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We have big news! DotYeti will be launching its first ever podcast in 2022: The Creative Entrepreneurs Podcast

Apart from offering unlimited graphic design, DotYeti has always been committed to nurturing graphic designers and other creatives in the industry. This is usually in the form of informative content that comes directly from our esteemed designers and art directors.

Aspiring designers keen on professional growth can find most of these resources through our blog content and social media channels.

But why stop there? 

We recently launched our first ever web design course for deaf people on DotYeti Academy and a free illustration library for marketers and designers. The online course gives deaf web design students the tools and knowledge to succeed in the industry. While the illustration library is an incredible asset that enables you to immediately level up your marketing graphics with professionally-created designs. 

We’re committed to building an enriched community for creatives who want to use their skills as a working professional. And although we’re still in the process of growing our academy and illustration library, we decided to pursue another passion project: 

A podcast featuring some of the most successful entrepreneurs and creative professionals today!


The Podcast for Entrepreneurs in Creative Industries



Creative entrepreneurs” can mean a lot of things. Is it a podcast about how entrepreneurs in different fields use creativity for success? Or perhaps it’s a show about entrepreneurs in the creative arts? 

But honestly, why not both? There’s creativity in every field. Not just those that hold an actual or digital paintbrush. And this podcast will cover them all. Our podcast host and guests will chat about creative strategies, best communication practices, and entrepreneurship stories.

Check out the first line-up of guests to see for yourself!


Featured Guests

Vanessa Castillo


Vanessa Castillo is a visual communications strategist and a business coach who founded the VCV Agency. Her company specializes in digital storytelling and content marketing to boost her clients’ online presence.

Before she launched VCV Agency, which stands for “Various Creative Visionaries,” she started off as a passionate photographer eyeing a career in photojournalism. Ultimately, her extensive experience in creative production inspired her to launch her own agency. As a creative professional, she knows the ins and outs of the production process. This enables her to bring transparency to conversations with clients. In addition, she is deeply familiar with what makes a design attention grabbing.

As a branding and mindset coach, she’ll also be sharing her lessons on building a creative business from scratch. In addition, she will be chatting about her experience as a budding entrepreneur. 


Jonathan Sokol


Jonathan Sokol is the founder of Mint Media, a web and app design & development agency. He also founded My Local Motion, a marketing technology company.

He’s a tech enthusiast with a passion for digital marketing and sales. His work in both companies has allowed him to elevate the online presence of multiple startups and enterprises across North America. He is constantly striving to bridge the gap between brands and their target audiences through effective marketing. 

On the show, he’ll be expressing what it’s like to run two companies at a young age. Furthermore, he will share his career advice for those interested in pursuing a more technological approach to marketing.


Got a story to tell?


If you’re an entrepreneur, a founder, a marketer or a creative professional then we’d be thrilled to have you on our podcast. Use this platform to share your startup stories, creative marketing techniques or forecast the latest design trends. We’re positive that you have something useful to share with our worldwide audience, and we would love to pick your brains!

👉 Sign up for the Creative Entrepreneurs Podcast now!

Simply send an email to [email protected] and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for our podcast. We’d also appreciate a link to your product or website so we can also learn more about your background.


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