[Instagram] Must Know Social Media Advertising Facts in 2024

If you didn’t know already, there are about two million advertisers who are taking advantage of social media advertising on Instagram. But what does that have to you with you as a business owner and marketer? The answer is simple: higher audience reach and more conversion. 

A study by Hootsuite shows that Instagram is the sixth-most visited website. In the beginning of 2022, Instagram had over one billion monthly users. They spend a minimum of 30 minutes browsing on Instagram alone.

Some users use the platform to communicate with distant relatives and friends, while others (90% of them to be exact) say that they discover a variety of products and services just by watching ads alone. 


Why should you advertise on Instagram?  

[Instagram] Social Media Advertising 2021 - DY Blog

Instagram is most popular with the millennial generation. Millennials are a consumer force poised to reshape the economy; if you want your business to go far, it’s best to get their attention more than any generation. Although, if they are not your primary target, there is also a good amount of Generation Z and Gen Xers who also use the platform. 

To get an idea of who your audience will be on Instagram, here are the demographics of Instagram users in the United States alone: 

  • 75% of Instagram users are 18-24 years old 
  • 57% of Instagram users are 25-30 years old 
  • 47% of Instagram users are 30–49 years old
  • 23% of Instagram users are 50–64 years old  
  • 8% of Instagram users are 65 years old and above


Despite having the largest Instagram audience, the Unites States population is only 12% of Instagram’s daily users—88% of them are found outside of the United States. The next leading countries are:

  • India – 120 million active users
  • Brazil – 95 million active users
  • Indonesia – 78 million active users
  • Russia – 54 million active users


Another reason you should consider social media advertising on Instagram is that it has a variety of trending topics which makes almost any industry blend in seamlessly. A survey by Facebook said that 11,000 young adults (13 to 24) across 13 markets found out that the most popular topics on Instagram are: Food, Beauty, TV or Films, Fashion, Music, and Leisure Activities. 

To tie this all up, social media advertising on Instagram will only continue to become more important in 2024. Furthermore, Instagram also said that 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after they’ve seen their ad on the platform. This makes Instagram social media advertising an essential tool for any marketer. 


3 Types of Instagram Social Media Advertisements:

[Instagram] Social Media Advertising 2021 - DY Blog

When the advertisements are correctly targeted, backed up by statistics, and visually appealing, there is no doubt that they will be effective in connecting and convertive potential customers.


1. Instagram Photo Ads 

Have you ever heard of the term “Instagram worthy pictures” before? What about the question “Is this picture Instagram worthy? Will it work well in my feed?” from a family member or a friend? Maybe we have at least once in our life. 

Instagram is a highly visual platform. In order to get the attention of your audience, you need high-quality images that are supported by a strong brand message in order for your ad to be successful in converting leads into customers.

The strategy you should focus on is hashtags, eye-catching visuals, and your brand’s voice. Take note that it takes time to organically succeed on Instagram, but the results are worth your time and effort.


2. Instagram IGTV Ads 

IGTV is an exclusive feature for sharing long-form videos on Instagram. The average time limit for feed videos is 60 seconds. But with IGTV social media advertisements, you wouldn’t have to be pressured to create an ad that is only a minute long. IGTV allows users to upload a video 60 minutes long (if you’re using a verified account) or 10 minutes long if you’re using your mobile to tell your brand’s story. 

Here are a few ideas you can use when advertising in IGTV

  • Create a video series
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Behind the scene footage 
  • Interviews with celebrities, influencers, or business owners
  • Live stream a trending event



3. Instagram Story Ads 

The great thing about Instagram Stories ads is that they are extremely versatile. Social media advertising looks similar to regular Instagram stories you would see amongst the people you follow. Their ability to blend in organically makes Instagram users generally more open to advertising compared to other platforms. 

Users can use photos or videos up to 120 seconds long to tell their stories on Instagram. Just make sure that you follow the suggested sizes to produce industry-quality content:


Image ads

  • Recommended resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Maintain a resolution not less than 600 X 1067 pixels
  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16
  • Always use either JPG or PNG format
  • The maximum size is 30MB

Video Ads

  • Recommended resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Maintain a resolution not less than 720p
  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16
  • Use either MP4 or MOV format
  • The maximum size is 4GB


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