The Patreon Rebrand, Explained [2023]

It’s almost the end of the year, but the rebrands just keep coming and coming. To keep you up to date with the latest design developments, here’s our take on the Patreon rebrand, explained.

Oh, and if you want to read the full announcement for yourself, check it out here.


What is Patreon, anyway? 

Content creators are all too familiar with Patreon. But you might not recognize this handy monetization tool if you’re not active in the space. 

Basically, Patreon offers independent content creators a chance to monetize their audience base through their suite of subscription tools. Oh, and starting a Patreon account is free.

Now, you may be thinking…can’t you monetize on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube? 

Yes, you can–but it’s definitely not easy. There’s no guarantee that your content will reach your audience base because of flaky algorithms, even if they’re subscribed to you! With Patreon, your audience can access your content how you want it displayed. 

Think of it as your online home where you can connect with subscribers through group chats and sell digital products with your custom branding. 


Who uses Patreon?

Patreon is used by podcasters, video creators, musicians, artists, and game developers to fund their craft through their community. 


The Patreon rebrand, explained

Patreon follows the heels of Nokia, Wise, and Kia–all who have rebranded earlier this year. They’ve come out with a new logo and wordmark, as well as a new design direction and a new app. 

And the keyword for Patreon’s rebrand is: adaptive.  



Image from Patreon


Patreon’s new logo features a logo in motion, one that adapts to the creator so they can make it their own. What that means? Every time you see the new 3D P-shaped logo, it will be in a different color with different elements. 

So in one instance, it could be solid black. But in another? It may be a gold with some chain links, or a TV color test screen, a deep red diamond, and more. 



Image from Patreon

And the typography? It’s also adaptive and morphs from a medium-density form into a thinner and lighter form, which Patreon said allows them ‘to get out of the way and put creators in the spotlight’.

Don’t be too surprised when you see Patreon’s typeface in different forms, because this (like their logo) is contextual and variable. So they do have secondary typefaces that they’ll use to complement a creator’s aesthetic. 


Reactions to the Patreon rebrand

Now, we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that it’s subjective…

But it seems like the internet has reached a consensus on what the Patreon rebrand looks like. A kidney bean, a blob, whatever you call it…the reactions have been overwhelmingly negative. 

Just check out this Reddit thread, where Reddit users were dunking on the rebrand. 

Oh, and if you head on over to X (formerly Twitter), you can check out Patreon’s rebranding announcement and view the Quote Tweets. 

Yep, it’s a nasty sight. But also pretty funny…in a sad way. 

These are just some of the tweets we’ve been seeing. 


The lowdown

It’s pretty tough to see big platforms try and fail to execute rebrands. Although Patreon does bring innovation to the table, we’re not really sure how their new initiatives can help and support the aesthetic of their users.

Especially since their main logo is just a…to put it simply, a formless almost P blob. 

But what do you think? Is it innovative or is it just another foiled attempt of design innovation? 


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