How Does Unlimited Graphic Design Work?

Still don’t grasp our unlimited graphic design model? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Our unlimited graphic design model ensures you can get on-demand designs within a guaranteed turnaround time at a flat monthly fee. Here at DotYeti, we make it a point to fulfill your requests in 48 hours, no matter what design type you need. 

Marketing teams have a lot on their plate. If you don’t have the time to hire creatives or employ freelancers, this solution may be for you. 

Read more below to find out exactly what we do.


Why unlimited graphic design? 

Our unlimited graphic design system means that you can request one project after another using our platform.

You can submit a new request after the previous one has been approved. Plus, you’re entitled to request unlimited revisions on your designs.

The best part about this setup is that there are no hidden fees or extra charges. We’re upfront with our services and that’s that.

We know how difficult it is to operate a business and create your own marketing and advertising collaterals. That’s why outsourcing your creative work to design agencies is a popular solution for most marketers in 2023. 

It’s a set-and-forget system. You leave your requests to us, make minimal adjustments, and download your file when you’re ready. And then repeat. Here’s a short explainer video of our services. 

What it’s like working with designers?

Our designers are selected using a rigorous process–we only select the top 5% of artists. We try our best to be as specific, on-brand, and innovative as possible. 

Furthermore, large projects are checked by a quality assurance manager to make sure all submissions are up to standard. We even have art directors and account managers to keep tabs on all our artists. Even though we submit in 48 hours, there are several pairs of eyes that check for quality. 

Don’t worry about the time difference too. We have artists working on day and night shifts to keep your designs running smoothly–even when you’re asleep. 


How do revisions work? 

Our designers are monsters at their craft–but they’re not mind readers. Sometimes, it really does take a little tweaking to get to your perfect output. We know it takes back and forth for everyone to be happy. 

That’s we have an intuitive on-image commenting system. You can even share your concerns directly with your assigned designer on our platform.

On-image feedback tool


How do I make my subscription worth it?

To make your DotYeti experience count, make sure to get the right design tier for your business. We don’t provide all services at all price plans. 

Here are our recommendations based on your scale. 

Basic plan. Best for teams who need basic social media content, digital collaterals,  and basic print materials. This is great for brands that already have an established brand guide, and just need assistance in fulfilling some monthly content.

Premium plan. Best for marketing teams who want a brand refresh with an increased brand output for their enterprise. This is popular among brands because of its presentation designs, custom illustrations, and light photo editing. Plus, because of the increased project load, this is also great if you want a more consistent content calendar. 

Royal plan. Best for design agencies that manage a variety of clients and need to scale creative content to include motion graphics, landing page design, and animation. This is best for marketing agencies with lots of partners. 

You can check the price comparison here yourself. 

A good way to get the best bang for your buck is to get very specific with the outputs you want. For big projects, we set timelines to let you know when you can get the requests you need. 


What does a design cycle look like?

First, you submit a request in our dashboard. You add a brief project description, add your desired size, and indicate which file formats you need it in. 

DotYeti’s request dashboard

From there, the request pops up in your designer’s dashboard. They’ll acknowledge your request. They may ask you for some clarifications in case some instructions aren’t clear. Then, they’ll start the design process.

In 48 hours, you can check on the project’s progress and provide feedback on the draft. We have an on-image feedback tool to help you pinpoint exactly what elements you want to change.

DotYeti’s chat feature

Once you’ve approved the final design, you’re free to download your files. Revisions are usually done in under 24 hours, so the whole process should take less than 4 days.

Our client dashboard also has some features you might find useful. Clients can download and browse our illustration stock library. You can even generate images from our AI tool. 

Additional features in your client dashboard


What are your design services and capabilities?

We make sure the things you need make their way to you. Here’s a full list of our design services and capabilities. 

Print and merchandise design

  • Tshirt graphics
  • Stickers
  • Menu design
  • Print ads
  • Merchandise
  • Business cards
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Books and ebook covers

Presentation and template design

  • Business reports
  • Newsletters
  • E-book and white paper design (for premium/royal users only)
  • Presentation designs (for premium/royal users only)

Illustration and infographic design

  • Custom illustrations (for premium/royal users only)
  • Infographics (for premium/royal users only)

Logo and brand design

  • Branding (for premium/royal users only)
  • Logos (for premium/royal users only)
  • Icons

Animation and motion graphics design

  • Animated GIFs (for premium/royal users only)
  • Animations (for royal users only)
  • Motion graphics animations (for royal users only)

Advertisements and marketing design 

  • Static display ads
  • Flyers, posters, and banners
  • Banner ads
  • Blog banners
  • Email banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Podcast graphics
  • Event graphics
  • E-commerce graphics
  • Thumbnail images

Landing Page Design

  • Landing page design (for royal users only)

Photo and Video Editing

  • Light photo editing
  • Photo editing/retouching (for premium/royal users only)
  • Video editing (for royal users only)
View our portfolio: Our Work

Plan cancellations and policies

We’re a flexible bunch, so we do our best not to lock you in subscriptions. We know that not all businesses have the same design needs, and that’s why we provide design tiers and no minimum subscription policies. 

Don’t need a lot of marketing collaterals for a certain month? That’s fine. You can consult our account managers and pause your subscription.  

We also have a 14-day money-back guarantee feature. You won’t have to risk your resources if our services aren’t right for you. 

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If you’re looking to grow this year, you can count on our team to deliver. Book a demo with us to learn more about DotYeti.

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