3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design

Firms need to understand the power of utilizing social media graphic designs to reflect the identity, voice, and quality of their brand.

2021 is just the beginning of a digital era. The reality of marketing today is that potential customers will easily overlook your brand if your graphic design does not resonate well with them

Once you understand the critical role social media graphic designs play, they will instantly become the driving force that captures the interest of your audience. But if you’re still not convinced yet, we’ll give you three more reasons why investing in social media graphic design is essential to your business.


Why Investing in Social Media Graphic Design is Necessary

1. Fosters Creativity 

Promoting your social media page through engaging graphic designs is an amazing marketing plan that even experienced marketers can’t overlook.

When you align creativity and design together with your brand’s mission, this tends to generate positive outcomes instead of aimlessly creating designs that don’t benefit your brand at all. 

Diversifying your visual designs can be an advantage by showing your audience that your brand is reliable and professional. There’s no question that telling your story through engaging designs is vital to satisfying your customers


Social Media Graphic Design Examples:

Instagram Page





2. Increase Brand Awareness 

The reputation of your brand is the public’s perception of your business.

Think of your social media page as a storybook. In order to relay your brand’s story to the public, engaging with them through playful visuals is the first step. Promising words to sell your product isn’t enough unless it’s partnered with an eye-catching image. 

Once you capture their attention, build a relationship with them. Creating customized visuals that represent your brand on different social media platforms will create familiarity amongst your audience and eventually turn them into loyal customers. 



Customized Imagery Example

Take our signature Yeti for example. DotYeti stands out in the crowd because of our customized images that are manufactured specifically just for us. Most importantly, this is why our existing and potential customers can easily identify who we are. 

3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design - DotYeti Blog

3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design - DotYeti Blog


3. Psychological Effects 

Consequently, Font Psychology and Color Psychology play an important role in the tone and mood of your social media page. Most importantly, it’s a job best suited for professionals. Using the wrong font or color to relay a message can mislead your audience and veer them away from your page. 

Graphic designs are strategically created to evoke a certain emotion from the viewer. To maximize the experience of your audience, graphic designers will create social media designs that are sure to speak well for your brand. 


A Few Factors to Consider

1. Mobile Optimization

3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design - DotYeti Blog

Aside from desktops, tablets, and laptopsmobile phones are the most common device used to surf the web.

The design of your page needs to be mobile optimized so it looks and feels great both on desktop and mobile devices. Ensuring that your website has the same design quality in a multitude of devices will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 


2. Understand your Platform 

3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design - DotYeti Blog

Tactical social media posts are required to effectively communicate your message to your viewers. It is crucial to note that the image size requirements are different for each platform. Take a look at the required social media post size below: 

1. Facebook post size

1200 x 630 

2. Pinterest pin size

600 x 1260 

3. Twitter  post size

900 x 512 

4. Instagram posts size

1080 x 1080 

5. Instagram stories size

1080 x 1920 


No matter how amazing your graphic design is, if the sizing is wrong, then it won’t be as effective as you want it to be. 


3. Simple but Effective 

3 Reasons to Invest in Stunning Social Media Graphic Design - DotYeti Blog

Needless to say, social media graphic designs don’t always have to be grand. Having too many elements in one design can be confusing to the viewers.

With the being said, always keep your social media graphic design simple and direct. Investing in trained graphic designers who are masters in their field can help create designs that are timeless and effective that will help you reach a multitude of audiences online. 


Investing in Brilliant Graphic Design Services with DotYeti

Social media platforms are one of the most effective avenues to introduce and promote your business. Not taking advantage of this opportunity can minimize the potential of your business it can also be considered a great loss.

Here at DotYeti, we want to help you reach a larger market through our unlimited graphic design services. Feel free to browse our pricing page for more info. 

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