These Instagram Creators Know How To Do Marketing Right

Find the best digital creator Instagram has to offer.


If there’s one thing that people love in this age, it’s quality content. With many brands fighting for a space on our screens, it can be hard to stand out. 

But, we’ve curated this list of digital creator Instagram to show you the most effective ways to start introducing your brand online. 

We’re not going to keep you waiting. Here are seven creators on Instagram you need to follow right now!


1. Sushy Glow Official

When doing Instagram marketing, you can learn a thing or two from small business owners. These bootstrappers know what they’re doing–from building their product to marketing it online. 

What you can learn

We love how Sushy Glow actually shows their process. On their page, you can see them mixing pigment and gloss or swatching their lip tints. All this helps build up brand recognition, and they also let customers know the owner personally. 

All in all, the mix of information and process is their secret sauce. 


2. Omsom

Speaking of sauces, we can all learn something from the food brand Omsom. They mainly sell noodle sauces and partner with Asian chefs to create unique flavor combinations. But we think their visual storytelling and marketing chops are also to die for.  

What you can learn

Don’t be afraid to put a little attitude in your brand voice. Omsom is unapologetically queer and Asian–and they’re not afraid to show it! Oh, and did we mention they get a little kinky with their noodle ads too? 

We just love how their bright and bold branding can be seen from their brand voice and ad campaigns. Oh, and we think they’re one of the best digital creator Instagram has to offer. 


3. Charles and Keith

If you want to see a brand that’s killing it online, then you have to check out Charles and Keith. The Singapore-based fashion brand creates immaculate seasonal campaigns and has a bright and vibrant Instagram page. 

What you can learn

They post brand collaborations, new releases, and seasonal collections in different, vibrant color palettes. Oh, and they also link products and tag creators that they’ve collaborated with. In short, they’re an awesome brand to follow if you want to learn more about how to effectively use Instagram business’ account features. 

We love how they’re not just active with posting. They’re also quite active on Instagram stories with content like ‘how to get this look. 


4. Teva

digital creator instagram

Clean, crisp, and organic. That’s how to describe Teva’s Instagram content marketing strategy. As a footwear brand, you can usually see their products featured on models on trail hikes. 

What you can learn 

Teva has a good mix of static, video, and carousel content that just fits together so well. You’ve got branded content with creators, some nice product shots, and cinematic landscape shots on a trail. All this shows the audience the functionality and diversity of their sandals. 

We like how even though their Instagram content is mostly full of earth tones, they still add a pop of color from time to time. 


5. Alysia Cole Styling

 digital creator instagram

When it comes to the wedding industry, you can expect a lot of competition. That’s why it takes a really creative mind to stand out from the crowd. And one of those standouts is Alysia Cole Styling

What you can learn

Alysia’s account gained traction when she started giving niche style advice for brides. Think jellyfish bride or a dark academia vampire theme. Yep, you read that right! She also provides inclusive styling tips for plus-size and queer brides. 

Her amusing creativity shines through her reels, which show her expertise as a stylist and cheeky humor.   


6. Mschf

digital creator instagram

If you’re chronically online like most young people are, you’ve probably heard of the big red boots. Think Astro Boy–just huge red plastic-looking boots you can hardly style. In the past months, Mschf has capitalized on this and really brought their marketing A game. 

What you can learn

Sometimes you have to bring grunge into the picture. Do something different and shake things up. Their Instagram feed looks editorial and doesn’t put much focus on the visual aesthetic of the whole feed. 

We like how their content marketing is simple and straightforward that’s intended to draw your attention to their footwear. 


7. WeWork

digital creator instagram

WeWork is another unlikely Instagram account you should follow. While most brands that thrive on Instagram are fashion, food, and beauty brands, WeWork does bring its own flair to the table–especially with its reels.

What you can learn

We think reels are king on Instagram. WeWork has conventional static posts and also some trendy reels. Most of which talk about relatable experiences in a humorous way. 

We think WeWork’s Instagram content is a great way to balance trend jacking while also keeping your brand voice intact.  


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