4 Fantastic Ways Graphic Designs Help Generate Leads

Website images are not merely there to provide a break in between texts. Instead, incorporating images the right way will help you attract and retain more visitors. Pictures and infographics are the visuals that will attract their attention first.

Therefore, if you don’t have graphics that meet industry standards, visitors will bounce out and visit a competitor’s website instead. In addition, it’s important that your creative assets are innovative and engaging. In fact, over 60% of social media users say ads feel repetitive. Therefore, graphic designs are vital to helping generate leads and shine a positive light on your brand. 

First impressions are essential for a business, and you must do it right to stay ahead of the competition. Part of the equation is using excellent graphic design to turn potential leads into loyal customers. With that, here are four ways it can help drive more visitors to your blog posts.


1. Graphics are part of the content strategy

Gone are the days when content marketing was only about blog posts. Instead, even videos, images, and podcasts are now vital in making the content plan vibrant and more engaging. 

Without question, graphics add life to your website. Putting this into perspective, you can’t produce stunning product images and enlightening infographics without the proper graphic design. 


2. Images are social media’s lifeline

Though social media is a free platform for updates and announcements, you must use it wisely to increase engagement between customers and your company. Text-only posts won’t suffice because your followers will forget it easily. In contrast, using images will improve customer recall and encapsulates the message into one frame.

A poll shows that 74 percent of social media marketers utilize images on social media posts. That leads blog links by 6 percent and videos by 14 percent. While videos are also an engaging way to capture the attention of your viewers, some social media users will refuse to watch them, especially if it is too long. Because of this, videos get the best engagement during weekends when people have more time.

However, images work better at any time because it only takes a few seconds for viewers to digest its essence. They are perfect for consumers who have short attention spans, especially during the busy work week. Given that you have only a few seconds to catch their attention, images will help prolong their stay and increase your ability to generate leads.

To quantify the effectiveness of graphics on social media, Twitter updates with images get 150 percent more retweets than those that don’t. Likewise, Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than text-only updates. Finally, Instagram’s image-driven network continues to attract more users at a frantic rate. 

3. Infographics drive up engagement rates

Instead of writing paragraphs of text, infographics achieve the same effect by rendering information into creative visuals. They are effective in relaying complex ideas and statistics in an enjoyable format.

Users spend more time dissecting the information compared to any other image. Furthermore, they share infographics three times more than any other content. More shares lead to increased attention, which can result in increased sales.

4. Graphics are integral to business-to-customer (B2C) marketing

Making your products or services look more appealing will increase the chances of sales. That’s why restaurants don’t just post images of their food without first undergoing post-production. Designers add flair to the graphic to entice more customers to buy. That said, poor graphics will instead drive customers away.

Using high-quality photos will make your products look more attractive, and a graphic designer can edit the images to make them look even more desirable.

Final words

Visual graphics help you connect with your consumers more effectively. Since you can use images in different marketing campaigns, it’s important to choose a dependable graphic designer who can develop stunning materials for your website and social media accounts.

Graphic designs that help generate leads not only build customer trust in your brand, but help save costs in the long run. 

Looking for an unlimited graphic design service to help you create engaging graphics for your brand? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. 

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