The Smartest Ways To Use Motion Graphics in Your Ad Campaign

Motion graphics is a powerful tool for creating engaging and visually appealing content. Use them right and you’ll be able to amp up the storytelling in any ad campaign. As far as marketing goes, illustrated movements can help keep your audiences glued to their screen. And if you want your brand to make it far and wide, making a motion graphics ad is the way to go. 

It’s also a refreshing break from live video campaigns shot with real people. There’s a certain elegance and playfulness that can come with using motion graphics commercially. 

If you want to use motion graphics for your ad campaign and don’t know how…then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the smartest ways to use moving pictures in your next marketing strategy.  


1. Highlight your target market

If you’re a ubiquitous brand like Coca-Cola, motion graphics are the perfect option for you. The product is easily accessible and known to almost anyone around the globe. That’s why it works for this ad to highlight the different kinds of people (or otherwise) drinking fresh Coca-Cola. The retro illustrations and simple color palette also give this brilliant ad a retro feel–perfect for the brand’s identity. 


2. Introduce something new

One of the most effective ways to use motion graphics in an ad campaign is to introduce a new product or service. By creating a visual representation of the product or service, you can help potential customers understand what it is and how it works. In this case, you’ll get an introduction to the world of Dots & Co, a mobile app that lets you connect the dots to win. You’re also immersed in different worlds and get a feel of the game’s graphics. 


3. Make information interesting

Sure, you can write a blog post or share a social media post announcing your company’s policies. But wouldn’t it be so much better to present some information using motion graphics? American Express sure gets the assignment. This informative video about their updated credit card policies hits all the marks to keep audiences entertained. With quirky 3D graphics and a cheeky copy, it makes an otherwise simple credit card video worth watching. 


4. Sell an experience 

Motion graphics are often used to create a dynamic ad campaign. Add that with a snappy narration, and you’re set to create an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer. This can be achieved through the use of animations, panning shots, and other visual effects that create the impression of motion and speed. This Porsche ad follows these principles religiously and allows the viewer to imagine a world where their dreams can come true. Add inspirational music and some wide shots and you’re ready to sell some dreams. 


5. Aid brand storytelling

In addition to helping to convey information, motion graphics can also be used to enhance the emotional impact of an ad. By using visual elements such as color, lighting, and composition, you can create a mood or atmosphere that resonates with your audience. Take this TOMS campaign, for instance, it explains the brand’s humble origins as well as its mission for sustainability. With its impactful storytelling, viewers will find this brand story inspiring and heartwarming.  


6. Tell universal stories

Finally, motion graphics can be used to improve the storytelling of an ad. By using visual elements such as character animation, transitions, and special effects, you can create a more engaging and compelling narrative. This can be especially effective when used in conjunction with voiceovers or other audio elements, as it can help to create a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.


7. Make a showreel

Finally, you can show off your portfolio of works using a motion graphics reel. This is a great option if you’re trying to promote a new service and want to let your audience know about your past works. It’s a quick and efficient way that lets you convey a lot of information in a short period of time.


Motion graphics are a complex but effective way for you to achieve your marketing goals. Though most video campaigns are short, they are often packed with information and take lots of time and technique to perfect. It’s definitely not a recommended marketing strategy for everyone. But, if you can tailor it to your brand and your goals, you’ll be able to make a big impact in a few seconds. 

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