How Animated Explainer Videos Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategy

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Over the last few years, video production сompanies have become more and more popular, and you can easily see why. Basically, when you decide to invest in a video, you get tons of benefits that might otherwise be very difficult to achieve. Animated explainer videos, in particular, сarry even more important benefits. We are going to take a quick look at the reasons why they are so popular and why they’re the best option for your business.

1. Animated Explainers Create a Good First Impression

People prefer to watch a video before they decide to invest or not, especially when they’re buying a product. And the best choice will be the one that has a great, appealing video. Animated explainer videos or any other types of explainers will help you catch their attention and explain why you’re a good choice. The reason why they find videos so much more interesting than text is because they’re more visual and сarries a better message.

Besides, a lot of people don’t have time to read, so they may not read a long text about your business. The best option for them will be a quick, short text with a video that сan tell them everything in a few minutes.

2. Animated Explainer Videos Are Great at Simplifying Complicated Topics

People usually find it pretty hard to understand a complicated topic. If you try to explain something to them or make them understand a situation, they will most likely get lost.

Animated explainer videos are very effective at simplifying a complicated topic by showing the situation and giving an accurate explanation. They’re great at showing how something works, how a product can be used and why it’s useful, or why the new technology is useful. It’s also worth noting that animated explainers catch people’s attention and they help them understand complicated topics and make the most important points.

3. Animated Explainer Videos Are Great at Showing the Benefits

Once people are interested in your product or your services, they need to know how they’re going to benefit from using them. Animated explainers are really good at explaining how a certain product can help them, how it will improve their everyday lives, how it will solve their problems, and why it’s a good choice. They’re also helpful at explaining a product’s main features, which is always an advantage. Actually, this is another reason why people prefer to watch a video before they consider buying a product. They want to know what they’re going to get in return for their money.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Are Great at Keeping the Audience Engaged

A really good video will hold the audience’s attention throughout the duration and will make them interested in your product. Animated explainers are great in this aspect because they’re always changing, and they don’t get boring. This type of video format is full of interesting details, examples, and small stories that will catch the audience’s attention and won’t let them get bored. They’ll be able to enjoy the video and make sure they don’t miss any important information.

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5. Animated Explainer Videos Make It Easy to Make a Connection

A key point to keep in mind is that animated explainers are great at making a connection. They’re very effective at creating an emotional reaction, especially if you use the right script and stunning visuals. Animated explainers are great at showing what сan happen in a given situation and at showing why a certain thing is essential. Basically, they’re great at showing the audience what they can expect if they choose your product, making them more likely to opt for your company.

6. Animated Explainer Videos Work for Any Industry and Market

The great thing about animated explainers is that they work for any industry, without any exceptions. They’re suitable for almost any size of business, from small startups to huge corporations. In fact, this type of video format can be used for almost any kind of business, from health, technology, education, and finance to beauty and fashion, law, real estate, and more. Animated explainers will make any business benefit from their use.

Basically, when you create an explainer video, your potential customers will be able to see it no matter what country they live in, as long as there’s an internet connection. Of course, this depends on your target market. If you want to expand internationally, animated explainers are the perfect choice for you.

7. Animated Explainer Videos Can Be Used for Any Channel

There are many options in advertising and marketing, but one of the best is using different types of video and video formats. Animated explainer videos are a great choice because they can be used on every channel, from social media channels to blogs and everything in between. Basically, as long as your business has a presence online, it can benefit from animated explainers.

8. Animated Explainer Videos Are Great at Improving Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are often said to be one of the most important metrics that сan tell you whether your business is effective or not. Basically, conversion rates give you the percentage of people who decide to buy your product or service compared to the number of people who were exposed to your marketing content. It’s also worth noting that сonversion rates are way more important if you’re selling digital products and services because it’s harder to deliver them.

Animated explainer videos can help improve your conversion rates in a few ways. First of all, they can increase the number of people who decide to buy your product or service. This means that more people will buy your product or service. Second, they can help you improve the number of people who end up buying your product or service. If you have a large number of visitors who don’t buy anything, it means you have a problem with your marketing strategy. An animated explainer video or any other type of explainer can help you with this. It will help you explain your product or service in a better way and make the audience more likely to buy it.


Overall, animated explainer videos are great at explaining even the most complicated topics to your audience and making a connection with them. If you want to find out how they can help your business, you should get in touch with a video production or a graphic design company that will be able to create the video you need in the right way. You will be able to create the right video with the best possible quality and attract your audience.

If you don’t have the skill or the time to design or produce your own marketing solutions, you can outsource it to a company with the experience and dedication to do all the work for you. DotYeti has a full creative design team who can provide unlimited designs and animations for a flat monthly fee. Whenever you need branding, web design, animation, or other graphic design services, DotYeti is here to resolve all your design frustrations. Contact us today to get started!

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