LG’s new logo will smile at you

The Korean lifestyle brand adds an animated and expressive dimension to its iconic logomark. 

Don’t be surprised if the LG new logo winks back at you. 

A more dynamic LG

Say hello to the new LG, literally. The company is debuting an updated animated version of its logo that can interact with its customers. 

At first look, it just seems like the same logo—with a brighter background and a flatter, 2D look. But don’t look down on the LG new logo, because it’s in the animations where the rebrand truly shines.

According to the brand, the new logo can do eight types of movement, including the ability to nod, spin, and even wink. These new functionalities can greet customers with a smile and even jive along to music when it’s presented on a digital platform. 

It’s part of their new initiative to connect and engage with a younger market. 

With this, they’ve also chosen to upgrade their branding direction–adding a new typeface for their Life’s Good brand slogan.

In a company memo, LG reaffirms its commitment to ‘Uncompromising Customer Experience,’ ‘Human-centered Innovation’ and ‘Warmth to Power a Smile.’  

Their solution? A new logo that we think perfectly captures the young and vibrant branding the company is going for. 

Apart from that, the Korean corporation also reveals that it will use a secondary color–the LG Active Red–in more packaging and communication efforts. 

LG new logo

Bouncing logo courtesy of LG

In a statement, CEO William Cho said, “Implementing the new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers transcending generations and locations.”  

We’re always down to see corporations add small tweaks to their logos. And we think this one’s ingenious for the logo’s interactivity and friendliness. 

Do you love the dynamic LG new logo? 


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