Top 5 Graphic Design Services in New York

The internet is flooded with people claiming to be graphic designers. But finding the right one for your design project can be a tough task. Furthermore, it’s made tougher when you’re looking to launch in the Big Apple. Unlimited graphic design services in New York are critical for brands who need engaging, visually stunning marketing materials. If you want to seize the plentiful growth opportunities, then it’s important that you know how to correctly leverage attention-grabbing designs. 


There are many ways to find the best graphic designer for your campaigns in New York. But it’s up to you to identify the most important qualities you’re looking for.


These might include:

  • Experience working on similar projects or in a similar industry
  • A record of success in designing logos, illustrations, and other graphic elements for brands
  • Availability during any periods of time that coincide with your planned launch date
  • Ability to keep up with your work schedule 
  • Strong understanding of all the latest tools and techniques used in graphic design today 
  • A strong portfolio or reel of past work


Here are our picks for the best unlimited graphic design services in New York- the city that never sleeps!


1. DotYeti

Whether you’re looking for social media graphics, logo design or animations, DotYeti’s unlimited plans have you covered. They are deeply familiar with the need for quick turnaround times, and can deliver designs in under 48 hours. In addition, they prioritize flexibility. You can easily upgrade or pause your subscription, hassle-free. Their in-house designers are most sought after for their expertise and professionalism. DotYeti gives you access to your own dedicated, on-demand designer who will help deliver all your creative work in the most cost-effective way.


Furthermore, they offer a pay as you go option to help teams get one-time projects off the ground. In all cases, pricing is always transparent and upfront. You’ll pay a flat fee every month for unlimited requests and revisions.


One of the highlights is definitely their platform. It makes the creative process seamless and delightful. All communication in centralized, which means no more scrolling through email chains to find missing files! Combined with their free brand consultancy and 14 day money-back guarantee, DotYeti offers clients a truly white glove service to ensure that their deliverables are on-brand and delivered on-time.


2. Epiic

As a remote-based startup, Epiic has helped clients with designs that speak to everyone. They specialize in speedy delivery of 100% original creative work made by professional designers. Moreover, they’ve worked with a variety of businesses and marketing agencies, and they’ve got a beautiful portfolio to showcase their best work. Clients looking for affordable graphic designs may find a suitable option with Epiic.


However, most of their plans only include 1 designer and they don’t support pay-as-you-go projects. Therefore, this is something to be mindful of if you have a large workload and tight deadlines, or if you only need one-off designs. They also use Slack for communication. This may add a layer of complexity to your own operations and could result in accountability issues later on- especially if Slack does not save your past message! Finally, they don’t plainly display their platform interface on their website. For that, you’ll have to wait until you’ve actually signed up in order to gain clarity into their workflow.

3. Perfekta

They’re a creative design agency that creates impactful designs for businesses, entrepreneurs and promoters. Perfekta focuses on growing followers and creating a positive impression. Most importantly, their unlimited graphic design plans are affordable and could be a great match for clients going for the cost-effective option.


On the other hand, they evidently only cover the more simple design categories in their plans. Web design is also part of a separate service, and you’ll have to fork out more for those. Furthermore, they don’t have their own platform. This may make sending design requests, providing feedback and receiving your files much more complicated. Finally, you may have to wait to speak to a team member to learn about how their creative workflow operates because this information is not readily available on their website.



4. Unlimited Graphic Design

As their name suggests, Unlimited Graphic Design focusses on delivered unlimited graphic designs! They were founded in 2018 in New York, but have since expanded to California and the Czech Republic. As a boutique service, they prefer web design projects where they can illuminate your online presence with captivating designs. They also support e-commerce projects and videography which might appeal to clients looking for these specialized services.


However, their pricing is not clearly displayed on their website. This could result in longer waiting times to align on pricing and deliverables. Furthermore, they don’t cover logo or branding design. This could be a problem for clients looking for full campaign support. You may find yourself having to work with multiple design agencies.



5. Dark Roast

Anyone serious about marketing understands that hiring a full-time in-house designer is a high cost that not many brands can afford to take on. Dark Roast offers on-demand design services to busy teams who want to work with a professional design agency without the full-time commitment. Their flat rate pricing keeps things simple so you don’t have to worry about quoting, budgeting or tracking hours.


However, this experience also comes with a hefty price tag. Dark Roast is the most expensive option on our list and they aren’t upfront about their platform workflow. You’ll only know what you’re signing up for after you’ve spent time doing an intro call. Furthermore, their designers are based in Canada which could be a problem if you want to appeal to diverse target audiences.



You’re spoiled for choice when you’re searching for unlimited graphic design services in New York. All the ones who made our list have strengths that make them stand out in the crowd. They all have expertise in creating thought-provoking designs that best represent your brand and vision.


With that being said. DotYeti is our top pick for their affordability, flexibility and efficiency. By giving best value for money with excellent customer service, they help your marketing and branding campaigns lift off and soar. Their in-house designers, animators and web designers reliably cover your creative needs so that you can spend more time doing what you love most. They’ve worked with startups and iconic brands to strengthen their presence in markets around the world. They’re committed to keeping graphic design accessible with plans starting from $399 per month for designs delivered in under 48 hours.

Their workflow also deserves a special mention. A lot of times, we’re frustrated by unreliable communication, unclear pricing and inefficient processes. DotYeti takes care of all this to deliver an experience like no other: You can launch a direct chat with your dedicated designer, provide on-image feedback and receive files in one place.

Be sure to check out their affordable and value-packed plans and their portfolio.

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