The Best Design Trends in 2020 to Give Your Business That Extra Boost

The creative mood and design trends for 2020 reflect the current situation: resourceful, toned-down, and a bit nostalgic. This year’s design trends manage to be attention-grabbing without being loud. Moreover, they’re refreshingly simple, but memorable, driven by animation and more functional 3D. 

Taking inspiration from one or more of these trends may help businesses or ads stand out among the millions of live videos and talking heads online.

Source: Dribble

1. Animated logos

Logos will play a bigger role this year for branding, and businesses may want to take note. Brand recall is mostly visual and there are now more ways to make a simple logo “work harder” for customer reach. Using animation to make a logo come alive is a simple, effective design trend that makes a big difference.

Spotify’s logo becomes even more eye-catching when you see it move. Source: Spotify

2. 3D and 2D Mash-up

In 2019, consumer trends showed that the best use of 3D has always been to help people interact with everyday experience, not to escape from it. With this in mind, designers have taken the idea and produced their own eye-catching 3D elements or animation combined with simple illustrations or photos.

Luuna Online Shopping store utilizes cute 3D figures against a quirky 3D background in their ads. Source: Behance.


3. Toned-down vintage and hand-drawn basics

This design trend is considered a non-trend because it goes back to the basics. It’s not retro for its own sake but showcases hand-drawn ink illustrations, and a friendlier approach to design similar to the posters and art of the 1950s.

This vintage take on design has a more community feel and focuses more on using earth tones, and animated patterns.

TOKO GOELA’s handpainted vintage-style sign creates a communal feel to their space. Source: Behance.

4. Metallic merchandise

No matter how good the quality of a product, or how effective the online presence,  product, or merchandise design should never be an afterthought.

This year’s design recommendation is simple but has maximum impact. Incorporating metallic material in the design of packaging or merchandise immediately calls positive attention to the product when done in good taste. 

A little goes a long way with this trend and would call for the help of an experienced designer.

Diz-Diz popcorn gives more flavor to their packaging with metallic letters for their logo. Source: Behance

5. Line art and animation

And once again, the common thread of 2020 trends is animation. But specifically, using simple elements like line illustration, and turning it into a pleasant visual experience. For businesses, this would work well as a different approach to instructional posts or an engaging introduction to a product or service.

GIF-animation makes vibrant designs even livelier and quite literally! Source: Behance

What do you think of the design trends of 2020? If using animation for your business seems complicated, don’t worry! You don’t need to be an expert at design or animation to make these changes. You don’t even need to go through the tedious process of hiring and maintaining a full-time designer, either. 

Check out as an on-demand design and animation service. Use it only when you need it. You can engage or cancel, anytime. See for yourself how works!

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