Learning from the Growth Yetis: Multiculturalism

In this blog, we’ll be exploring how multiculturalism has contributed to DotYeti’s growth as a company.


Team Spotlight: Multiculturalism in the Growth Team-DY Blog


Introducing DotYeti’s Growth Team

DotYeti’s Growth Team is in charge of expanding the company’s clientele and global presence. They build relationships with businesses in various industries and tap into different markets around the world.

With members originating from and living in, different countries, they have built and maintained a strong remote working culture. To get to know them better, here’s a little background on each one of them:


Say hello to Greg Benjamins, our Co-Founder and Head of Growth! He’s Dutch, Indonesian, and Swiss and currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. He’s been instrumental in establishing (and designing) our new Thailand hub.


Our Growth Director is Jeri Littlefair. She’s half Thai and half British, and currently resides in Strasbourg, France where she’s also picking up the language.


Our Sales Director is Steven Van Dijk. He’s Dutch and lives in a stylish apartment in the Netherlands, full of mementos from his world travels. 


Our newly appointed Head of Strategic Partnerships is Jug Vajarodaya. She’s Thai and lives on an idyllic island in the Gulf of Thailand as a true digital nomad.


Last but not least, Sander Bakker is our Growth Associate. A Dutchman currently residing in trendy Berlin, Germany.


With such a diverse mix of nationalities (and time zones) housed in a single department, a lot of factors can make work and communication challenging. So how do they tackle each one of them?



What it’s like to lead a multicultural team (and how to lead your own)

1. Overcoming language barriers 

Having a multicultural team means that each member speaks two or more languages; each one affecting the way we think

As a leader, it would be unreasonable to expect every team member to be proficient in the same language, so it’s important to listen and ask questions whenever there is uncertainty. As Jug stressed, it all boils down to effective, clear communication.

Language barriers aren’t just a challenge you need to overcome between colleagues, it can also extend to potential clients.

“Through the knowledge I gained from traveling and conversing with other nationalities, I can use my experiences to relate to my clients as well as understand their needs regarding the language barriers,” says Jug.


2. Shared responsibilities and continuous collaborations

The Growth Team brings a variety of experiences, cultures, and professional backgrounds to the table. But what they have in common is a shared determination to achieve wins for the team.

“Embracing different cultures and being exposed to new perspectives offers a window to new ideas that can enrich you on so many levels and make us as a team stronger,” says Jeri.

Sharing responsibilities and continuously collaborating is what makes them a team, after all. Putting differences aside or leveraging them to their advantage is what makes their work exemplary.

“Understanding our differences, while also recognizing the similarities, as well as having cross-cultural experiences helps the team communicate,” says Sander. “It also helps when connecting with our clients from all over the world.”


3. Responsiveness and flexibility

It’s a given that it won’t always be smooth-sailing with a remote-based team. 

Oftentimes, work styles and varying approaches to problem-solving can cause conflict. And that’s when it’s time for each member to keep flexibility in mind. Team members should react positively to different viewpoints and consider how they can help add depth to a sales strategy. 

And although the idea of working with such a culturally diverse team can be daunting at first, Steven advises to always have faith in people

“There are so many nice people in the world. Remember that there are so many worlds within the world—everybody has a story,” said Steven. “Just talk to people, listen and be open-minded. You will see that there is magic everywhere.”


4. Commitment to continuous learning

Even though their upbringing, religion, customs, and practices aren’t the same, we should never divide and classify one another into stereotypes. Instead, we strive to continue learning from one another and finding opportunities to enjoy new experiences with them.

“I am always eager to learn and experience something new from my co-workers’ cultures,” says Sander.

Jeri also advises to always be learning and being aware of different cultures, values and markets. “The world is a much smaller place and business happens across countries and cultures,” says Jeri. “So, take the time to truly connect with people, develop relationships and soak yourself in a new culture or surrounding.”


5. Shared team culture

“Keep it light and do fun activities on a regular basis,” advises Greg. “Share cultural rituals to understand each other better and tell us about awesome unique days that others aren’t familiar with!”

Others may argue that there is an invisible boundary between ‘colleagues’ and ‘friends’. But this is one boundary that Greg often tries to ease. If you’re lucky enough to hop on a meeting with the Growth Team, you will see a friendship there as well. It’s a level of comfort that allows them to criticize each other constructively.

“Just remember to respect each other’s differences & strengths. Then you’ll realize that that is the power to grow,” says Greg.


Unlimited Graphic Designs with DotYeti

Having expansive sources of creativity and perspective is the driving force of DotYeti’s fast-paced growth—and it doesn’t just stop with our Growth Team.

How would you like to have a creative team that’s just as diverse? Packed with different experiences, depth, knowledge, and styles that would elevate your graphic design.

Take a look at our portfolio and case studies to see their amazing work. 

It also comes with pricing that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So check out which design package fits your needs best. You can also reach out to our Growth Yetis today for a customized package—just for you.

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