Top 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Graphic design is a constantly changing environment and it’s hard to keep yourself updated. With graphic design trends just popping up from left to right, it’s confusing to identify which ones will stay relevant and popular.

This decade is very diverse in terms of logos, color palettes, and typography styles.

Here are the 5 trends in graphic design that you should know and look out for.


1. Gradients


The 90s are making a grand comeback as gradients are everywhere. They are even taken up a notch with a three-dimensional fusion being integrated into the designs. This ends up creating colorful textures that instantly attract the eye because of their uniqueness. The photo above is a gradient study done by Evgeniya Righini. It showcases how it can be fused with geometry and organic design.

As we also saw with Instagram’s updated logo and rebranding back in 2016, it is a trend that will last. It is because of the dimension it adds to one’s work. This is fueled by Virtual Reality with the three-dimensional trend it has brought about.


It’s all about choosing the right colors and taking advantage of the color wheel. For an easy transition, you may choose colors close to each other like the photo above. If you want to be a bit more daring and play with colors more, you may choose colors that are away from each other. You have to add a third color in between so as to make it blend more seamlessly like the branding of the hair salon LoTA.


In using these gradients just always keep in mind the brand of your design. It’s very easy to go crazy with the color combinations so remember to stay true to the identity. It’s better to create something that will stay relevant through time.


2. Three Dimensional Typography


3D typography can also make use of gradients in the typefaces since it creates a livelier and more eye-catching design. It also adds a realistic effect to your work and makes it look lifted from the background. It pushes the boundaries of creativity because it can involve all mediums from digital to everyday objects.


There are a lot of variations and it can be simple and minimal with no gradients involved like the work above from Arte Graphics. These can be used for informational posts rather than artistic ones since they are more readable. For a more creative approach, you can go full-on with the 3D effect and make use of more advanced techniques so as to attract attention. It can really make the text look real and leap from the page. An example is the works of Vietnamese graphic designer Jiro Minh as seen below.


In these types of bolder typography styles, it is vital to still keep in mind that the work is still very easily readable. With the layers and dimensions, it may easily go overboard and may take time for the viewer to realize what is being said in the work. This is not recommended especially for brand logos and advertisements unless that is your intention from the very start.


3. Isometric Design and Photography


Isometric Projection was formerly used exclusively for architectural and engineering drawings. This was just a way of creating perspective but is now used by designers as well. It makes use of a visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. It can be seen everywhere from large-scale projects of maps of events or showcasing an overview of towns. The eWarehousing project above is a prime sample of that. There are also smaller scale ones that simply show people in everyday routine like the work of Ana Galvan for Tinta Libre magazine.

This is a trend that started out last year and continues to 2018 with another three-dimensional twist. You can start this by hand by sketching on an isometric graphing sheet or just immediately go digital and learn basic architectural programs. You can use SketchUp if you want to make it easier.


This is an easy way of getting noticed because these works usually look very detailed and keep the viewer’s attention for a while. They later take notice of all the smaller designs within the work so it is quite a fun twist to put in more nitty gritty details. You can put logos or people that will make it a visual adventure, therefore, keeping the people coming back for more.


4. Vibrant Photography

It is really the year and time of color. Gone are the days of neutral looks as we greet bright and bold color schemes into our everyday routine from food packaging, fashion, and especially in photography. Modern photoshoots and campaigns will use more artistic and vibrant set designs. This can range from handmade to digitally done backgrounds that will stand out due to its out-of-the-box style.


Along with this is the increased use of photography color gels and filters. These are able to create almost transcendental effects in the photos because of the colorful lighting and various combinations for the photographed object. These kinds of effects are hard and a lot more time-consuming if done via Photoshop therefore people use this technique. It takes a bit of experimentation to get the right angle and lighting for that perfect colorful shot you are aiming for. For more in-depth information, you can check the projects of Felix Barjou and Julia for FStoppers.


5. Digital Handmade Art



With the rise of the iPen and other drawing tools and apps, artists have a much more convenient process of creating hand-drawn designs and turning them digital. It says goodbye to the use of existing brushes in Photoshop and makes more use of the ‘digital paintbrush’ due to the ease. This is more versatile and is able to show the dimensions in one’s work which results in a more updated and eye-catching look.

Many artists are becoming a part of “the digital handcrafted” which are the designers who utilize these up-and-coming electronic ways to create items. Some get really creative and take it to a higher notch because they incorporate 3D Printing. It makes it more distinctive and separates itself from mass-produced goods because of the handmade touch.


Major brands are starting to incorporate this into their promotional materials like Nike. It is able to showcase both the product and the artistry of the ad itself because of the style. This a trend that will not go away and is definitely on its way up with every new technology so making this a constantly progressing style.


Trends are constantly updating themselves so always stick to the root of your brand and just incorporate these. Don’t depend on it for your whole brand aesthetic. We hope these trends can benefit you in your work as you develop your own style in the future. Want to stay trendy with your brand assets and graphic design? DotYeti has trained artists who are up to date with the latest creative directions in the industry. Sign up for your first month today for only $449!

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