Follow These 6 Creators for Awesome Short-Form Video Content

Need a unique video marketing strategy? These Instagram creators might have cracked that code. 

You can hack your Instagram growth all you want. But at the end of the day, good content can drive engagement. And it keeps your followers engaged and loyal to your brand. 

So if you want to nurture that practice of creating good content, then take inspiration from these awesome Instagram accounts. 

Because they sure know how to entertain an audience. 


Top 6 Creators for Awesome Short-Form Video Content


1. Baron Ryan

If you want Instagram reels to feel like a really, really short film, this is the account you go to. A one-man actor, producer, and writer, Baron Ryan is a force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to condense meaningful messages, beautiful Catch-22s, and beautiful characters in less than a minute, but he makes this look easy. 

It’s safe to say that his content is a testament to his creativity as a writer. 


2. Grumpy Kid Studio

Doomscrolling through Instagram at an ungodly hour? Grumpy Kid Studio is the perfect pick-me-up. And no, they’re not in the business of standup comedy. They’re actually a pottery studio led by Garbo Zhu in Montreal. 

Apart from super satisfying throws, paints, and process videos, it also shows her ups and downs as a small business owner. And of course, her signature brand (aka her grumpy-looking bowls) is just something you want to see over and over.  


3. Lazy Butt Club

The internet is a scary, sad, and dark web of human thought and emotion. Sometimes though, we get gems like the Lazy Butt Club. It’s a wholesome channel about a son and his father’s decades-long t-shirt printing business. 

The channel shows off its printing process, the Lazy Butt Club designs (some were created back in the 80s), and more! 


4. Xiran Jay Zhao

There’s no shortage of interesting and quirky personalities on the internet. Xiran Jay Zhao is one of them! She’s a cosplay-loving NYT Times Bestselling author who reimagines the anime ‘Darling in the Franxx’ in her book series Iron Widow. 

Apart from marketing her books though, she mostly talks about powerful women, customers, and other stories from Ancient China. 


5. Beli – Restaurant Lists

There are plenty of food creators online. But we think Beli -Restaurant Lists may just be a tad bit special. And that’s because their reviews are quick, honest, and simple. And for marketers and business owners, here’s their secret: they always end with a powerful call to action. 

Why? Because Beli Eats is more than just a food review channel, they’re actually the brand channel of the Beli app! There, individuals can rank the restaurants they visit. 


6. Ryan Yip

If you’re anything like us, random yet interesting facts make you stop and listen. And there’s no place that can make you listen intently to a reel than Ryan Yip’s fashion discussion account. 

Here, he discusses tidbits of fashion history and shares his thoughts on fashion trends. It’s incredibly rare to see someone with such eloquence and expertise in social media, so we think his platform is a must-watch for all kinds of people. 


Best Practices for Video Marketing Strategy

Every creator on Instagram knows the algorithm is not always by your side. Most of the time, it’s luck that propels your account to people’s feeds. 

That being said, there is a certain formula that really brings out your channel’s best potential. And as a business owner, you should always constantly be on the lookout for the type of content that can resonate with your viewers and work well in the algorithm. 

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