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News flash: Unlimited NFT Artworks have recently become available for DotYeti’s Premium and Royal clients!

DotYeti’s design service has gone beyond creating designs for branding, content, and marketing campaigns. With the recent rise of the market value of NFTs, we’ve decided to offer this service for clients who want to build their very own NFT collection.

With at least $1,145 per month for an unlimited amount of NFT artworks, it’s definitely a steal!

So you’re probably wondering, why are NFTs exploding in the crypto world right now, and why exactly are they so valuable?

If you haven’t heard, NFTs are becoming priceless pieces of art coveted all over the world. And they’re value lies in the use of blockchain technology.


The Value of NFT Artworks

Before NFTs became a thing, the art community naturally placed value on art based on the artist, aesthetic, and sociological impact.

The same goes for NFTs. All these qualities remain a big part of identifying the overall value of the artwork. 

But instead of spending thousands of dollars on brokers and historians to declare its value, you and the NFT community judge its value for yourself. 

In addition, you can rest easy knowing that the art piece you’ll be buying is definitely NOT a fake because of its encrypted information. Thanks to blockchain technology, you can bypass the process of verifying authenticity. When digital art is made into non-fungible tokens, they instantly become one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate.

Moreover, NFTs are bought, sold, and traded using cryptocurrency. And remember that cryptocurrency is a more valuable kind of wealth because of its immense potential to resist currency manipulation.

In other words, buying, owning, and collecting NFTs is not a common feat. In this day and age, you are living amongst the Michaelangelos and Picassos of NFTs. And the race to get the biggest and most valuable collection is still ongoing. 

So if you’re interested in exploring the NFT world, then you should start scouting for the very best artists to deliver your illustrations. 


Benefits of Commissioning NFTs from DotYeti

unlimited nft artworks

DotYeti aims to make building your NFT collection a breeze. 

The common way of building a personal collection is by scouting budding artists through online channels. Some examples include browsing Facebook groups, Discord servers, and other invite-only online communities.

Afterward, you will have to inspect the artwork to ensure that it aligns with the style of your collection. Then you will have to tackle time-consuming negotiations.

Working with DotYeti to build your collection eliminates this entire hassle. Through our unlimited graphic design platform, you have full artistic control over your NFT artwork.

With over 60+ designers, you are guaranteed to receive NFTs that align with your creative vision!


Start your NFT artwork journey with unlimited graphic design

unlimited nft artworks

To join our unlimited graphic design platform, simply head over to the signup page and create your account. 

If NFTs are your main focus, then head over to the landing page to get started. You can also book a call with one of our leadership team members for guidance.

It’s time to prepare for the metaverse! 


We'd love to read your graphic design insights and trend analyses. You can email your content collaboration requests to [email protected].

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