Designer Spotlight: The Lead Yetis


Behind every great team is a great leader. And here at DotYeti, we hero three of the best Art Directors yetis could find who have helped our designers reach their fullest creative potential. With their leadership and direction, our designer yetis are able to produce quality design efficiently and grow as talented creatives. 


Meet the Intelligent, Creative, and Fun Art Directors of DotYeti 

Design - Lead Yetis

Ysabell: Senior Art Director

Ysabell is DotYeti’s designer mother – a respected figure who leads with empathy and direction. As a former design jack of all trades who worked for museums, she has what the industry calls the “creative eye,” which is basically the unique vision that can tell great design apart from the ordinary.

Ysabell Bondoc

As a self-proclaimed design nerd, she can easily tell you which font and font size will work from an arms-length away. She can also go on and on about the different tones and shades of blue. And with years of experience working in the creative scene, she knows how to properly approach different kinds of projects with different aesthetics. It’s no wonder how she started out as the very first DotYeti art director. 

Leading a Pack of Creative Yetis

As the first art director of the team, her mind began exploring the possibilities of what DotYeti could be. Being a fan of heist movies, Ysabell began creating strategies and finding tricks to making a structure in order for her team to meet a tight deadline without compromising design quality. 

Creating an Environment Where Designers Thrive

There’s a reason why this 28-year old earned the status of a motherly figure amongst the team. Besides keeping her team in check, she takes time to make a more open and fun community that is creatives-friendly. 

Ysabell and her Parrot

Ysabell says that the key to her leadership is helping designers understand the clients and how to interpret requests as best as possible. She acknowledges that not all designers are the same, so really knowing them and understanding how they work is important to her. Her team definitely trusts her direction, but they can also trust that she’s got wacky creative energy in her that they can turn to for a fun chat.

“The key to great design is honestly frustration. You need frustration in order to get to the point of knowing what you want. Once you find out though, it can lead to amazing results. Coffee also helps. Or tea. Whatever your choice of beverage is.”



Ezra: Art Director

Ezra is the epitome of a lady boss, leading a team of designers with wit and a fighting spirit. As the lead yeti of the night-shift, she keeps work going while trying to keep morale high with her team.

Ezra Acebron

This tough lady once lived a professional life in events production, managing one gig to the next while still doing design work on the side. But as her health took a toll when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, she needed to slow down and focus on medication. Of course, she didn’t just want to stay put until she got better. With the drive to continue working and the need to find a place to utilize her creative side, she found DotYeti.

Leading a Pack of Creative Yetis

Art directing was a job that was fairly new to her when she started. Ezra had to learn how to communicate with clients while managing a team of creatives. As do most art directors, she has a clear creative vision that’s very used to executing what clients want and what she thinks is best for their brand. But as an art director, she now had to find a way to communicate it with a team for them to execute it in order to meet the brief. And that she did.

Injecting Humor and Positivity in a Fun Workspace

Ezra Smiles

Night shifts aren’t known to be the most joyful, which is why they’re known as “graveyard” shifts. Ezra wanted to challenge that notion and lift spirits even if the world around the designers were asleep. While still ensuring that designers work efficiently, she likes to leave her witty humor out on display in internal meetings and after-work company events. There is no dull moment with Ezra in the conversation.

“The key to great design is passion. If you don’t have it, you won’t go far. You need to nurture it and pedal on to continue to improve as a creative. You will definitely hit bumps and rant sometimes, but that’s just part of it.”  

Joni: Assistant Art Director

Joni Guerrero

Joni became part of DotYeti as Ysabell’s lieutenant. As a former freelance calligraphy artist in a graphic design platform, she wanted to venture out into an opportunity that was more interactive. Being a lover of cute and clean designs, she was instantly drawn to DotYeti’s fun blue yeti and decided to take a chance and apply. Little did she know that she would soon work the blue guy shortly after. Regrets? None at all.

Design and Leadership

Joni stepped into the role of assistant art director with the desire to learn more about art direction but at the same time continue nurturing her skills as a designer. To keep her on that path, she was assigned both art director tasks and design tasks. With the help of Ysabell, Joni continues to develop her “creative eye” in both giving direction and executing quality work.


“The key to great design is practice. Research, practice, and reading brings out good inspiration, which improves your eye for design.”

The Joy of DotYeti

DotYeti is not your typical design company. We have created a culture that is focused on growth and fun in order to nurture creativity. Interested in becoming part of the team? You can visit DotYeti’s careers page for more information.

Also, check out some of the amazing work that our design team has come up with for many brands. 

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