Pride Month 2022: Colorful Artwork From Our Yetis!

In light of celebrating pride month 2022, we’re giving odes to our Creative Yetis who are members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as people of color! 

We at DotYeti love highlighting our graphic designers and other teams. It’s our way of showing appreciation for the amazing work they put in day in and day out. But June merits a special dedication for our amazing Yetis.

To show our support and allyship, we’re using our platform to showcase the incredible work our designers were kind enough to share with us; along with the story behind the art. 


Love Is Blind

Eros - DotYeti - Pride Month 2022



“Eros here represents love. Since he’s wearing a blindfold, he doesn’t know whom he’ll target. But the persons that will get shot by his arrow will fall in love with each other, regardless of gender. 

This is my perspective of how love works as a Pansexual. It’s true, at what they say ‘love is blind’. Once you get hit by it, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Anonymous Yeti



Proud and Out

Can't Hide This Pride - DotYeti - Pride Month 2022

Can’t Hide This Pride


“Pride. To be proud in a society that shames you for who you choose to be and who you choose to love takes so much strength and patience; to think that in the face of prejudice and malice and a god or government that condemns you into hiding, you choose to stand in the sun. 

It is a celebration of love, unafraid, saying ‘I am who I am and I am not sorry for it.’

“This is a fight to exist. I just want to tell my fellow LGBTQ+ people that you, with all your beautiful colors, make the world radiant. So please, be strong. Be authentic. Be unapologetic. Be proud, and be you.” Anonymous Yeti


Exploring Wonders

Drifting In Wonders - DotYeti - Pride Month 2022

Drifting In Wonders


“This is my quick take on art for celebrating pride month. Being part of the community is life-changing, just like how an astronaut explores the wonders of outer space, being part of this community is almost the same thing but instead, we delve into the wonders within ourselves without discrimination

“I also support how the community is also progressive in a way that others can educate, accept and acknowledge the existence of other sexual orientations.” Bea Tendido


These artworks celebrate differences and uphold our commitment to an inclusive culture as we recognize that ultimately, we all have the freedom to love. Here, no matter how you identify, you are a member of the family and we will continue to champion togetherness.

With love, from DotYeti.



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