3 Steps to Boost Your Online Presence

A strong online presence is key towards a thriving business or even career. Not to mention, having a strong personal brand and successfully boosting it online is crucial to finding new work opportunities.

You probably know by now that the design industry is a fast-moving, competitive field. In a world where a bit of online buzz can make or break your career, owning your digital footprint is now more important than ever. Whether you’re a freelance or full-time designer.

That’s why it’s crucial to boost your online presence. It’s necessary to find new work opportunities and tell your brand story to potential employers. Let’s not forget—it helps you stand out in a sea of design talent.

So, how do you curate, maximize, and boost your online presence to get noticed? How do you make a strong first impression as a designer looking for new opportunities?

To help set your career up for success, we’re sharing three fundamental steps to building a strong personal brand online. And it all starts with investing in a personalized domain name. Here’s how to put your best foot forward, land more of the work you love, and show the world how awesome and professional you are:

1. Invest in a personalized domain name

We live in a digital age where the things we share online are never permanently deleted. Trust us—we have the research to prove it. That’s why investing in a personalized domain name is critical to owning the search results that come up on Google. It’s the very first step to boost your online presence.



Remember, potential clients and employers will do their research. Take control of your hiring destiny by pointing hiring managers to exactly what you want them to see. This way, you can be confident you’re always putting your best (virtual) foot forward.

A personalized domain that links to your professional website will enable you to own the results that come up when anyone searches your name.

It helps you build credibility and trust. Plus, it shows prospective clients and employers that you’re serious about your career. Since you’ve invested in building your professional brand.

Now that you’ve got your domain name locked down, it’s time to build and connect it to a personal website.

2. Build a personal website

While social media is great for sharing work, it’s best to create a central hub for all of your information. Here’s why:

Hiring managers and clients require you to look through piles of designer profiles. The last they want to do is scour the web trying to piece together who you are. In fact, hiring managers will likely eliminate you from consideration if the information they’re looking for isn’t easy to find. Show them a good experience by making your professional profile readily available and accessible through your personal domain name.

The good news is, creating a website is easier than ever these days. There are plenty of simple CMS builders you can use like Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and more. For an even quicker solution, you can also connect your domain to your existing Dribbble Playbook like designer superstar Julien Clauzier did here.


3. Tell your brand story

Now, it’s time to use your personal website to tell your brand story. This is your opportunity to communicate exactly what you want to prospective clients and employers while giving them a full picture of who you are as a designer. While setting up your domain name and website are the primary steps to boost your online presence, keeping a consistent stream of content is necessary to keep the fire going. Here are a few essential talking points you’ll want to include on your website:

  • Your ‘About’ section: Who are you and what’s your unique perspective?
  • What services do you offer? What do you specialize in?
  • Which kinds of clients or teams have you worked with in the past?
  • Include feedback and recommendations from past clients.
  • Include links to all your relevant social profiles (Dribbble, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Display your best work: Especially the kinds of projects you want to get hired for.

We can’t stress this enough: Telling your brand story is so crucial to making a strong, memorable first impression—so make sure you take the time to carefully craft and display this information on your website.

Having affiliate links is also a great way to spread the word about your business while doing the same for them. Consider becoming DotYeti’s affiliate today.


DotYeti.com wants you to thrive in your career, and the first step is taking control of your digital footprint. Boost your online presence with a memorable visual design for your brand. The good news is you don’t need to be a designer or go through the tedious process of hiring and maintaining a full-time designer.

DotYeti.com helps with design and branding for your professional online branding that brings results! On-demand design, only when you need it. You can engage or cancel, anytime. See for yourself how DotYeti.com works!

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