Graphic Design Checklist for Recruitment Agencies

You’re so done with the hassle of sifting through freelancer proposals and getting charged exorbitant fees. As a marketer, you just want easy recruitment agency design ideas and a speedy way to execute them. 

The work is piling up but you’re nowhere near your milestones. Who knew doing marketing for a recruitment agency can get so expensive? As design experts, we’ve got something that will make your life easier. 

This checklist is your must-have guide to getting started with your design direction. Here, you’ll find the best tips to knock your brand message out of the park and beat your competitors. 



Why You Need This Checklist

Do you experience design bottlenecks? A graphic design checklist helps marketers kill bottlenecks and speed through design requirements. That’s exactly why you should set yourself up for successful campaigns and strategies with a detailed guide. Here is what you’ll get: 

  • Accurate designs that meet brand requirements
  • High design quality with only improvements
  • Organized design materials and clear design preferences
  • Brief project description with specific goals 

Setting up a checklist can be as simple or as descriptive as you want. For some, it’s just going to be a concise document, but it can also look like multi-page boards. The important thing is to have a document that allows everyone to be on the same page. 

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Steps To Prepare Your Checklist 

Each design checklist can look different from one another. However, here are just a few stages you shouldn’t miss.

  • Prepare a design brief and concept
  • Set up a brand guide for your designer
  • Plan your content and campaign calendars 
  • Map out deliverables and deadlines 
  • Describe your key performance indicators

A checklist is definitely not a requirement to get started on your graphic design projects, but it sure does make things transparent to all parties. This will help you manage expectations early and lessen the risks of miscommunication. 


10 Content Ideas for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are a great help in a time when job seeking can be a tiresome process. The best ones help build a candidate’s confidence, give them clear expectations, and inform them about the hiring processes.

While most recruitment agencies operate in the digital sphere, there are also some firms that connect with job seekers on the ground. But, no matter where you conduct your marketing campaigns, here are some design formats to consider. 

1. Job Post Design

Recruitment agencies need visually appealing job postings with detailed information to attract potential candidates. Not only should the material reflect the agency’s brand, but it should also reflect the job requirements and responsibilities.


2. Illustrations

recruitment agency design ideas

Illustration by Dotyeti

Next, recruitment agencies can benefit from a human-centered approach to their brand message. Because of this, illustrations are often a fail-safe way to declare a welcoming and approachable identity. Plus, marketers can use these pre-made assets in their landing pages, job posts, and other materials.


3. Presentation Designs 

recruitment agency design ideas

Presentation Design by DotYeti

If you want to make a good impression on your lead, you have to look prepared. Presentation designs are great for telling people your brand story, as well as describing the kind of company your job seeker is interested in. 


4. Website Designs

Website assets and landing pages are some of the visually appealing ways When a jobseeker wants to see more job opportunities, the first place they’ll go to is your website.

You want to have an easy user experience and clear navigation pipelines to lead your site audience to the page they want fast. 


5. Social Media Graphics

recruitment agency design ideas

Social Media Content by DotYeti

Moreover, social media is an indispensable platform for any business. After all, keeping a healthy social media feed entails consistent posts and content that drive up engagements and interactions.

Maintain your Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram accounts active by investing in great social media content services. 


6. Blog and Platform Banners

Next, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is to write industry-specific blogs. You’re providing resources and insights to job seekers so they can better navigate the employment sphere. At the same time, platform banners can help when you’re posting your job openings at sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Jobstret. 


7. Email Newsletter Designs

On the other hand, there are agencies that use email subscriptions to keep their clients and candidates informed about new job openings, industry news, and tips for job seekers. A visually-appealing spread can help bring more traffic to your site and get leads. 


8. Branding

recruitment agency design ideas

Branding by DotYeti

Next, branding is an essential element to create a striking first impression. Brands that want to appear more modern and youthful can benefit from having a simple brand refresh. These minor tweaks can result in something more consistent and professional. 

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9. Promotional flyers and merchandise

There will be some agencies that still do physical booths at job and trade fairs. Because of this, it pays to have flyers and brochures that you can give out to job seekers. Pair this with a sleek merchandise design and you’ve got the perfect recipe for brand recognition. 


10. Short videos and animation

Animation by DotYeti

Finally, agencies may require videos to showcase their services, company culture, and industry expertise. In trade fairs and job carousels, you’d need graphics that enhance your brand storytelling and visual appeal.


Remember: these are just some examples of recruitment agency design ideas. In fact, there’s definitely a whole lot more design requests you can make. 

Graphic design checklists are a must for everybody–to keep everybody happy. If you’ve got a vision, then you definitely have to share it with the rest of your team. 

These design capabilities are all available when you subscribe to DotYeti’s scalable graphic design service. We employ a team of expert designers to offer unlimited design requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee. Share your story with us so we can create a customized plan just for you.

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