Graphic Design Process: Everything You Need to Know When Requesting a Design

Requesting a design for the first time can be a bit confusing and intimidating. Clients will often request a design for their company such as a logo or social media post with little to no instructions for the design team to follow. To make things worse, clients expect the final design to meet and exceed their expectations. 

The lack of communication between the client and the designer will not only waste time, but it will also affect the relationship of the designer and client that will eventually result in them parting ways. To prevent this from happening, we listed down the general rule when requesting a design and the essential steps on how you can communicate better with your designer. 


General Rule When Requesting a Design 

Graphic Design Process: Everything You Need to Know When Requesting a Design - DY Blog

The requested completion date for each project should be reasonable—remember that graphic designers are human too! 

Consider the length and complexity of the document(s) when requesting a completion date. The more complex the request is, the more time graphic designers need to create your design. 

Basic graphic design requests require a minimum of 24-48 hours for completion (1-2 business days). Complex graphic design requests require not less than 72-120 hours to complete (3-5 business days). 

Don’t expect graphic designers to create industrial quality designs in less than 24 hours. If you want your design to be beyond amazing, provide them sufficient time for the design and revision phases. 


Steps on How to Communicate Clearly with Your Designer

Graphic Design Process: Everything You Need to Know When Requesting a Design - DY Blog

1. Establish the objective of your design before requesting a design

In design, simple elements like the color or the font used all have a major impact on the message it will convey to the public. What are you going to use the design for? Is it to announce that you have a new product? Or maybe you’ll use it to inform your audience that you’ll be having a sale soon? 

Whatever the purpose of your design is, make sure to communicate it to your designer clearly. The intent of a landing page, an email banner, or podcast graphics all have different effects to the viewer. If you’re thinking of requesting a design, knowing the objective of your request should be your number one priority.  


2. Provide all the necessary assets 

Graphic designers rely mostly on the visuals you provide them. Make sure you communicate everything about your brand and the direction of your design to ensure that your designer will meet your expectations. 


Your assets should include:

  • Which industry are you from? (music, food, finance, etc)
  • Send a complete brand profile of your company 
  • Don’t forget to attach your company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, or Instagram page.
  • Do you have a design peg in mind? Include all the reference images, fonts, and even the color palette you want to use in your design.

3. Always be Clear, Concise, and Complete

When you’re requesting for a design, always be clear with your intent, concise with your vision, and complete with all the assets. 

Graphic designs are intended to represent your company. Whether it’s a logo, a social media post, or a banner—they’re all meant to effortlessly communicate your brand’s unique identity to your audience. 

Help your designers understand your vision. Yes, they will ask a series of questions. This step is necessary in order to get them on the same page as you. 


Unlimited Graphic Design with DotYeti

Having good designs are okay, but great designs will help skyrocket your business to greater heights. If you’re not sure where to start with your design request, we can help. At DotYeti, we have a brilliant graphic design team that will not only help you establish your brand’s identity online, but also increase sales and traffic over time!

Visit our pricing page to get started. If you’re still in doubt, check out our portfolio and case studies to see how our fantastic design platform has helped our clients grow. 




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