Designer Tips On How To Effectively Evolve Your Logo

Even iconic logos need to be refreshed once in a while. You can’t make money forever using the same old tricks and strategies. That’s why companies tend to invest a lot in their logo evolution process. 

Not only does it update their look, but it also allows them to explore their brand as the business grows and changes. This challenges brands to innovate in order to connect with a new generation of customers. 

Here are some designer-approved tips to effectively evolve your brand. 

Logo Evolution vs Logo Makeover

Before you even get started on the logo, you’ve got to figure out how big of a change you want to have. Some companies are lucky and get iconic logos from the get-go. Think Sprite or Nike. 

For the past decades, these brands relied on a simple logo refresh to capture the hearts of a new generation. That means tweaking their typography slightly or shedding off a few elements without taking too much from their original design. 

On the other hand, brands like Olive Garden, Uber, and Airbnb underwent major logo changes to reflect their new brand identity. These involve a complete makeover of their current visual identity–colors, types, and elements are pulled apart and made new. Just take a quick look at their transformations. 

So, before you start strategizing your logo evolution journey, you want to assess whether a logo refresh is sufficient to address your needs. This will make the process infinitely easier for you.   

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Signs You Need To Change Your Logo

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to check if your brand needs some updating. Here are just some examples.

  • Are you planning to appeal to a new audience? Consumers are different every generation–and GenZ isn’t quick to let things slide easily. You want a striking logo that can encapsulate your mission and values. One that can connect emotionally with a more conscious audience. 
  • Is your brand still competitive in the industry? Industry standards can change easily. What works today may not be the best decision moving forward. You want to be an industry leader–not a business that lags behind. 
  • Does your brand match the services you offer? As a business grows and develops, you may start to expand your services. Whether it’s putting up a location in another country or shifting your focus to another product or service, you have to ensure that your logo matches your current list of solutions. 
  • Is your logo still relevant and modern? If you want to be an iconic brand in the industry, always strike while the iron’s hot. Don’t wait until your logo has aged out of the new generations. Form your strategies today to be able to keep up with the trends of the next decade or two. 
  • Did your brand go through a merger and acquisition? A lot of things can happen during a merger. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to tweak your logo to distinguish it or conform to your new business model. Whatever it is, a change is needed to mark the change. 

Different companies have different reasons on why they changed their logo. Figuring out your key reason for change will help you determine what kind of details you need to change in your logo evolution. 


The Essential Logo Evolution Checklist

Whether it’s your first logo redesign or your seventh, you’ve got to be on your toes because it doesn’t get easier. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you need to pay attention to during the process. 

Do your research

Research and planning are crucial elements of successful logo evolution. To gather inspiration, designers can look at industry trends, competitors’ logos, and feedback from customers and stakeholders. Whatever it is–don’t lag behind future trends! Be a leader.

Decide on a color story

Old brands who have been in the business for 50 years or more can find it a bit harder to let go of their original color palette. Thankfully, that’s not the same case with younger brands. Most of them have the leeway to really change up their color palette–which makes it a great opportunity for them to explore unique color combinations to set them apart from the competition. 

Work on your logo format

Arguably one of the most important factors in logo design is the logo format. Now, you’ve got several options here that would really make or break your branding. Here are just some logo formats you might want to check out. 

  • Abstract logo: Logos that only use symbols. Think Twitter, WWF, and Nike.
  • Wordmark: Custom font logo that features the business name. Think Netflix, FedEx, and Wix.
  • Combination logos: Logos that combine type and other abstract elements. Think Burger King, Taco Bell, and BMW.

Don’t forget your type

Even big companies sometimes feel the need to upgrade their current typeface. Albeit, most just choose a similar-looking typeface with a subtle yet elegant change. Typefaces can change the overall look of your logo, so make sure you pay attention to get what you really want. 

Consider removing elements

Most logos today have been redesigned to keep a minimalist yet adaptable look in mind. You might want to think twice before adding unnecessary shadows or elements that make the logo design feel cluttered and messy. 

Instead, focus on how you can tighten the visual story between all your crucial logo elements. 

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What To Avoid When During Your Logo Evolution Process

Business owners need to consider the budget and timeline of their logo evolution projects. Here are some common rookie mistakes business owners make when they go through the redesign process. 

Not being meticulous

Logo evolutions are all about detail. Whether it’s a simple logo refresh or a complete logo redesign, you have to be picky with the final result. 

When designing the new logo, it is important to update it to reflect the brand’s evolution, keep the design simple and timeless, and choose a color palette and typography that align with the brand’s new direction. 

Getting carried away by trends

Do you want something timeless that can last for decades or a trendy design that will spark interest but fade over time? Do yourself a favor and keep the microtrends away from your brand. 

Unless you put in a lot of time and effort to think of a creative and stylish logo, we suggest going for an evergreen design that you can tweak to fit your packaging, social media assets, and digital collateral needs.

Booking the wrong service

Another rookie mistake is investing in the wrong service. Admittedly, entrepreneurs have a lot of design alternatives to work with compared to before. 

For one, there are plenty of free tools that can get you AI-generated logos, but those can feel templated and mass-produced. You can also enlist the help of freelancers to give your logo a significant design change. For advanced businesses that have a sizable budget to work with, you can even work with branding agencies to get that professional look. 

However, if want a budget-friendly, you might want to consider unlimited graphic design services. Aside from logo and branding, solutions also offer social media posts and website landing page designs, which make it a perfect fit for small businesses. 

AI-generated logos by LogoAI

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