Designer Spotlight: The Sexy Yellow Night Watchers

DotYeti keeps the creative train running for hours on end, even when the world starts sleeping. The Sexy Yellow Team (team name credits to Art Director Ezra) are the mighty designers that come aboard and create fantastic work. 

Meet the Night Shift Team: The Sexy Yellow

The Creative Yetis: Bryan and Bea 


Creative Yetis Nightshift

Bryan is the designer that epitomizes the idea of a chill guy that’s lived life to the fullest. He’s worked a variety of odd jobs, but always had his mind and creative passion that drives him forward. Besides turning to him for top-notch layout and design projects, he’s the type of guy that will tell you what he knows and feels and leave you wondering if you were at a life coaching conference. His insights extend to his podcast and video projects that he makes as a hobby and an extension to his creativity. 

Pro tip from Bryan: when you’re stressed, give yourself “marinating time.” Work a bit, rest, then get back to it and you’ll find yourself more productive than ever. 



Creative Yetis Nightshift

A true master in her craft, Bea has been working in the creative industry for nearly 5 years. This design genius also likes to play video games, produce her own music and song covers in her free time. 

Her can-do and friendly attitude has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable instantly. One thing she always says to graphic designers who are just starting out in the industry is to never compare their work to others that they should always be proud of the designs they created. She is such an inspiration to everyone around her which makes us proud that she’s part of our team. 



The Motion Yeti: Alyssa

Motion Yeti Nightshift

One of the easiest people to get along with has got to be Alyssa. Her calm attitude and wisdom will make you feel like you can talk to her for hours even though you’ve just met.  

Aside from creating amazing graphic designs, she’s also a fitness enthusiast. She regularly joins Spartan Races before the pandemic. To give you a gist of what she does there — she effortlessly carries heavy sacks, climbs ropes, and runs back and forth from one base to the next. Today she still challenges herself physically by doing push-up challenges to maintain her strong physique during her free time. 


The Speedy Yeti: Mark

Speedy Yeti Nightshift

Mark is one of the pioneer designers that helped establish DotYeti. His nickname at work is “Terminator” which was given by our Top Yeti Roy because of his ability to work extremely fast without sacrificing the quality of the designs — and he is somewhat robotic. 

Even though he may seem like a tough guy on the outside, he’s really approachable and polite. He continues to help our team become better designers by challenging everyone with his amazing art skills and unique perspective on each design. 


Creative Design Company Built on Fun and Joy

We nurture talent and creativity here at DotYeti and work with the best designers you’d ever find. If you want a shot at becoming part of our community, you can visit DotYeti’s careers page for more information. 

You can also check out the work of our design team here.  

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