3 Surefire Tips For a Better Logo Design (with Examples)

Logo Design is in the top tier of visual elements that you have to care about in your business.

Besides your brand name, the logo is what people will remember the most…if they remember it at all. With hundreds of DIY platforms for logo making with thousands of generic templates for millions of businesses to use, it’s going to be hard to make your logo design stand out. But despite the branding challenge at stake, you really don’t need to go through a whole list of rules or principles to see how you can make a better logo. All you need is these 3 foolproof tips to help you understand what goes behind making a winning logo.


3 Expert Tips to Creating a Better Logo for Your Business


Tell Your Story

Branding is all about narratives. And logos are all about branding. So if you put two on two together, it’s clear that logos are all about narrative. A big chunk of your branding is the visual element, so your logo has to communicate your brand narrative clearly to your consumers. 

But that doesn’t mean that you have to put, for instance, a cup of coffee on your logo to scream “we’re a cafe.” There’s a Starbucks on every corner and they have a two-tailed mermaid for a logo–and mermaids don’t even drink coffee!

The logo has to speak with your narrative, not your industry. Going back to the example of Starbucks, the logo’s design has a rich story that often sparks curiosity. Long story short, the “siren,” as they call her, was a nautical theme choice, since Starbucks was named after a character in the sea-side adventure novel Moby Dick. Why not a logo of that guy? Simple. As the owners put it, “sex sells.” Of course, over the years the logo evolved to the family-friendly version it is right now.

Remember: A generic logo is a generic story.

It’s having these unconventional brand narratives that put businesses ahead of others. If you want to put your business on the radar, you have to get creative and highlight what makes you different through your logo. You may do alright with a preformatted logo, but it won’t get you to the level of the big fish in your industry.


Keep it Simple

This tip is by far the most common piece of advice that every business owner will receive on logos. Simplicity is key–cliche, but true.

Logos are the first bite that consumers get out of your brand. If you overload it with text, color, and unnecessary intricate detail, it’ll be tough to swallow. You might think it was a waste of financial resources to pay a logo designer for such a simple design. But keeping it simple is actually a lot harder than it seems. As premised, better logos tell a story. Being able to jampack all that narrative into one small and simple design is a feat that designers have the eye for. So really most of what you’re paying for is the concept.

One of the most popular logos out there is the Nike Swoosh, which is basically a tick mark that even a kid could draw. Yet Nike is arguably one of the most successful sports apparel business worldwide. Nike automatically comes to mind when you see the swoosh, even shapes or items that simply resemble it. This is what marketers call retention. It is often a concept associated with a jingle or catchphrase, but this also applies to your logo. Consumers would gravitate towards familiarity, which is why logos need to be easily recognizable. If your logo is easy to digest, people will come in for seconds. That’s the beauty of less is more. 


Comparing is Caring (For You and Others)

But mostly for you. As mentioned, there are tons of businesses out there with similarly designed logos. In these modern times, it’s hard to be “unique” in design. If your goal is to have a “one-of-a-kind” logo, you might take longer than you’re supposed to. Creative minds think alike, so if you think your design is something people have never seen before, there is a probability that somewhere across the world is another business with a similar logo.


Want a better logo? Change the goal. If you can’t be “one-of-a-kind,” be the best (of-a-kind).


Check out the logos that your competitors have created. Find a way to pull away from their design aesthetic and make yours even catchier. You can find what’s working and draw inspiration from it, but not copy it altogether. Of course, comparing and contrasting designs also has a legal thought process. As your business grows, so does your brand recognition. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a legal battle between a competitor because of having similar logos. 

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Making Winning Logos 

Benchmarking competitors, keeping things simple, and telling your story sums up the recipe for a great brand logo. If you’ve got plans to open a business or have an existing business that you want to invest more in, then being keen on visual branding will help boost it to the next level. But visuals often don’t come cheap, especially when you’re eyeing to hire an agency or even a group of freelancers. 

What you need is a reliable creative team that will deliver quick top-notch designs without breaking the bank. DotYeti is a subscription-based graphic design company that provides you great service for a fraction of the price. With a subscription as low as $499 a month, you can improve your visual branding and stay ahead of the game.

Contact us now and get a free consultation from our creative team leaders.

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