Graphic Design Checklist for Travel Agencies

You’ve finally decided to take the bull by its horns and partner with a design associate to fulfill your designs. 

But you don’t know where to start, and there’s so much to do. Who knew travel agency designs were so tricky? As design experts, we’ve got something that will make your life easier. 

This graphic design checklist is your must-have guide to getting started with your visual identity. We’ve got the best content ideas for your niche. Find the best tips to knock your branding out of the park and beat your competitors. 


Why You Need This Checklist

A graphic design checklist helps all individuals involved in the project get organized and aligned. It’s easy to miscommunicate during big projects, so setting up for success can really go a long way. 

  • Get accurate designs that meet brand requirements
  • Easy to adjust design quality for improvements
  • Organize company design materials and input design preferences
  • Brief project description for your partners

Setting up a checklist can look different for everyone. Some teams may use a simple message, while others prefer more elaborate boards in Notion or Figma. The important thing is to have a document that allows everyone to be on the same page. 


Steps To Prepare Your Checklist 

There are many steps to starting your checklist. Here are just a few stages you shouldn’t miss.

  • Prepare a design brief and concept
  • Get your brand book together 
  • Set up your content plan and calendar
  • Delegate deliverables and specify deadlines
  • Set up metrics for success

Make sure your designer knows the branding they’re dealing with, as well as the end goals of their marketing deliverables. This will help them get closer to the final output you want. 


10 Content Ideas For Travel Agencies

Now for the exciting part. Travel agencies are traditional brick-and-mortar kind of establishments. You don’t see a lot of agencies work purely online. Because of this, most businesses have a strong presence in physical advertising, with a growing interest in growing in the online space. 

Here are some design formats you need to consider if you’re just starting out. 


1. Logo design

Travel agencies constantly have to adapt to the changing market. Because of this, both young and old establishments can benefit from a logo rebrand or logo refresh. This will help you connect with a younger audience and develop your brand’s longevity. 


2. Branding

Are your visuals all over the place? We always see this with even top-performing clients. A structured brand book of your color palette, typography, brand voice, and other design rules will help agencies have a more uniform and polished look. 


3. Website design

graphic design checklist

Image from Freepik

Websites are great places for people to get to know your company and your work. In today’s digital age, a website is a must-have for any business, including travel agencies. A visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website can attract potential customers and increase conversions.

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4. Social media posts

graphic design checklist

Image from Freepik

Social media is a vital marketing platform for any business. Travel agencies can promote their services and boost their advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Do your social media marketing strategy right, and you’ll be able to reach thousands of leads and engage with potential customers. 

5. Email newsletter design 

Email newsletters can be an effective way for travel agencies to keep their customers informed about new destinations, travel packages, and promotions. To make a successful campaign, they require graphics that are engaging and visually appealing to increase open and click-through rates.


6. Video production

In today’s short-form content world, videos are king in the online content creation space. There are a lot of good content ideas that travel agencies can explore with this format. For one, you can showcase your destinations, services, and customer experiences.

For this, you’d need a solid video editing service to enhance the video’s storytelling and visual appeal. 

7. Infographic design

graphic design checklist

Image from Freepik

Infographics are a quick and easy way to visually communicate complex information. Agencies can use this format to disseminate details such as travel statistics, cultural differences, or safety tips. This simple design asset can help you look more professional and put together. 

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8. Promotional materials

graphic design checklist

Image from Freepik

Next, agencies shouldn’t forget their traditional channels, specifically physical promotional materials. Brochures are a traditional marketing tool for travel agencies, which provide potential customers with information about travel packages, destinations, and services.

Other merchandise materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, and banners are also something to consider. 

9. Print advertisments

In addition to that, some travel agencies might want to advertise in newspapers, magazines, or other print media. They may require graphics that effectively communicate their message and attract potential customers. Agencies that have an above-average budget, large-scale signage, and billboards can help travel agencies reach a broader audience and increase brand visibility.

10. Packaging design

Finally, some agencies throw in a couple of freebies for the customers. They give out free merchandise to encourage brand loyalty. Because of this, agencies may require packaging design for their products such as travel kits, souvenirs, and other travel items. 

These are just some examples of design formats a travel agency can leverage when starting out. This can look different from agency to agency though, as the specific requirements may depend on the marketing strategy, target audience, and budget.

Graphic design checklists are a must for everybody–to keep everybody happy. Don’t skimp on important and essential steps to the design pipeline. 


Looking for more expert design tips? We’ve got a better idea. These services are all available with DotYeti’s unlimited graphic design service. We offer unlimited design requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee.

Talk to us so we can create a customized plan just for you.

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