Smart Ideas for Improving the Attention-grab of Your Social Media Visual Content

You hear a lot about how important visual content is, but what is it exactly? It’s basically anything that gives its message and information via pictures, videos, and other illustrations.

People have been using visuals as a way of communicating since the dawn of time. From cave paintings to today’s digital images, visuals just prove to be important to our everyday lives. This is because of the simple fact that we are visual learners. With visual content being the quickest way for our brain to consume content, it’s 60,000 times faster compared to text.

Visual Content in Social Media

Social media plays one of the biggest parts in digital marketing. Its population consists of 1/3 of the whole world’s population and it only continues to grow. With the majority of brands using it to promote their own goods and services, it just gets harder and harder to capture the audience’s attention. This is why eye-catching visuals are important to gain more attention and get them to understand your brand’s message in one glance.


Why Visual Content?

Visual Content allows you to tell a story and reach your audience quickly in a way that text is unable to. This is why logo design is so important. Whether your goal is to make your customers entertained or informed, it should be able to touch a part of your audience’s mind to make it memorable.

While your brand can already have amazing graphics, there are still ways to develop it and make it better. Let’s now talk about what you can do to increase your viewers’ visual experience.

How you set up your brand’s visual content makes a difference. Source: Freepik.


1. Be Consistent

You first have to check if your visual content is related to what your brand wants to say and what it’s all about. It may start with finding out what your brand’s defining element is or creating one. This may be in the form of a color palette, a certain font, or a type of imagery.

Our client Sprinto World is able to execute this with their Instagram feed taking consistency to the next level with every post interconnected to one another creating a very pleasing visual experience. It may take a bit more effort but it pays off as people are instantly attracted by your page and see your brand in a more legitimate manner.

Stunning banner for Sprinto World showcasing their stylish yet function-forward eyewear. Designed by one of our Creative Yetis.

When it comes to influencers, we have Casey McPerry who tells his travel adventures with all the photos interlinked to one another which creates a one-of-a-kind look. Though it takes effort, it does pay off as brands will see your efforts and be more open towards collaborating with someone who puts in the work.

There’s Jollibee with its consistent use of red through all of its posts that entice you and reminds you immediately of the Jollibee experience. Their use of red doesn’t fill up the whole photo but it does relate all the photos together and is combined by their different meals. The color red then, therefore, reminds you of their food and this association can easily help their brand when people are thinking of their next meal.

Another factor to think about is the vibe your visuals create should be in line with your brand. For example, Ever Bilena is a youthful makeup brand so it makes use of photos that are very youthful. The colors they also use are reminiscent of their famous lip products. Altogether, it creates an eye-catching and appealing experience for its viewers. It’s also vital to make sure that it looks great among different devices.

There are recommended standards for every platform. Keep these in mind to give your users better views and gain more audience.


2. Be Engaging

Your visuals are there to support your content to get your audience to understand it better. This is why your visuals should be relevant and completely connected with its caption. Your audience will be able to get your brand’s message easily with no confusion.

Sprinto is able to highlight this with a combination of both an influencer and the product. This is able to boost the brand creating a feeling of aspiration for its viewers and the caption leading you immediately to what he’s wearing. You can access the item and know where to purchase so there’s no effort for the consumer to buy the item.

Be engaging. Source: Plains and Prints Instagram.

As you can see with Plains and Prints’ Instagram post, its caption immediately goes into the collection and a catchy description. It perfectly suits the summer theme that accompanies it and easily gets the message across to any viewer.



3. Audience support

The best way to build trust for new and potential customers is from fellow customers themselves. These people have tried and tested your product and service and have trusted it. A recent study shows that more than half of millennials are influenced by user-generated content. By taking advantage of your customer’s content, you’ll be able to gain more trust and extend your reach.

People will view you to be authentic and credible. A lot of brands just create this reposting strategy which is great for your overall online marketing. With the photography competition of Ramen Kuroda, they were able to gain so many entries to use for their own page. You are enticed by how good the food looks knowing that’s really how it came because the photos came from actual customers of the restaurant.

It is a smart strategy that has a little cost but so much to gain. It may be hard to think of a strategy if you’re offering services but here is a pro tip from our own account. Engage with them through something fun and you’re all involved in. In this case, we work with all the fun holidays as you are able to let them get a fact of the day while offering other activities to truly engage. It’s a small but great gesture of getting your brand remembered.


4. Trust the Data

Your data is your best friend. It can provide you so many insights that will be able to save you a lot of time and effort. You can create the best and most shareable visual content just by studying your current statistics. Which type works the most? Is it the photo, video, or link? Which types of content get the most attention? The entertaining or the informative?

These are all information you can obtain with proper data collection. You will also see which of your posts has the best performance. You can know that topic they want to hear more about. From there you can also know what type of people your audience is and create a better image of them. You can then churn out relevant content backed up by data so you can easily meet your goals.

Trust the data. Source: Freepik.


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