#Throwback: 2020 Graphic Design Trends that will and won’t Make it to 2021

Graphic design has enabled creatives to experiment and explore the digital art world for the longest time. And in 2020, it still takes the cake as one of the top industries that stays relevant. Even with the challenges 2020 brought upon us all, graphic designers still took this opportunity to boost and reinvent graphic design trends despite these ungodly times. 

With this new normal, businesses around the world are using unorthodox designs to communicate their message to the online world. Here are 5 graphic design trends that will make it to the year 2021.


#ComeThrough: 5 Graphic Design Trends from 2020 that will Rule 2021


1. Three-Dimensional Animation

3D Animation Example - Disney Ad - Graphic Design Trends

Image from MickeyBlog.com

The 3D trend has reached its peak last 2019 and continues to grow this year. Advertising agencies and cartoon studios like Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks are taking advantage of this trend by creating informative and heart-warming animated commercials and films that appeal to the public especially to the younger generation. 

Some popular animated movies and series are Over the Moon, The Willoughbys, Coco, and Inside Out play a big role in making this graphic trend popular. With 2021 approaching, we think it’ll be a long time til’ this trend fades away. 


2. Customized Illustrations 

This trend won’t go anytime soon as they are the go-to style by creatives to generate collaterals that are unique and authentic.  If you’re looking for innovative ways to present your brand while making sure that you’re the only one using them, customized illustrations are the way to go. 


3. Gradients 

BTS Album Cover - Graphic Design Trends

Image from Big Hit Entertainment

Mixing different colors can never go out of style. This is due to the fact that gradients can catch the viewers’ attention right away it has the power to literally make anything stand out. It can be used as a photo background, logo, food packaging, website layout, even as phone wallpapers.

Popular K-pop groups like  TWICE, BLACKPINK, BIG BANG, and BTS use gradients in their album covers. Moreover, Instagram also proudly utilizes gradient colors as a part of their branding this 2020  and they even ropped Facebook Messenger with it! 


4. Trendy Typography

Typography - Graphic Design Trends

a.) Retro Style Fonts

Even though it’s 2020, retro-inspired fonts can still be seen often due to their iconic bright colors and eye-catching bold elements that can add character and life to any design. We’re pretty sure that retro style will be around for more years to come.

b.) Minimalist Fonts

Despite their easy, straightforward, and effortless design, minimalist fonts are popular amongst creatives because of its timeless design. Graphic designers took on the “Less is more” trend and started producing designs that are not as visually exuberant but still have a powerful impact on the readers. 

c.) Handwritten Fonts

Custom handwritten fonts are typically used by those who are going for a personal and friendly approach to the public. You can see these fonts used by bloggers, online shops, and illustrators. There is no doubt that this style will continue to evolve in the years to come. 

Creatives are going crazy with this trend by adding their own imaginative take to it by layering fonts, adding lines and shapes to make type-only images more appealing. It is also said that in 2021, animated typography designs will be one of the newest trendsetters. 



5. Fantasy-like Illustrations

Fantasy Illustration Graphic Design Trends

Abstract and surrealism illustrations featuring characters with uneven proportions have made their way to being one of the most used styles this year. It’s a daring style for brands that are going for an out-of-the-box approach with their marketing, but creative leaders are breaking the rules through visual metaphors to push creativity and art to the next level. 


#SashayAway: 3 Outdated Graphic Design Trends that won’t Make it in 2021 

1. One-Dimensional Designs 

Let’s admit it. If you stumble upon a website that has a dull theme, some of us would veer away from it because it’s underwhelming. Flat designs used to be a trend back when it was led by Microsoft, but the world we live in now is a highly advanced and technical generation. Nobody would pay attention to a page that lacks interaction with the viewer. 


2. Sliders 

Some critics would argue that sliders are confusing and that they slow down the site speed which has a great effect on the conversion rates. On the other hand,  some say that it has an engaging factor to the viewer and it can present all the visuals immediately. No matter which side you’re on,  the bottom line is, only a few websites use sliders these days. Don’t be surprised if you won’t see much of them in 2021. 


3. Stock Photo Overload

Stock photos aren’t that bad. High quality photos for a cheap price? This is a great option for people who are looking for ways to save money. The problem with stock photos is that it’s impersonal and it lacks connection to the readers. You might even see the same image being used by a different company! That’s why business leaders prefer hiring a photographer instead of purchasing stock photos online.


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