How To Get The Best Quality Graphic Designs from Designers

Are you having a hard time working with graphic designers? Maybe we can help. 

There can be plenty of reasons why you’re not getting top-notch designs. Vague instructions, too many revisions, and a mismatch in work ethic are just a few reasons.  

When it comes to graphic design collaboration, we know it can be hard to express what you need, especially when you don’t speak an artist’s language. It becomes more of a struggle when you have language and time barriers with your artist. 

We’ve been in the same boat, so we know how to make your voice heard. Make design requests easy-peasy with these expert tips. 


Get comfortable with the process

The key to streamlining graphic design workflow is knowing how things work. Whether you’re working with a freelancer or partnering up with a design agency, you’ve got to know how they run their business. 

Each artist is different–but make sure you get familiarized with where they accept design requests, what their turnover periods are, and their revision policies. Make sure you get acquainted with their protocols to make sure you don’t cross any lines. 

working with graphic designers

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Don’t rush the artists

Designers love getting instructions and feedback, but it’s a different story if you’re constantly egging them on for an update. Being too assertive to get a revision done doesn’t help either. Once you and your graphic designer have set a deadline, do everything you can to stick to that.  

Working with graphic designers means you trust them and how they handle their time. 


Give specific and actionable feedback

Design revisions are a pretty precarious stage for both parties. Usually, this is where things go south. Specific feedback allows designers to understand and process your desired outcome more quickly. Plus, you won’t have to explain multiple times to get to the final output you want.

It can be something as simple as changing colors, adding a bit of texture or shadow, or adjusting the size of an element. Whatever it is, don’t leave the designer hanging and experimenting just so you can figure out what works best. working with graphic designers

Giving graphic design feedback is all about accurately describing an idea in your head.  


Offer decisive instructions

The key to a successful design request doesn’t start at the revision stage. It starts way earlier when you’ve just started offering instructions. Try to be as specific as possible when asking for what you want. Also, avoid giving conflicting requests. 

When you say you want something like a minimalist logo but request more design elements, that can be a bit tricky to pull off. Try to find a good way to discern when you need their design input versus when you want them to pull off a specific vision. 


Trust them more

Think you know everything about your brand? Think again. Designers will sometimes offer their piece of mind when a design direction is starting to look a little unclear. 

Try to hear them out and be open to hearing their side. They’ve worked with various brands and business owners before, so they have a pretty good idea of what they’re talking about. Who knows? This might benefit your visual identity in the long run. 


Give reasonable requests

When you’re working with graphic designers, it’s likely that you’re not their only client. That’s why it can take half a day or more to fulfill a small revision–they’re spending their time on themselves or something else. 

working with graphic designers

At the same time, always be careful about the amount of work you’re requesting for one design team. You might be dumping a ton of work projects in only a short time span–and that can be unsustainable for your team.  


Graphic design team management isn’t the easiest, but there are definitely ways you can work together to deliver amazing results. When you’re involved in a graphic design partnership, you would want to foster a solid work relationship with your artists.  

After all, creativity shines the best when it comes from joy. You want to keep your graphic design team happy…so they can make unique and attention-grabbing designsAt DotYeti, our account managers strive to provide the best experience. You can book a demo with us and learn more about how we take care of our clients and artists. 

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