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With over 30 million Filipinos being a part of the gaming industry, it is only set to increase in the coming years. Gaming Centers are growing all over the world especially the Philippines with more online games being turned into tournaments and being recognized as actual sports. Digital ads have grown so much as well in gaming from social media to mobile and PC. This is because there are millions of gamers all over the world and this is only growing by the minute.

This means that there is also an increase of gaming companies opening up. This is why it’s important for the existing and starting ones to market themselves. This will analyze how they will stay relevant in the business and see which platforms they will allocate their budget to.

Digital Marketing and Gaming

With millenials taking over the global population, at this point, most of us has played video games at one point in our lives. It may have been a steady form of entertainment for kids but has grown way more than that. As of the moment, the average age of an online gamer is 31 which means it’s not just for kids anymore. With it contributing almost more than 100 billion USD this year, it’s an industry we can look out for.

Digital Marketing has a big part in these statistics because for games to get played, they need to get known first. Companies spend millions of dollars to market their games. In 2016, the industry spent roughly 4 million USD just on digital marketing. This sounds like a huge amount but at the same time, you know they wouldn’t pay so much if it didn’t work. This is such a vital part in reaching the customers and getting them to buy the product.

Digital Marketing has grown so much with the gaming industry. Both parts have earned so much in the last couple of years. They’re seen all over from mobile, console or PC.

There’s now so much more options to get hands on content so we are also exposed to much more media at the same time. Digital marketing, when done well, can target your specific audience and get the most attention while spending the least. You can create immersive and creative ads that will excite the customers and immediately direct them to purchasing.

Mobile Gaming

mobile gaming. source :

Mobile phones are able to get people to buy, download and play their games at any time and place. Since it’s so easy to access, users have higher chances of playing these on a daily. With more than 40% of the world own smartphones, that means a vast amount of people have gaming devices in their hands.

With this convenience, mobile gaming has brought about a new wave of mobile gamers all over the world. We’re all aware of the pop-up ads and banners used as strategies in the mobile game industry. These have created an easy way of promoting games and earning money at the same time. It’s able to promote games while they play is using it and if they like what they see, they can immediately download it. These ads range from a teaser of its storyline to a quick chance to play the game. This will immediately let you see if you like it or not.

Since these ads appear on daily, you also have time to be convinced until you finally decide to get the game. These are also able to get the advertisers to understand the types of games the users like. This information can be used for further campaigns to ensure even more effective in the ads.

PC Gaming

PC Gaming

There are many creative ways to advertise in PC Gaming. A good example is Sony. It’s a brand gamers all know and love because it’s been around forever. This is a perspective they decided to focus on in their campaign for the PS4. They took the fans on a good old walk down memory lane as a reminder of why they loved it in the first place. The emotional grip this made boosted the hype for the console and the campaign succeeded in its goal.

Meanwhile, some games take their advertising to the next level. For their trailers, they actually hire film directors to make the shots as enticing as possible. At the same time, you have to make sure that the features you present in this are actually found in the game. This is so that users will have met the expectations they set. The worst thing is to create amazing advertising and release a lackluster product. These will only lead to bad reviews and bad publicity for future releases.

You can also make use of a website with really fun and interactive graphics. This will let them know that you’re very skilled at what you do and are consistent from branding to execution. These are things that are often overlooked but are very important in the long run.

Why go for Digital Marketing?

With a large chunk of gamers being 36 years old and above, these people are willing to spend and are more likely to stay loyal to their games. As you’ve seen, there’s also a growing amount of gamers coming from mobile phone apps. As a gaming center or creator, this is something to take note of and advertise into to utilize the money being used. Once you are able to understand your demographic, it will be easier for you to offer similar games. From there, you can get them more interested in becoming regular in your center.

At the end of the day, your game can be the best there is but it won’t go anywhere without proper marketing. With digital marketing literally being the gateway to gaming, it really is the best option out there.

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