Graphic Design Checklist for iGaming Companies

When it comes to game development, the graphics tell a huge chunk of the story. If you want to succeed in your iGaming business, then investing in a solid visual team is a must.

After all, good visuals will make the best first impression. In a sea of other indie gaming companies trying to make it, your unique brand story will have to cut through the clutter. Here’s how you can make sure you stick. 

This graphic design checklist is your must-have guide to invigorate your brand identity. Get the yummiest designs out and delivered them to your niche audience.

Why you need this checklist

When there’s a lot of competition, there’s a lot more pressure to succeed. A checklist allows you to on your business, while someone else takes on the heavy design challenge. Skip the alignment meetings and get straight into your design vision without wasting time or resources.

  • Unbottleneck design work with clear-cut instructions
  • Optimize the design cycle with accurate design outputs
  • Make sure different departments are on the same timeline
  • Plan ahead campaigns with on-spot executions

Checklists aren’t only for keeping everyone aligned, it’s also an anchor to keep you focused on your goals. Igaming companies need an authentic brand message to get noticed by the gaming community. When your passion for gaming shines through your work, you’ll attract a loyal client base. 

Steps to prepare your checklist 

Checklists can be as detailed or as simple as you want. If you are a beginner at spearheading graphic design projects, here are a few key elements you shouldn’t miss. 

  • Igaming brand book and style guide
  • Marketing campaign goals and objectives
  • Growth calendars and social media campaign planner
  • Key metrics and performance indicators

It’s rare to go through a full project cycle without a few hiccups. Even the most meticulously planned projects can encounter internal problems. But with these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to pivot with ease and scale your projects depending on any situation.  

10 Content Ideas for iGaming Companies

iGaming companies are in the business of providing online gaming experiences that are visually stunning, immersive, and engaging. To achieve this, they often rely on the expertise of graphic design firms to create captivating and memorable visual designs for their products.

Graphic designers play a key role in shaping the user experience of iGaming products. Whether it’s through their striking visual ads or artful illustrations, they are responsible for carrying your brand image. 

1. Branding and identity design


DotYeti Branding Project

To thrive in the cutthroat online gaming industry, iGaming companies must have a memorable and original brand that sets them apart from the rest. A one-of-a-kind logo, color palette, and overall visual identity that resonates with your desired audience can make you stand out in the crowd.

2. Website and landing page design

The website and mobile app are the primary touchpoints for users of iGaming products. A visually appealing and user-friendly website enhances the user experience and encourages engagement.

Apart from that, landing pages are the first impression that users have of iGaming products. A graphic design firm can design landing pages that are visually striking, informative, and easy to navigate.

3. Custom illustrations

iGaming products are known for their captivating graphics and animations that pull users in and keep them hooked. With unique illustrations and animations, you can enhance the overall experience of the game or product. Plus, you can better help users to grasp and connect with the gameplay in a more engaging way.

4. Icon design 

DotYeti Web Icon Project

Icons play a crucial role in the user interface of iGaming products. To ensure consistency with the overall brand and improve the user experience, make sure to ask for personalized icons that blend well with the game or product’s visual identity.

5. Animation and motion graphics

DotYeti Animation Ad Project

Motion graphics can add a whole new level of immersion and excitement to gaming products. Micro animations and even animation reels can enhance not only the gameplay but also the overall user experience. It’s wise to invest in these simple details that can tie into the whole visual story. 

6. Social media posts

iGaming companies should make sure to have a strong presence on social media to connect with and captivate their target market. Create graphics, images, and video content that are tailored to each social media platform by tapping into graphic artists and trendy content creation teams.

7. Handbook and presentation design

DotYeti Company Report Project

Internal communication handbooks are one of the most underrated design requests that companies make. When it comes to training and supporting your staff members, you want to make sure they are equipped to succeed in their roles. That’s where presentation design and other documentation templates come in. 

Most likely, your people need guidance from various handbooks, style guides, and onboarding presentations.  

8. Marketing and promotional materials

In order to gain and keep customers, iGaming companies have to advertise their products. You can do this by requesting digital ads for social media and email marketing materials. However, you can also go the other route and ask for banners, brochures, and print materials in case you want to appear at a gaming convention. 

9. UI and UX design

Good design thinking puts the user first. Succeeding in the iGaming niche requires an excellent grasp of user interface and experience. This alone will keep users engaged and returning. The key is to track the changing preferences of the customer and to capture the most intuitive and engaging design possible. 

10. Business cards and company merchandise


DotYeti Company Documentation Project

Finally, iGaming companies need to make their mark in the industry. To do that, you need to build rapport with other big names. Spread the word of your existence with an eye-catching business card and some jazzy company merchandise. 

The possibilities are endless, and it all comes down to creating visually stunning and engaging experiences that keep users coming back for more.

The world of iGaming is all about creating visually stunning and engaging experiences that keep users coming back for more. And graphic designers are at the forefront of this effort, helping to bring these experiences to life through their unique and creative designs

These design capabilities are all available with DotYeti’s scalable graphic design service. We employ a team of expert designers to offer unlimited design requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee. 

See More: DotYeti’s 2023 Portfolio Showreel

Share your story with us so we can create a customized plan just for you.

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