[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing has skyrocketed in 2021. And there are now 4.14 billion active social media users and social ad impressions are up 20% year on year.

Those numbers aren’t coming down anytime soon. 

Effective Social Media Tips

The online world is booming and every business should recognize the value of social media platforms. Especially in terms of increasing brand awareness and getting new customers. That’s because a few of the most appealing aspects of this strategy is its wide reach.

You can’t deny that social media marketing and ad campaigns are now an important part of any company’s marketing efforts. 

Here, images can be easily shared; making awareness and brand visibility a lot more digestible. Marketers also measure and engage customer sentiment, which makes it easier to adjust their strategies accordingly. And lastly, they turn data into assets that can push the company forward. Digital marketing leveled up when marketers harnessed the power of social media.

So how do you make people notice your ad in the sea of content? How do you make sure that the right target audience sees it?

Ultimately, forward-thinking marketing, sales, and product teams realized that they now have valuable access to insights into consumer search behavior. It’s no longer enough to make your graphic eye-catching. You have to truly understand the most effective ad anatomy for social media. 

And remember that it’s a whole other ball game now in the digital space. Traditional marketing channels—billboards and posters—may not be the optimized design when dealing with a touch-and-go online world.

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