The Complete Digital Marketing 2024 Guide

If you’re on the hunt for an updated, comprehensive and easy-to-understand digital marketing guide, this is it.

Whether you’re a student, a beginner, or a professional, we’re here to offer you knowledge to develop the skill set you need to be the next digital marketing wiz. This Complete Digital Marketing 2024 Guide aims to provide a comprehensive take on digital marketing, discussing marketing concepts that have been proven effective in the long-term.

Digital Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Let’s begin with basic terms and their definitions.

Digital Marketing is defined asproducts or services that are being marketed using digital channels in order to reach consumers”. One of its goals is to promote brands via different forms or channels of digital media.

Digital Marketing Activities are defined asdoing market research with the use of research tools like Google Keyword Planner or analyzing the performance of your marketing with software like Adobe Analytics.” It may also go into the use of digital ads through digital advertising platforms like Google Marketing, Youtube, etc.

This goes further than Internet Marketing because some venues don’t require internet usage. Examples of these include the use of banner placement, social media platforms, display advertising, and anything else with a digital foundation. Ergo, internet marketing is a subset of Digital Marketing. It takes a deeper level of understanding of customer behavior due to different psychological factors when it comes to anything digital. For example, it involves analysis and quantifying the number of downloads and views on all devices in comparison to just observing website reach. Another emerging trend in digital marketing includes engagement through social media. This can be done by captioning, replying, or posting customer feedback on a social media page.

Altogether it may sound overwhelming, especially if it’s your business is venturing into it for the first time, but that’s why we’re here. Digital Marketing is something anyone can master with enough effort and the right resources.

In this guide, we will share what we know works best for our clients in order to help you get started!


Why Should You Use Digital Marketing?

You’ve probably been exposed to Traditional Marketing most of your life. Think of your favorite newspaper clippings, TV ads, catalogs, and billboards. And while these were the most effective way to reach customers before, Digital Marketing is now the smarter and more efficient way to go.  If you’re still unconvinced, you can read a full article on how it trumps Traditional Marketing over here.

The Internet as an Essential Channel

In today’s age, it’s hard to imagine the world functioning without the internet. Any business, like yours, would eventually create a channel that uses the internet like with simple emails. In fact, successful businesses create omni-channels which is defined as “denoting or relating to a type of retail that integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g., online, in a physical store, or by phone)“. This is due to the Internet becoming a part of our everyday lives. Digital marketing adds value in everyday internet use in order to make a business thrive.

The thing is, people are usually on their phones. And as an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of that. In addition, people are more inclined to buy your product or service if it’s to promote towards your target market. Whether you are a startup or a big business, digital marketing works by tailoring your ads toward them. With digital platforms, a larger creative space is available because you can adjust certain aspects that you want to put in your ad that traditional marketing platforms find themselves limited to. This could be short-form or long forms ads, color schemes, animation, video, text, etc. You can also get into growth hacking if you want to take your business even higher.

Growth hacking is the general term for all strategies you implement that is focused on the business’s growth. It is more commonly used for early start-ups that need to grow quickly using a small budget. The goal of these growth strategies is to get as much customers or users as possible while using as little money as possible. 

Highlight Your Brand’s Story

brand narrative

A quick and easy way for your brand to tell your story and get people to listen is through an online platform. In fact, people are more responsive to narratives. In the digital world, catching their attention is the first step, but telling a narrative engages them, turning the audience into converting customers. Most people get information digitally, and with increasing channels for search engines, their searches are higher than ever. This is due to customers’ higher preference for accessibility and instant information. Digital marketers should always integrate this until it builds up into an omni-channel.

Earn More Revenue

The end goal of digital marketing would always be digital sales. In the digital age, major companies have found the untapped potential of digital marketing, opening their products or services into another channel to create sales. Even startups are more inclined to begin with digital marketing. So if you’re thinking about earning more revenue, you should consider digital marketing more than ever.

Without the use of digital marketing, your sales would mostly come from word-of-mouth and traditional channels. While this was and still is an effective method of making sales, it comes with risks and has less assurance of success.  This is why most brands are making it their main method for marketing.

If you’re apprehensive, you can try it out through free channels like Facebook pages. This is where most startups also begin their digital marketing journey. From there, you can experiment with other channels or strengthen your brand with your preferred platform to appreciate major differences in customer reach and branding.

digital marketing channels eoi digital


Which Digital Marketing channels do you need?

With your brand and persona on draft, it’s important to know where you can market your products and how to make the most out of these channels. These channels point you towards your goal of reaching potential customers so it’s good to know what options you have and which ones suit your brand the most. To get a clearer picture, we’ll cite some examples that most companies have used and have found effective for their business. Keep in mind that digital marketing channels are growing and are dynamic. In the future, there could be more than what’s listed. But for 2024, these are the ones we found to be the best.

inbound marketing


Inbound Marketing

You can use Inbound Marketing to attract visitors and customers to your brand. It combines the use of several marketing channels as its goal is to increase the reach of your brand and increase the quality traffic, conversions, and engagements. You are able to attract more prospects with the use of relevant and helpful content. From there you can connect with them further with newsletters and chat to keep them up to date. Altogether, they creates a lot of trust and credibility for your business.

This is a good starting point since it’s the most commonly used strategy. It’s a tactic to present your product/service to prospects that are already looking for solutions to a specific point. When you use inbound marketing then they are able to find your site and they will immediately be interested because you offer what they need. This is also why your brand needs to have a good corporate identity so that these efforts are not wasted.

Its whole methodology has four stages: attract, engage, close and delight. It is able to help create trust, credibility and momentum and overall, add value to your customer’s journey. This methodology may also be compared to how your business grows as the customers are the ones fueling it. It can only end up with them buying from you again or even recommending you to others. At the same time, if you have unhappy customers, it will slow down your growth and maybe even halt it.

Inbound Marketing has 4 main channels namely:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing/ Lead Generation
  • E-mail Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO digital marketing

Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) involves improving a website’s content by using specific keywords. It can be in the title or the content of the website so that it ranks high once searched on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is a tried and tested method of increasing the number of visitors to your website. You also have to take into consideration how your website is designed because it might also affect your SEO. It’s also budget-friendly because you don’t need to spend in doing this. Do not be misled into thinking it’s easy though, SEO is a complex marketing activity taking months to understand.

Google’s algorithm is complicated and uses more than 200 factors to determine your site’s rank. There is also no guarantee for it to rank high and you cannot pay to have it rank higher. Google works hard to retain the quality of its search results.

Social Media Marketing

We are all in the world of social media.

This is the very reason why it’s a great tool for B2B & B2C companies who aim for increased leads, sales, brand exposure, and referrals. These are also good for improving SEO since the shares your site gets are part of the major factors Google considers for a better rank.

In order to truly succeed in using social media, you must be able to integrate it in all your activities because it is now a big part of the digital corporate culture. It is a place where everyone in your brand can further its reach and networking power. It’s all about creating content and imagery that is relevant, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind. 

Influence everyone to go social.

Content Marketing / Lead Generation

content marketing asia Philippines

When you use Content Marketing, it goes beyond simply creating blog posts on your site about your product. Rather, it goes into discussion of more general topics. What are these topics? They’re chosen based on the community’s interest so it has more appeal compared to product content which features more specific problems. Whenever you create content, keep in mind that this is all about the customers’ preferences than about your product. This is what gets their attention early in the sales process.

It’s easier to activate customers to make a small action like reading a blog post than getting them to immediately buy a product or review one. This content is also shareable which will gain you more web traffic.

You can get more attention when you are offering to educate them, apart from selling a product. This will build their trust which is significant in breaking into an established market.

Graphic Design Service for Content Marketing – Faster, easier and better to get your creative work done.

When you are looking for an excellent provider of quality graphic designs for a low price. Than an unlimited graphic design service can do the job! This is the best way to outsource your creatives to a partner that takes care of the whole process, so you can focus on your marketing campaigns.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail is the spine of any effective automated marketing strategy because it delivers your message directly to your customer’s inbox. It needs an efficient strategy and a purpose of achieving a larger goal.

To get started on e-mail marketing, you must add a newsletter subscription option in your website or Facebook page. Once they are subscribed you can start sending them a set of auto-responder emails. The aim is to gain trust by creating insightful and educational information for your prospects. These e-mails should be designed and produced carefully as they will convince your subscriber about how your content is something they need to read.

Once you are able to obtain more subscribers, you are then able to heighten your converts by so much more. This is due to the fact that people who buy via e-mail spend 100% more than those who don’t. Surprisingly, it also has more converts than social media and is at least three times higher so it is definitely something to tap into.

advertising direct eoi digital

Direct Response Advertising

Direct response Advertising makes use of paid advertisements offered to customers while they are browsing the internet. It involves the following channels:

  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing

Paid Search Advertising

search ads paid eoi digital

Paid Search Advertising is when you pay to place text ads on search engines like Google. Why would you want to do this?  Simply because it’s one of the most effective advertising channels to use both traditionally and digitally. You also get to control the keywords that bring up your ad and bring you prospects that are ready to buy.

Almost all of the big search engines have a real-time auction system in running their ads. This is so advertisers specify keywords that pop up when users search. You will then place a maximum bid on each keyword. From there, when a prospect searches this keyword, all the advertisers are entered into a real time auction and the one with the most relevant ad and highest bid will win. You will then get the prized position of your ad being at the top spot.

Keywords can be added and edited as you through the process and learn new keywords that users are using. There are many tools like Google Analytics to measure the conversion rates and ROI for the keywords you bid on.

Display Advertising

digital display ads eoi digital

Display Advertising, meanwhile, is a more visual process. You get to create banners and video ads that will appear on websites and blogs. This is a great channel for creating brand awareness and increasing clicks to your website. It makes use of eye catching illustrations and animations to get the audience’s attention and get them attracted enough to make the purchase.


remarketing eoi digital

This can be related to display advertising as it is also a visual activity and something you can probably relate to. It’s when you visit an e-commerce website and you browse for items and when you click off and go onto other websites, you notice ads from that same shopping website. It’s usually the exact products you viewed from the first one. This process is better known as remarketing which is a display advertising technology that lets the advertiser serve ads to buyers that have already been to the site. It’s significant because of the following:

  • Increase response rate of up to 600% over traditional banner ads
  • Focuses on prospects that have already show interest for your product
  • Triggers a brand recall
  • Speeds up the buying process

These can be purchased through ad networks like Google AdWords, Youtube and Double Click. These usually costs 1/3 of the search ads.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing eoi digital

When you watch any sponsored YouTube video or Instagram post, do you notice the voucher? They usually give this for the item they’re promoting. This may also be called as a re-seller or commission program. This type of marketing allows third party companies refer business onto your site and they will receive a referral fee for it. This is usually ranging from 5%-15% of the subscription price.

This is like Zalora’s ambassador program wherein you can apply to become an ambassador. Once you are approved, you are given a referral code which can be used as a discount voucher by buyers. Every time they use it, the ambassador is able to earn a percentage.

If you’re a company with a product to sell, it’s pretty simple to set up this program and track your referrals. You may recruit affiliates using low-cost softwares. You can also create a part of your site to explain the program for future affiliate partners.


Examples of Each Channel

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to utilize your SEO to its full potential, it’s good to get to know the parts they are most noticed in. These are the SEO keywords, descriptions and page titles. You may see them as the key terms that search engines make use of in determining the rank of you site. The keywords may depend on the type of website you use. Here are some tips on how to create effective keywords, titles and descriptions on your site.


These are the terms that are searched for by people who are looking for your site. The vital part in using keywords is to make sure that they match the content you’re presenting in the site. It’s like having a pizza restaurant and then having keywords relating to construction materials. For an example here is some keywords that CNN makes use of:

CNN,CNN news,,CNN TV,news,news online,breaking news,U.S. news,world news,weather,business,CNN money,sports,politics,law,technology, entertainment,education,travel,health,special reports,autos,developing story,news video,CNN Intl

As you can see, their keywords directly relate to what CNN does and produces. At the same time, they don’t put CNN in all the keywords. This is because repeating keywords is not a good practice.


The description is what turns up under the title when people use the search engines. A satisfactory description is one with 130-170 characters and provides a brief but accurate description of the page’s content. For an example, this is TeenVogue’s description:

The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on Fashion starts here.

The entire description was made of 148 characters and was able to showcase what the site was all about and also featured most of its keywords for consistency.


The title is essential as the first thing people read so it should tell users and search engines immediately what the page is about. It’s a significant step so make sure that you don’t repeat keywords again and again in the title. This may lead to it being viewed as a spoof result and all your effort will be for nothing.

As an example, when you type in ‘seo hacks for beginners’, this is the first title that comes up:

9 SEO Hacks for Startups With Little Time and Money

As you can see, though the word beginner wasn’t used by the site, it still turned up because Google knows that startups may equate to beginners. It also taps into beginner SEO users and the fact that most of them probably don’t have a budget to hire SEO experts yet. Altogether, it’s a great title that gets good traction.

Meanwhile, let’s check into further pages to see bad examples of titles:

Taking Old Content & Relabeling It As New Is A Bad SEO Hack Says …

First of all, it already specified too much which makes it more unlikely to be searched by people. It’s also too long that the title didn’t even fit the characters given so you don’t completely understand what it is about.


Social Media Marketing

As awed as we are by insane marketing campaigns like Coca Cola or McDonalds, it’s not really achievable unless you have millions. This is where social media comes in as the “great equalizer”. With the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s no need to shell out millions to create a great marketing campaign. It’s all about creativity and connecting to one’s audience. Here are some notable social media campaigns to remember:


Birchbox social media marketing

The brand Birchbox is a skincare and makeup monthly subscription box. It has grown so fast and quickly with their utilization of social media for personalisation and discovery. With it’s efforts in reposting on Instagram and inviting more users to post their birchbox, the attention they are given also arises significantly. They are now even brancing onto Facebook with their “education piece” project. This aims to make posts to teach users the different beauty products and why they need it. It’s also going on to having a “refer a friend” feature as part of their strategy.

They were able to promote their loyalty program immediately as they promoted rewards. You can get a 10% discount for any purchase of a full sized product from former boxes and it only increases to 15% after six boxes.

They have utilized social media in getting to know how their customers found the boxes they received that month and so, Instagram has become their main platform in most of their campaigns. They’ve also interacted with consumers constantly to get quick feedback that they can use for the coming months.


When you think of social media strategies, you mostly focus on things that are wants but Casper is changing the game in the direct-to-consumer mattress industry. They did this with immense help from their social media strategy. First of all they make use of humor marketing without being offensive.

casper advertising humor

This is hard to pull off on social media as less than 50% are convinced to buy from brands that are funny. They’ve been able to do it as they don’t focus everything on their mattress but choose to focus on the fact that they bring sleep. This is a vital move because most people aren’t on the hunt for mattresses and they won’t pay attention to these ads. Rather, it’s the fact that everyone sleeps.

sleep casper social media

Their posts like the one above are more relatable everyone. Even if you’re not on the hunt for a mattress, you’d still want to see their social media ads to find the fun content about sleep. With their logo design splattered on top in big letters, they make themselves unforgettable.

They also make sure to be very active in a way that it’s hard to find a day when they haven’t posted anything on at least one account.


Content Marketing

It can get tiring to think about new ideas for you content and keep up the momentum. It’s easy to run out of energy in your content marketing campaigns but it’s all about getting creative. It’s all about getting the user’s attention by providing helpful information. This content should also increase your social media presence and SEO efforts.

Rip Curl

We all know Rip Curl as it labels itself to be known as the “ultimate surfing company”. One of the smart marketing moves they’ve done to showcase this dedication is their online publication “The Search”.

What is The Search all about? They write about surfers and their search for the best waves. It also includes a lot of info on living the ultimate surfing lifestyle matched with amazing photography. They also made sure it’s authentic as they get stories written by surfers for surfers.

It works because the content speaks directly to their audience and addresses their passions and desire. By going to the site and seeing their content, the readers feel like they are a true part of the surfing community.

Rip curl the search content marketing


It can be a struggle to fuse the communication of your business information and audience engagement. This is what Evernote has done in perfection. Their note-taking app has made use of the Customer Stories Campaign to touch on this.

The stories feature how different people and brands in diverse industries make use of the platform in their own creative ways. They highlight how these industries vary and how much employees use it. This is able to tell their audience how anyone can use their app.

Evernote Content Marketing.×640.png

The Customer Stories project worked out because it touches people with its story and so provides a personal feel in terms of marketing strategy. At the same time, it is able to let the users know how their platform works so it’s a seamless effect. They were able to successfully combine storytelling with instruction. Altogether, it becomes something that’s engaging, relatable and goes into the core of Evernote helping teams work.


E-mail Marketing

It’s quite hard to discover good e-mail marketing campaigns because well, you have to be subscribed to them. Even with that in mind, it can still be hard when you consider the amount of newsletter you receive everyday. With these examples, you can get a headstart into seeing what is successful and what made it so.


Tasty buzzfeed newsletter

Newletters were a major source for Buzzfeed in terms of traffic because of how they write their content. From their subject lines to the preview you get, it’s an easy enticing way for you to open the e-mail. They go onto different topics to the most random ones like ‘This Week In Cats’.

Their goal for these e-mails are to bring subscribers back to the site to read even more content which they can. Every e-mail only contains original content from Buzzfeed and they only include a snippet on purpose along with a link. They do this to bring people to click back to the site and read the full article.

A unique trick they actually do to bring more new subscribers is creating posts that are about their newsletters. This sounds quite weird but it’s all about how you pull it off. They’ve created a few, all of which with enticing titles like, “19 cute ways the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter will ruin your day.” This has brought their e-mail to be one of the biggest drives of traffic, just at par with Twitter and Pinterest.


Headspace is a guided meditation app. That means they know that people are busy and most don’t have time to read very detailed e-mails. They used this fact as a part of their strategy. They send very short e-mails with eye catching graphics that give you the message in a flash. This is able to remind you if you have the app to take the time to meditate.

headspace email marketing

They pay attention to structure wherein they know most people won’t scroll past the image already so they input the text into the image so it’s a quick and effective process for all readers.

Paid Search Advertising

Everyone is using pay-per-click (PPC) ads because they know how effective it is. Even the world’s biggest brands make use of it despite the fame they already have. Here are examples of how they use it and if it’s effective or not.


Microsoft makes use of 2 ads with one from and one from This actually violates Google’s double-serving policy wherein advertisers shouldn’t run ads from different accounts with the same keywords that lead to the same or similar websites. This happens a lot with large companies that have many websites that use PPC. At the same time, they end up paying more because they compete against one another in the ad auction.

When it comes to the actual ad, the second ad is more driven to sales with calls-to-action in the ad copy. It also has product information and the price. It uses AdWords review extensions which is a good thing. At the same time, the review is about how easy it is to type on the surface. There are probably better and more convincing reviews that could have been chosen.

Meanwhile, the 1st ad is fine but it doesn’t come close to the selling promotion of the 2nd and may compete with the Microsoft store ad.

Coca cola: Diet Coke

diet coke

Their ad is short, straight to the point and most of all, effective. It’s able to convey the feeling and taste of Diet Coke being crisp and refreshing. The experience of having the beverage is described immediately in the ad. Their ad has social extensions which allow them to include Google+ follower information in their ads.

This doesn’t really work to their advantage as it shows that this worldwide brand only has 814 followers which is quite underwhelming. Before using this ad extension, one should build a larger following and use sitelink ad extensions. This will drive the current TV campaigns and other updated brand content.


When you create a retargeting ad, there’s something you need to keep in mind. From your design to the promo up to the call-to-action, all of these should be personalized. This is what truly brings them to the final decision of saying yes and making the purchase. Here are some samples to make your own remarketing ads effective.


expedia remarketing ad

It’s all about targeting the right audience with the right offer. This ad was brought up when the person was searching for a car to be used for a weekend trip. The only issue with them is that they don’t know if they can go until it’s the last minute. This is why this ad from Expedia is effective because aside from the service itself, it also shows that it offers last minute deals.

The banner is also effective as it shows a perspective of the guest coming into the room as if it was you. The view also showcases several types of terrain, from the ocean to the mountains and the forest. This creates the diverse image of wherever the person may decide to go, Expediacan help them do it.

Their “Book Now” call to action is simple and straight to the point. It gets you to check the deals available and a hotel.


hand remarketing ad

The user had family over the holidays and so needed a cleaning agency just to tidy up the place. He ended up visiting a few cleaning website but the only one that was remarketed to him was Handy. It made a good offer of 29 USD for the first 2 hours of cleaning so it caught his attention. The design is simple but appealing and consistent the the rest of their site. It features a background image of white clean furniture which helps in visualizing how your home can look with their service.

Their ‘Book Now’ call to action creates a feeling of urgency that entices the viewer to click and make the booking. It could probably be improved by choosing a color that stood out more like orange. A good note to make is to set frequency caps. This viewer saw this ad 50 times in a span of 2 days. You have set a cap so you ad won’t reach a level of annoyance towards potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing

There are so much affiliate websites all over the web that it’s hard to know which ones are good. There are a variety of those that clearly have no ambition and just aim to gain as much affiliate commissions through overcompensation. This leads to them not lasting. At the same time, there are so much affiliate sites on the internet that provide reviews that are authentic and awesome.

Here are some examples of how you can determine whether your affiliates are doing well in marketing you product.

Consumer Search

The site has found a way to make their money without having a subscription fee by leading traffic to Amazon. It’s hard to become an affiliate at Amazon but they found a way to make it work. Their success with the site has brought the founders to sell it to the New York Times for a whopping $33 million.

We all know there’s so much products in Amazon but they only wanted to provide products in their site that were the best quality. This is what would bring them the consumer trust and be shared onto others as well.

They did so by disregarding the one and five star reviews and looked at those that were in the middle. These were more honest and detailed and weren’t complete admiration or just immediate hate. They provided detailed reasons as to why they were rated this way. This was just a part of their whole strategy but it has helped them in automating their business model. Because of this, they were able to focus more on the marketing side.

The Wire Cutter


The Wire Cutter has created such a successful business that they should become a reading material for anyone looking to start an online business. Last year, it has made more than 150 million USD from affiliate sales. This is due to their 1 million monthly visitors and percentage of which that click the links.

Just like Consumer Search, they also get the sales through reviewing products. Their main focus are gadgets and they are experts who really know what they’re talking about. Their team has experts that personally test the products they promote. They test these for over 70 hours before creating a final verdict.

The thing that keeps them on top is their brutal honesty like this review on wireless headphones.

“All of them, we found, have some flaws in fit, functionality, or convenience. Because this is the first generation of the technology, manufacturers are still working out the kinks. As a result, we can’t make an overall pick that we think would work for most people. What will work for you depends on what mobile device you have and how willing you are to put up with performance glitches in order to take advantage of a cutting-edge (but still clearly work-in-progress) convenience feature.”

This is where you see why they are succeeding and how they do it.

If you’re interested, look at more affiliate marketing examples here. 


How to get the Best Results per Channel

Now that you have a background of how brands do it, it’s time to do it yourself. While we could give a whole course on every channel, we’re here only to offer you the best and most efficient way to get the best results.


The thing with SEO is that it constantly changes as the way people search and think also changes. Search engines have to keep up with people’s habits so you have to keep up with how them as well. It can be overwhelming to know which tips to stick with.

With so many SEO techniques, it’s become almost impossible to determine which ones to stick to and which you can safely ignore. With that we present 5 tips that have surpassed the test of time and hope it can help you as well.

1 / Take down anything that will slow the page down.

load speed seo

The amount of time it takes for your page to load is an important part of SEO. A slow page can frustrate your visitors and overall, end up with them deciding not to pursue in buying your product. Strange Loop Data shows that even a second of delay can lead to up to 7% loss in conversions. No brand wants to experience that so make sure all your pages load as quickly as possible.

2 / Link other websites with relevant and related content

link building

Building links still stays to be part of an effective SEO strategy. It’s able to make your traffic trackable. This makes your page more of a trustworthy and scalable source. If you want to get inbound links from bigger and respected blogs, a great step is to link those blogs onto your own content so they can notice you and see the value in your own content.

At the same time, you should keep in mind to only link content pages that are trusted and valued. You can also tap into influencers when you use them in your post so they can call you out and get more notice.

3 / Write different and specific meta descriptions per page

meta description eoi digital seo

This is often overlooked but the meta description is actually an important and easy way to get your page noticed. It’s the short description people see when your page turns up on Google search. Having the same meta descriptions can be bad for your ranking and may even get you penalized. If this doesn’t happen, it still gives you a lower user experience.

For example, you can’t have the same meta description for a beverage and a meal. There’s a big difference about the two offerings and your meta description is the first way people can find out why.

4 / Focus your website on one main thing

                                                                             While you can include information about other things, it’s better to choose a main topic that is vital and encapsulates your brand’s whole message. This is vital in order for the search engine to know under what topics your brand will appear in. If it’s scattered, there are lesser chances for them to put you in as a trusted source for any subject.

With this, you may have to do keyword research. This is so you can know which topics are well-searched but don’t have enough resources.

5 / Include keywords in your images

keywords seo eoi digital

This is a quick step but makes a great improvement. There are a lot of people that are on Google Images (probably including you). When you’re searching something, your page can come up if you use the right keywords for certain topics and this will bring more traffic onto your site.

Include words that will be related to your site’s topic along with the image, a description and alt attributes.

Social Media

There are a lot of platforms you can utilize with social media so we’ll give you tips you can utilize on most, if not all, platforms. This is the most used by people so it’s important to take this into consideration.

1 / Integrate the Different Platforms


With so much to do and so little time, it’s good to find a software or a way to integrate the different platforms. This will save you so much time and also get your word out much more quickly and to a lot of people.

There’s Hootsuite which will allow your to manage your brand on the major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. All of which can be done on a single dashboard making it a fun and easy time.

2 / Plan in Advance

social media planning eoi digital

It doesn’t have to be very specific like having a theme per month but it would be good to know which topics to focus on and the actual posts to go with it even just a few weeks in advance. This will give you some space to work with especially if there are unexpected events that will keep you from posting. This is done the most in Instagram with layout planners being used like Planoly, Preview and a lot more.

It’s an extra but appealing touch to see a well curated feed of content that becomes a visual feast all about your brand.

3 / Stay updated with social media convos on your brand

social media conversation eoi digital

In the digital realm, social media is the connection you have to your customers. By giving a quick response to questions from your leads, your brand will seem more human. If it takes you more than a day to reply, the buyers will immediately see you as uninterested in purchasing. Almost all customer expect the brands they talk with to reply within a day based on a 2016 study.

It is also a chance for you to create a voice for your brand. You can make the most with posts with photos and videos to attract them with a more visual experience. This is the most important aspect when you start your agency.

4 / Quality over Quantity

social media quality content eoi digital

It may seem like the best option to post as much content as you can everyday because you think it will reach the largest audience. This usually isn’t the case because it brings about a loss of quality. It’s much better to focus on creating quality content. Keep in mind your target group and what they’d like to see. Even if some of this is more time consuming, it will give a better image of your brand.

You can conduct market research to know which platform your audience prefers the most. These are the platforms you should focus on. Produce content that solves a problem for your audience or something entertaining.


Content Marketing

1 / Content = Data

digital marketing content data

Creating a content strategy surpasses the amount of blogs written and whether you should do a whitepaper or not. It’s main priority is quality and while these can help you, they’re merely components towards a bigger approach. A well made content marketing plan can involve your audiences and excite them. You need to be able to know that you are able to do this because it will fuel your next moves.

Your whole strategy should be outlined by analytics. It will involve close monitoring, tracking and watching of the numbers that can alter your content towards being more refined and bring better conversions. It’s all about seeing where the customers come from and where they plan on going.

By doing this, you can get a good idea on what your audience prefers and their overall purchasing behavior. This material is your drive to getting a head start on the next step of creating content.

2 / Plan a Specific Direction

digital marketing blog direction

You can be a content manager with a great content framework and writers ready to write. There’s a strategy, a funnel and a calendar so it all seems good. These are just the essentials and what you want to do is go even further. As a strategist, you need to know which marketing framework can go to which type of content.

It will give your team a better understanding of what goes into which. You can divide it onto outreach, conversion, closing and retention. This makes the types of content easier to categorize and manage. It can also increase your efficiency as you see which content performs the best along the varying contexts.

Right now people are gaining more attention with visual content like videos, AI- based applications and infographics.

3 / Give easy access to social media sharing

social media button website blog

Make the most of your content as we know you worked hard for it. Create social sharing opportunities on every page on your site and blog. Make sure it’s easily seen and one as readers can easily get put off it can’t be done with a single click. You can put one on the top and bottom of the post or the floating one so that it’s always there no matter what part of the page they’re in.

You can also reach them further by creating a call-to-action that asks them to share these articles on social media.

4 / Educate vs. Sell

education content sell

Content can be a huge driver for sales, in an indirect way. People are turned off content that is a direct advertisement for your product, especially if they’re first timers on your site. At the same time, creating free content like blog posts and newsletters should be led with a specific purpose. Your goal should be centered towards bringing the lead from a place of no interest to one that’s enticed to make a purchase and turn into a customer.

It’s only after you’ve educated your lead that would can begin to promote or bring up your service or product.

5 / Value of Repurposing

content repurpose eoi digital

In order to make the most of your content, you can consider different combination of content that work well. This innovative way of repurposing can save you a whole lot of time and effort. An example is getting attention through guest blogging while using social media to share your works through pages and groups.

It’s smart and reasonable to create strategies with a few important ideas for content. These can just be repurposed along your different channels and aimed with different goals. It’s like multimedia where ever piece of content your make can be converted into something else in the future.

At the same time, you can create your content with the goal of a mixed-use strategy. Any opportunity to broaden your distribution in your posts is great. This can be done several ways but a great example is through tweet buttons.


E-mail Marketing

Ever tried out e-mail marketing and getting zero response? It can be quite worrisome when it happens but let’s face it, we’ve done it to e-mails we’ve received as well. This may be caused by a lack of interest from your audience or maybe your subject lines aren’t enticing enough. It can take a lot of factors to create a newsletter that creates interest. Here are some tips you can use to up your e-mail marketing game.

1 / Entice readers to respond

e-mail marketing

Compared to traditional mail, with email you can create meaningful interactions with those interested in your brand. You can’t just randomly throw information without assurance that they are interested. It’s important to have a a focus to make it efficient and organized.

Make use of eye catching subject titles. These come in the form of something that stands out and speaks to them directly. You can make use of automated solutions to create a more personal and attractive touch. You can also make use of a distinctive and entertaining voice. It has to sound like an email from an actual human who cares and not a completely distanced marketing machine.

Lastly, you can create targeted content. By segmenting the email lists per demographic, you can create messages that are in line with their needs and interest. This will increase your chances of them taking the offer and even sharing your detail to prospective clients.

2 / No to Spam Folders

email spam folder avoid digital marketing

You can create amazing and eye catching emails but if it gets flagged as spam then it’s just wasted effort. You can started by seeing if your recipients have opted into your emails. This is so you can make sure you aren’t breaking any regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act. 

Apart from that, you should avoid too much use of all caps, exclamation points and hyperbolic phrases (Ex. BUY NOW BEFORE THEY ALL RUN OUT!!!) You also have to consider how the HTML is formatted as this can also affect your chances. Each spam filter varies so while your email can pass through one, it can get flagged in another.

Get to know more on how spam filters run and how your emails can avoid them through this guide. 

3 / Make it personal

It’s always a great bonus when you put in a personal element in all your e-mails. There are lots of email tools you can use to have shortcodes which will then be replaced by the recipient’s name when the e-mail is received. It can also be about subject lines which are creative. You can personalize content wherein people can reply and you will have prompt response prepared. This creates a fun and important feeling for all your receivers which can be a major influence to making a purchase.


Paid Search Advertising

As we’ve discussed above, paid search advertising has a lot of benefits. From generating leads to driving sales, it helps in your overall brand awareness. These can all happen more eficiently though with certain steps which we will be talking about below.

1 / Be careful in choosing keywords

There are lots of tools that can help you find the right and specific words to use to attract you audience. there are paid tools like Keyword Discovery but a cheaper option is using the Google’s Keyword Tool You can easily find the variations of words people are searching for along with an approximate amount of the number of searches. You can even check out your advertising competition to make sure you’re making the most of your words.

2 / Adjust your time of posting

time paid search advertising

You can study and set your campaign to user peak times. If your target market is usually searching between 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays then adjust your ads to only show during these times. This way you can make the most of what you pay for. Just go into the “Edit Campaign Settings” in Google and choose the option of Ad Scheduling. From here, you can automatically turn on and off your campaigns depending on the time you want. There’s also a matter of setting a higher budget when it’s the peak time and lowering it on other times to utilize and maximize how much you’re willing to put in.

3 / Make it people’s back up

consistent branding

Don’t consider your other marketing strategies (Online or offline) to be separate entities. A good example is when people see your poster and they remember the slogan and the product but not the actual name. If they searched the marketing slogan you used for that, your CPC ad should appear that ensure them it’s the same product. If there’s no consistency within these things then you’re the one who’ll miss out. At the same time if the only thing they remember is your company name then your ads should appear when that happens. It can be quite hard to depend on your company turning up on the first page organically.



The big money is in remarketing as there’s a whole lot more chance of someone to come back to your site compared to someone who’s never done it before. The chances of getting conversions and gaining an ROI is much higher with shoppers who have already expressed interest in your products. It’s just about recognizing the small details that can lead to success of your remarketing campaign.

1 / Go with your best-performing campaigns



As a start, going with a full-blast jump into remarketing can immensely increase to cost of your AdWords. To make it easier and minimize the cost, it’s better to begin with your top-performing campaigns for your remarketing effort.

This is the best option as you know this has worked before and it’s just about getting the most conversions out of this effective campaign. After you gain more knowledge and experience on remarketing, this is only when you should expand to your other or new campaigns. At this point, you’ve had experience in knowing what works or not so you can tailor a campaign that will suit your remarketing strategy. 


2 / It’s okay to bid intensely

There was a study conducted by Wordstream that showed that even if remarketing click-through rates lower with time, conversion rates practically doubled with shopper who saw the ads twice. This is a huge thing and this means it’s worth the higher bid compared to other ad placements. Since remarketing reaches out to prospects who’ve already shown interest in your products, this will usually bring you higher conversion rates and lower costs per sale.

Keep in mind however that not all website visitors are equal. It’s better to prioritize and bid higher for visitors who are further along the sales funnel. It’s a lot more likely to convert for customers who made it to the order form than those who left with just viewing a single page.


We hope this guide has become a help in your pursuit of creating an effective digital marketing campaign. DotYeti can help you with every part of your design marketing journey. We offer unlimited graphic design services for your visual and branding needs. Sign up today to get started for as low as $449 a month!

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