platform really the best for you? Find out below as we compare the prices, services, and benefits of these Design Pickle alternative.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find an option that’s going to give you a better value for your money. 


What does Design Pickle do? 

Design Pickle is an online platform where you can get graphic design services done at a flat monthly fee. For some businesses, it’s a more convenient option rather than hiring in-house designers or freelancers. 

How it works

If you don’t know yet, companies like DesignPickle let you request designs from their sleek platform.

Simply describe the design you need and upload any assets and materials needed. The company has an AI-powered smart request system so you won’t have to worry about formatting requests. 

Turnaround times are also typically 1 to 2 days, but you can get a same-day turnaround in the higher plans. 

Services and plans

DesignPickle offers three-tiered price plans. The entry-level plan called Graphics ($499/month) offers graphic design and custom illustration. 

Meanwhile, their Graphics Pro plan ($995/month) includes an added presentation design service. Finally, their Graphics Premium plan ($1,695/month) includes an extra motion graphics service. 

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of their capabilities: 

  • Graphic design (logo, social media graphics, packaging design, infographics, and more)
  • Custom illustrations (lettering and typography, comics, coloring books, mascots, portraits, and more)
  • Presentation design (custom decks and ready-to-use templates)
  • Motion graphics (animated logos, texts, ads, UI/UX animation, and more)

You get designated designers and an onboarding designer once you move up to the higher plans. Plus, they even offer Spanish-speaking designers, which is great for global teams. 


5 Best Design Pickle Alternative in 2023

1. Design Pickle vs DotYeti

design pickle alternative

Dotyeti is another great option for unlimited graphic design. You get the same high-quality service, quick turnaround times, and smooth design workflows. The main difference is DotYeti offers its services for a more affordable cost. 

Here, you can also get light video and photo editing and landing pages, and web design. 

How it works

DotYeti has a sleek platform where you can input your requests easily. Here, you also get access to their stock library. Find elements, images, and icons for your brand quickly.

DotYeti is great for businesses that need basic design work, but we think it’s best for agencies who need extra help with their brand profiles. 

For revisions, you can easily add comments to the material natively using DotYeti’s platform. 

Prices and plans

What’s unique about DotYeti is that it has a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. For budding business owners, this extra security may be a good push to outsource creative work to DotYeti. 

Like DesignPickle, it offers three pricing tiers. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get when you stick with them for 6 months. The Basic ($399/month), Premium ($995/month), and Royal ($2,195/month) plan. 

Aside from a more affordable plan, DotYeti offers these extra services for their higher-end plans.

  • Dedicated designer, illustrator account manager, animator, art director 
  • Landing pages and web design
  • Essential video editing
  • Unlimited brand profiles

2. Design Pickle vs Penji

Looking for a DesignPickle alternative that won’t disappoint? You can try Penji. This service boasts a global team of designers from over 20 countries. Their artists also work in shifts so they can deliver your project within 48 hours. 

How it works

Penji isn’t all that different from other unlimited graphic design agencies. You get onboarded quickly and have your requests go through their proprietary platform. 

Make comments natively using their in-house revisions tool. You can easily communicate with designers as well to make your project. 

Prices and plans

Penji is another cheaper option compared to DesignPickle. They have three tiers: the entry-level Pro plan ($499/month), their Team plan ($997/month), and their Agency ($1995/month) plan. 

Here are some of the graphic design services offerings that Design Pickel doesn’t offer: 

  • Website and app design
  • UX/UI projects
  • Digital and print ads
  • Multiple users per project in higher plans

Penji also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy for all plans. 

3. Design Pickle vs Kimp

design pickle alternative

Kimp is another place you can go to find a reliable Design Pickle alternative. It’s a subscription-based platform that works best for companies that focus on graphic design and video production. 

How it works

All plan holders can access Kimp’s proprietary platform Kimp360, where they can submit requests and track projects. They claim that they can complete simple design tasks in under 24 hours. 

Users also get access to source files and get Canva designs. 

Plans and services

Kimp is a more video-oriented service, so their plans do look a little different than other unlimited graphic design agencies.

For one, they have the Graphics ($299.50/month), Video ($349.50/month), and premium Graphics and Video plan ($497.50/month). This pricing only applies when you stay then for two months. 

Kimp offers these unique services that other agencies don’t always have:

  • Video editing and designs
  •  NFT designs and UI/UX animation
  • Library of stock videos and audio 
  • Dedicated video team and project manager

4. Design Pickle vs ManyPixels

design pickle alternative

ManyPixels is another reliable Design Pickle alternative. The company has worked with vetted global brands such as Decathlon and European Investment Bank. 

How it works

Like other service providers on this list, ManyPixels doesn’t have fixed contracts with their clients. You can opt-out whenever you want. Plus, you can access their key services for a flat monthly fee as well. 

ManyPixels can also cater to different brands per client, so it’s a great opportunity for agencies to get a helping hand. 

Plans and services

ManyPixels has simple yet strong offerings that make it a reliable partner for your graphic design needs. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service. 

ManyPixels offers three design tiers: Advanced ($549/month), Business ($899/month), and Designated Designer ($1,199/month). ManyPixels doesn’t give designated designers for their clients unless you get the highest-tiered plan.  

Other than that, it offers logo and branding design, illustrations, print and merchandise design, and more. 

5. Design Pickle vs Superside

When it comes to outsourcing design work, Superside is another strong contender for the job. They’ve worked with global brands like Meta, Amazon, and even Google!

How it works

Superside claims to ‘unbottleneck the design process’ and bring creative work faster to your table. And, like other design services, they’ve got their own DesignOps tech so you can monitor your design requests. 

Plans and services

Superside does offer concept creations on top of basic graphic design services like email and landing page design, digital reports, packaging, and branding. However, digital report design and merch design are only available for the premium plan. 

They have an entry-level plan called Design Essentials ($5,000/year). While the other plans are called Digital Advertising ($7,500/year) and End-to-End Creative ($9,000/year).

Superside offers these unique graphic design services for their customers: 

  • Ad and video concept creation
  • Video production
  • Landing page design


Dotyeti: The Best Design Pickle Alternative

If you want a great all-around option that won’t break the bank, then we highly recommend DotYeti. With great package inclusions, dedicated designers, and a smooth onboarding process, it’s a more affordable and creative option.

Our artists are highly vetted professionals whose work undergoes double and even triple checking. Plus, our team of artists works day and night shifts to ensure that your projects are finished on time.

Plus, it’s great if you’re looking for a service that offers light photo and video editing, a landing page and web design, and unlimited brand profiles. Whether you’re a small business or a large agency, you can count on DotYeti to provide quick turnaround times and high-quality work.

Unlimited graphic design doesn’t have to be boring, templated, and robotic. Let our creative yetis work their magic on your brand, so your creative outputs can go from good to great!

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