[INFOGRAPHIC] Best Colors for Digital Marketing

Knowing the best colors for digital marketing is a no-brainer for any marketer. Color psychology is a powerful tool used not only by graphic designers, but also by marketing strategists.

As consumers, we are powerfully affected by what we see. You’ll notice your campaign results take off if you pick and blend the right colors for your designs. That’s because different colors evoke different emotions. They can encourage us to purchase more, think deeper about our values, and evaluate our relationship with certain brands. 

Have you ever wondered why fast food companies use a lot of red in their branding and restaurant design? That’s because red evokes excitement and hunger. 

Or why a lot of technology firms rely on blue? Blue evokes trust, security, and reliability. So customers feel like they can trust these brands to safely handle their information. 

Meanwhile, the close association between environmentally conscious brands and the color green is a clear one.

And orange is an interesting color. It blends the happiness of yellow with the energy of red. Brands who want to portray an invigorating, unique image use this often. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to color psychology.

You should have a color palette that defines your brand. It should effectively convey the vision or feeling you’d like your customers to associate with your product or lifestyle.

With this handy infographic, you can grasp the basic of color psychology. You can also take advantage of the statistical information of what works for most business. Through this, you can find the best colors for digital marketing that works for your brand.

Applying this in your strategy doesn’t mean you won’t stand out. There are many ways to be creative even with the most ‘overused’ colors!

color psychology infographic

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