DotYeti Spotlight: Best Designer for October 2023

In this blog, we introduce DotYeti’s  best designer for the month of October. 


If you’ve been on social media lately, you may notice that some brands are starting to use motion graphics for their post. Aside from adding variety, it also brings a certain joie de vivre to their social media feeds. 

Curious about how motion designers work? Here’s Adrian A, DotYeti’s Best Designer for October 2023. 

He’s been working as a motion graphics designer since 2021. And as for inspirations? He admires the work of Korean animator DK. Get to know him below!


The process

The motion graphics process is more collaborative than you would think. Adrian works frequently with illustrators so they can better discuss and execute the client concept. His work mainly focuses on the production and conceptualizing how they would pull off a certain project. 

That includes fixing the sequencing of scenes, how transitions would look, layering, and more! 

 As for the illustrator, he shares that they are the ones responsible for the overall main look. 

Because of the collaborative nature of his work, he likes to build rapport first with his co-artists. He says he does his best to “try to make them feel accommodated when it comes to their ideas and concepts.”



Just like most creatives, he prefers to disconnect himself from work and go ‘off-grid’ when work gets tough. Rejuvenating himself with rest time by taking quick breaks helps him power through creative burnout, especially when he’s working on challenging requests.

What he does on his breaks? He loves gaming and taking a quick nap. 


How he got started

As a young student, Adrian did not have a clear direction on what career path he would take growing up. But he said that because of his family’s printing business, he was encouraged to design.

Then from there, he earned his Communications degree with a major in Multimedia Arts. His first role out of university was to design deck presentations for business clients.

Aside from maximizing his design and motion graphics skills, Adrian also wants to build on his skills and become a mentor for a newer generation of artists.


Fun facts about Adrian

In his spare time: He loves playing games like Valorant and Mobile Legends. He also likes solving puzzles, playing chess, and fiddling with a Rubik’s cube. 

How he describes his personal style: Rather than fluid motions, he prefers a “super low FTS stop-motion style”.


His favorite project + project highlights

Adrian’s most memorable project is DotYeti’s Demo Reel, which features the key creative projects that DotYeti artists have worked on. 


Cards Against Humanity

Angel Phoenix visual

BTX Racing blog visual


Designer Spotlight: October 2023 Honorable Mention

Roi Q. is this month’s other standout artist and honorable mention for best designer. Here’s how his art director describes his work ethic. 


DotYeti has seasoned designers who are growing their artistic skills. To get quality designs with a unique spunk, book a demo today!

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